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Brent Kaeding

2003 - All HammerDown! Team Member


Points leader BK wins SCRA event at Tulare - By Dan Fleischer - April 29, 2006 - Tulare, CA. ...Ageless Brent Kaeding scoffs at the notion that he's over-the-hill and proved to all that he can drive any type of sprint car, winged or wingless. Kaeding invaded SCRA's 360 non-winged land and drove to a thrilling victory in the 20-lap (shortened by time restraints) main event at Tulare's Thunderbowl Raceway on Saturday night. By virtue of his fifth-place finish in the dash, Kaeding starting on the inside of row three but wasted absolutely no time in taking the lead as he dove in-between Robert Ballou and Rusty Carlile entering turn three on the very first lap and sped onto victory. (More)

Trophy Cup is Brent Kaeding's for a fourth time - By Bobby Gerould - Tulare, CA. October 29, 2005 ...Brent Kaeding displayed his championship form Saturday night at Thunderbowl Raceway, driving from 24th to fourth in the 40-lap Trophy Cup A-Main. In so doing, "BK" garnered his fourth Trophy Cup in front of an energized large crowd that kept track of his every move in the fully inverted feature event. Capping two nights of racing and point earning Tim Kaeding won the 40-lap headliner holding off Jon Allard. Dennis Moore Jr was third followed by Brent Kaeding, and Tommy Tarlton. But in the special Trophy Cup format - the most money goes to the high points man which was Brent. Driving his own Kaeding Performance #69 Maxim/Shaver, Kaeding overcame a deficit to Mike Faria in the final ten laps to lock up the Cup. For his weekend effort, Brent Kaeding earned $10,800. He was the winner of the Friday night preliminary feature as well. The top ten in points were: 1. Brent Kaeding 438, 2. Mike Faria 428, 3. Jon Allard 400, 4. Dennis Moore Jr. 396, 5. Billy Alley 382, 6. Jason Meyers 380, 7. Tim Kaeding 380, 8. Travis Jacobson 359, 9. Garrett Ishii 357, 10. Sean Becker 354.

Kaeding wins close Chico Fall Nationals - By: Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 10-8-05)…Campbell’s Brent Kaeding led the most important 100 feet to win the Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals in Chico on Saturday night. Kaeding who never officially led a lap all night, drove by young Kyle Hirst coming out of turn four to get the dramatic win. Going into the last turn, Hirst went to the bottom while Kaeding drove to the top. Hirst seemed to slip off the bottom, lose traction and drift through the middle of the track. Kaeding used the cushion to keep his momentum and drove by Hirst coming out of turn four. “I got off turn two real good and knew I had a run on Hirst going into turn three,” said Kaeding on his last lap pass. “I knew I was high enough for the pass but it was just a matter if I was going to get into the fence or not.” He ended by adding, “We didn’t come here to finish second, and we came here to win.” Bill Sullivan moved over and asked a dejected Hirst his version of the race. “It’s not a good feeling right now,” said Hirst. “I do need to thank Dennis Wright for giving me a chance to drive his car this weekend.” Lost in the dramatic finish was third place Andy Forsberg. He said, “We were real good tonight. I have to give credit to the track prep because it was real racy, we were bouncing all over the place and it was real fun,” said Forsberg. “I feel real bad for Kyle, I have lost my share of races on the last lap so I know what he is going through but he shouldn’t worry too much because it took me 10 years to get as fast as he has been in just two year of sprint cars.” (More)

Benefit fund established after Kaeding's shop fire - By Bill Woodside - July 27, 2005 - Campbell, CA. ...A benefit fund has been established for Kaeding Performance Center to aid in their recovery after the catastrophic three alarm fire that destroyed much of their property in Campbell, California on July 19, 2005. Even though temporary facilities have been secured and Kaeding Performance Center is taking and shipping orders, there is plenty of rebuilding to accomplish. Donations to aid in the recovery efforts are being accepted at:

  • Kaeding Performance Benefit Fund
  • Account #019013193
  • c/o Bank of the West
  • 14948 Camden Avenue San Jose, CA 95124

Kaeding Performance Center is extremely grateful and appreciative of the kind words of the support and concern shown by so many in this difficult situation.

NOTE FROM KAEDING PERFORMANCE - July 26, 2005 - Over the weekend, with help from hundreds of friends, family, racers and fans, we were able to make it to Watsonville with the parts trailer to service our customers. Business is up and running after the devastating fire than went through the business last Tuesday. We are able to take orders and ship out every day to make it business as usual. Once Brent's race team made it to the track, he was able to set fast time and then drew an 8 for the A-main putting him in the 4th row. At the drop of the green it was a race to the front between Brent and his son Tim, with Tim taking the lead before halfway as Brent ran a close 2nd at the finish. Once again thanks go out to all the people who were involved with helping make this possible. We will be posting more updates on the website as soon as we can at www.kaedings.com.

Kaeding Wins At Calistoga Speedway - By Bill Sessa – May 27, 2005 – Calistoga, CA. - Brent Kaeding finally had a little bit of good luck literally pulled out of a hat and he took advantage of it to win the main the event for sprint cars at Calistoga Speedway Saturday night. A night of bad luck, which included an unscheduled engine change after burning a piston in his heat race, turned on the draw of a pill that inverted the fastest 10 cars and put the 12-time Golden State Challenge champion on the front row of the starting grid. Kaeding's luck held for the rest of the night as he led all 25 laps on the Napa County Fairgrounds half-mile oval and beat back a fast-closing Steve Kent while running on seven cylinders in his second engine of the night to seal the win. "We haven't been very fortunate this year," said a relieved Kaeding, whose last win at Calistoga was four years ago, almost to the day. "The pill draw put us on the front row and the crew did a great job of swapping out the motor and making a lot of last minute adjustments. But that engine was only running on seven cylinders and I was kinda nervous over the last eight laps." (More)

Brent Kaeding has a new look for 2005. The main man in California has 12 King of California trophies, and 13 NARC driving titles. (John's Racing Photos)

Brent Kaeding takes $5,000 to-win, Chris Faria Memorial - HD Staff - 06/12/04 - Tulare, CA. - Brent Kaeding withstood the challenges of Tim Kaeding to win the 40-lap Chris Faria Memorial Saturday night at Thunderbowl Raceway. 30 cars were on hand at the high-banked clay oval. T. Kaeding finished second, with Steve Kent third, Ricci Faria fourth, and Kevin Pylant fifth. (More)

HammerDown! Best of 2003 - Brent Kaeding and his BK Racing Team - The best sprint car driver in the history of California added another state title to his long list of accomplishments. How he did it was amazing. Brent Kaeding (46) hit the unforgiving concrete wall hard at Chico in heat four of a early season points race when his #69 hopped over the edge in turn four. The frame rails on Kaeding's sprinter were pushed to the right severely. In most cases, a team would have been done for the night. In the Golden State points battle, a DNF is like a championship death sentence. As a 12-time GSC Champ, and 13-time NARC hi-point man, BK knows this better than anyone. Not wasting even a moment to shake off the cobwebs of the harsh impact, Kaeding evaluated his car at the scene and then jogged to the pits telling crew chief Billy Albini it was time to rebuild. And a welder would be needed. Albini, Matt Britt, Bruce Homer, Richie Paulsen, "Junior", Chris Good, Rick Holder, and the Great BF, assisted by Duke and Scott McMillen, and host of other mechanics, rebuilt BK's racer, hanging coil springs on the front because the torsion tubes were nonfunctional. Kaeding then transferred through the Last Chance race to earn what may have been a season title saving spot in the feature. Kaeding went on to finish fourth in the A-Main on a night when most would have headed for Miller Time. Kaeding said, "Points racing is what I've done for 23 of the 25 years I've raced sprint cars." ... Of course, one race does not completely define a season, and Kaeding's consistency at all tracks earned him the title in a year when many expected Tim Kaeding to repeat. Brent's formula was a mix of bonus points in time-trials, and top-ten finishes in the feature races. A lasting impression of 2003 will be Brent doing 'donuts' with his helmet off on the night he clinched the championship. With a vibrant smile visible from the grandstands on the back chute, Kaeding made himself dizzy behind the wheel of the BK Racing Maxim. BK told HammerDown!, "This is special. It gets to me more than I let on, but it's big, winning it. How many more of these can there be?" With his dad, Howard standing alongside, he elaborated, "It's tougher out here now. There are four cars not just one car that could win the championship. Dennis (Moore Jr.), he did a helluva job. Jason (Statler) was tremendous all season, and Tim, he's about winning races. You really have to dig every night."

...Cool picture of Brent Kaeding at Jim Fisher's web site. Brent raced without the wing at Eldora. His number 29 instead of the normal #69. Hard work is appreciated.

At the Million 2003: Brent Kaeding was fifth in the semi, making him first alternate for the feature. "BK" brought extraordinary crew chief Billy Albini, along with Richie Paulson, Chris Good, Bruce Homer, Brian Matherly, Rick Holder and "Junior" Tim Hodge.

...When Brent Kaeding rolls into Chico Friday July 25, he will enter round 20 of 21 in the Golden State Challenge with an unofficial 40 point lead. In other words, you can crown "BK" the King of California for the 12th time in his great career. Scoring in qualifying and finishing races has been the BK formula for success in 2003. The real battle will be for second in points, with Jason Statler coming on strong, only one point behind Dennis Moore Jr. Tim Kaeding is four points behind Moore.

Brent Kaeding Adds another Win at Chico By; Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 6-6-03)…Brent Kaeding adds another victory to his already extensive resume at John Padjen’s Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico on Friday night. The infamous Al’ Roofing Supply / Kaeding Performance #69 Maxim of Kaeding drove by Sean Becker on lap seven to win the rough and tumble feature event. Racing action took place during round ten of the Colusa Casino, C.L. Bryant 76 / Hoosier Racing Tire Friday night point championship season. Twenty sprint cars lined up for the scheduled 25 lap main event, however, numerous yellows and two red flags reduced the race to a 20 lap contest. (read more)

...Brent Kaeding broke a five year-old track record for the Golden State Challenge at Hanford Saturday night. BK circled the 3/8's in 12.9 seconds! He took three-tenths off of the old Randy Tiner mark.

Brent Kaeding is leading the Golden State Challenge point standings through 5 of 22 races. (John's Racing Photos)

Brent Kaeding Opens Golden State Season with Win - By Bobby Gerould - Chico, CA. 03/07/03 ...No man has won more races or championships in California sprint car racing history than Campbell's Brent Kaeding. So even with 51 cars, including young guns, and hired guns, timing in Friday night at John Padjen's Silver Dollar Speedway, the 45 year-old "BK" was still the man to beat. (read the whole deal)

Brent Kaeding Wins His First Fall Nationals Championship By: Troy Hennig - Chico, CA. 10/05/02 ...For forty-laps Saturday night at the Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals in Chico, the Kaeding family once again taught us all a lesson; father knows best. For forty-laps Brent and Tim Kaeding dueled lap after lap battling amongst themselves as well as lapped cars in what turned out to be a race for the ages. Tim led up until lap 15 when he bobbled just a bit coming out of turn four and Brent took the lead. Brent would go on to beat Tim to the finish line by one-car length and win his first ever Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals. Now, all three racing Kaeding’s; Bud, Tim and Brent, have won the Saturday night race. The win earned Brent $4,000 for his forty laps of work. (read the whole dizzneal)

Brent Kaeding wins Hanford Thriller - By Bobby Gerould - 06/22/02 - Hanford, CA. ...Showing the form that made him an 11-time King of California, Brent Kaeding used a lap 20 yellow flag to "regroup", before driving around Ricci Faria on lap 25 of 30 to win the Gregg "Spanky" Matthews Memorial at Kings Speedway. The enthusiastic Saturday night crowd stood for the final two laps as Faria tried without success to put sliders on Kaeding. The final set of turns coming to the checkered saw Kaeding's, BK Racing Maxim #69 in deep traffic, with Faria, in his own #89 sliding across three, into four, side by side with 'BK'. The final slide-job attempt fell short and Kaeding won by a car-length. Faria, the Visalia pilot, has been a recent threat in Rebel Cup 360 racing at Kings. He parlayed that experience into a fantastic Golden State Challenge runner-up drive on the 3/8's mile clay oval. Pete Murphy, the Australian who now lives in Oakhurst, CA, ran a strong third. GSC points leader, Tim Kaeding, started 13th and finished fourth. Mike Faria who led laps 2-5, finished 5th. ...NOTES: Eric Rossi had a rough night, getting walloped by broken torque tube in hot-laps, and later flipping the Family Auto Service #98x. ...Heat Races fell to Ricci Faria, Tommy Tarlton, and Blake Robertson. ...Steve Kent set quick-time at 14.05. Kent also won the companion California Rebel Cup 360 feature in a twin Roger Henderson #7n. The Rebel Cup top five was Kent, Tim Worth, Danny Faria Jr., Lawrence Edlund, and Mark Barrosso. (Golden State summary)

Golden State sprint car action! 11-time Champion, Brent Kaeding races with Jason Meyers.

Brent Kaeding First 3-Time Winner in Golden State - By Bobby Gerould - 04/27/02 - Hanford, CA. ...Seeking an unprecidented 12th Golden State Challenge, "King of California", driving title, Brent Kaeding became the first three time winner in the 2002 season. Kaeding's Saturday night triumph at Kings Speedway was a testament to patience. Picking his spots, "BK", inherited the lead on lap 5 after Chico's Jon Allard spun in the fourth turn while leading. Allard got loose, and when he picked the throttle back up, his McMillen #10 reared back and dumped onto it's right side. (Read the whole deal)

Brent Kaeding Still The Man at Chico - HD Staff - 04/05/02 - Chico, CA. ...Brent Kaeding, the winningest sprint car driver in Northern California, won a thrilling 20 lapper at Silver Dollar Speedway, Friday night. In his BK Racing #69, Kaeding held off the repeated challenges of Chico points leader, Ryan Flynn, and 20 year-old Roger Crockett. (read Troy Hennig's race story)

BK Stops Crockett, Wins Chico GSC - By: Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 3-30-02)…Brent Kaeding used a little bit of luck and experience to win round number two of the Golden State Challenge "King of California" sprint car race Saturday night at Silver Dollar Speedway. Kaeding, the defending champion of the series, started from the pole and led the early laps until he was passed for the top spot by Roger Crockett, only then to see Crockett get caught in a freak mishap to give the lead back to Kaeding for good. It was Kaeding’s first win of the year in his own Al’s Roofing Supply/ Shaver Specialties/ Maxim #69. (read the whole deal)

Fall 2001: Fresh off the phone with the Kaeding Maxim Center, ...Brent Kaeding will be headed to Australia for a three week stint this winter. The King of California will team with Ryan Flynn in 2002 Maxims that will be shipped from the United States. BK will race at four World Series events.

Kaeding will return home in 2002 in time to defend his 2001 Golden State Championship in his own #69. Car-Owner, Al Peterson is retiring, and will no-longer field the M&M Racing #2m that has become a familiar site to West Coast sprint car fans. Peterson will still sponsor Kaeding as will longtime supporters, High Five Pizza.

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