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Peter Murphy raced the Tarlton #21 in Bandit action at Santa Maria Speedway. (John's Racing Photos)

J.J. Yeley is among the many stars racing at the Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Doug Johnson photo)

Allan Ballard is on it at the Chili Bowl (Doug Johnson photo)

Jimmy Sills made a rare compeititive appearance at the 2005 Chili Bowl Midget nationals. (Photo by Jim Fleming)

Steve Kinser won the 2004 Racer's Racing Series championship. (John's Racing Photos)

Tim Kaeding in the McMillen #10.

Cory Kruseman's Crossno #38 fell victim to a super mud bog to the inside of turn two at Manzanita Speedway. Mother Nature played havoc with the weather over the weekend, leaving hail and rain. (John's Racing Photos)

Rip Williams, the 2004 USAC/CRA Champion, gets his swerve on at Manzanita Speedway (John's Racing Photos)

Bud Kaeding is on the methanol in his USAC Silver Crown car. (John's Racing Photos)

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