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Brent Kaeding Adds another Win at Chico By; Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 6-6-03)…Brent Kaeding adds another victory to his already extensive resume at John Padjen’s Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico on Friday night. The infamous Al’ Roofing Supply / Kaeding Performance #69 Maxim of Kaeding drove by Sean Becker on lap seven to win the rough and tumble feature event. Racing action took place during round ten of the Colusa Casino, C.L. Bryant 76 / Hoosier Racing Tire Friday night point championship season.

Twenty sprint cars lined up for the scheduled 25 lap main event, however, numerous yellows and two red flags reduced the race to a 20 lap contest. Oroville’s Sean Becker grabbed the early lead followed by Kaeding and Todd Carmichael. On lap seven, Becker’s car washed up the track in turn three after the blossoming star hit a rut. This allowed Kaeding the chance to drive by on the bottom and take the lead. Things came to a halt on lap nine when Destiny Hays came to a stop with front end problems on the family owned sprint car. It took four restarts until we completed lap ten as after Hays stopped, Shain Matthews caused a yellow, followed by trouble for Ryan Flynn and then Jason Statler flipped going into turn three.

Once lap ten was completed, the red came out again on lap 11 when Tony Souza got upside down in turn one. Up front it was Kaeding in control followed by Becker. Any Forsberg raced into the third spot after starting deep in row five. Following Forsberg was Blake Robertson who also charged to the front. Blake originally started to the inside of Forsberg. Wayne Williams rounded out the top five with an impressive run. Williams had a solid night that started when he turned the fastest lap in qualifying at 12.813. It was his first ever quick time award at Chico.

Fast Time: Wayne Williams: 12.813

Heat 1: Dennis Moore Jr., Bud Walberg, Andy Forsberg, Sean Becker, Tony Souza

Heat 2: Ryan Flynn, Stephen Allard, Todd Carmichael, Brent Kaeding, Rick Fowzer

Heat 3: Jason Statler, Shain Matthews, Blake Robertson, Danny Ochs, Destiny Hays

B Main: Williams, John Gray, Chris Scott, Mark Abouzeid, Bryan Evans, Tommy Fogarty, Matt Shelton, Jason Webb

A Main: Kaeding, Becker, Forsberg, Robertson, Williams, Moore, Carmichael, Scott, Ochs, Hays, Allard, Walberg, Fowzer, Matthews, Souza home.

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