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2004 - The Racer's Racing Series

Jason Statler, the 2004 King of California, has his hands full at Reno-Fernley (John's Racing Photos)

Tim Gibbons has been the talk of Northern California after securing a hefty spoonsorship from the United States ARMY. (John's Racing Photos)

Jim Skinner has a win at Calistoga Speedway. Do you? (John's Racing Photos)

Gary W. Howard's #84 reminded us of Duke McMillen's old #84 that Jan Opperman drove. (Photo by Bobby Gerould)

Donny Schatz #15 closed out the World of Outlaws season with a win at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Fellow All-HammerDown! Team member Shane Stewart is in the #26. (David Allio Photo)

Danny Lasoski blows an engine in a big way at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (David Allio photo)

#21 Daryn Pittman, #15 Donny Schatz, and #51 Chuck Gurney Jr. at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's Dirt Track. (David Allio photo)

Zarounian Motorsports has merged with Western Speed Racing. The #67 sprinter sported orange paint with Bobby Santos III behind the wheel at Irwindale on Thanksgiving night. (Photo by BG)

Korey Lovell is a multiple champion at Twin Cities Speedway in Marysville, CA. (John's Racing Photos)

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