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Troy Rutherford with the HammerDown! - John's Racing Photos


Josh Wise, the winner of the 2003 Belleville Midget Nationals is shown in Mike Sala's sprinter at Ventura. Wise was named to the 2003 All-HammerDown! Team.

Damion Gardner #45, and the Gasman, Richard Griffin #50, get it on! - Mike Arthur, US Photographics Photo

Duke Cook in the Willie Nelson Nance #28 - (From the Holtsman Family collection)

Brent Kaeding (L), and Tim Kaeding (R) are two of the top contenders at the 10th annual Trophy Cup, this weekend at Kings Speedway in Hanford, CA. (Ron Rodda photo)

Seth Wilson twists it at Ventura!

Danny Lasoski splits cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway - David Allio photo

Silver Crown cars take off at the start of the Tulsa 100 - Jim Fleming photo

Melissa Yates of Oregon gets heat in the engine at a recent Northern California sprint car race (John's Racing Photos)

Jeff Parady with the HammerDown! - John's Racing Photos

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