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Brent Kaeding Becomes First 3-Time Winner in GSC - By Bobby Gerould - 04/27/02 - Hanford, CA. ...Seeking an unprecedented 12th Golden State Challenge, "King of California", driving title, Brent Kaeding became the first three time winner in the 2002 season. Kaeding's Saturday night triumph at Kings Speedway was a testament to patience. Picking his spots, "BK", inherited the point on lap 5 after Chico's Jon Allard spun in the fourth turn while leading. Allard got loose, and when he picked the throttle back up, his McMillen #10 reared back and dumped onto it's right side.

Two-time, King of California, Steve Kent chased Kaeding to the checkered. Sydney, Australia's Peter Murphy finished third, continuing his best year to date in the USA.

Blake Robertson made his initial start in the 2002 season, and promptly set quick-time in his BR Motorsports Maxim/Shaver. "Super Blake" turned the 3/8's mile, D-shaped oval in 13.175 seconds. Robertson finished fourth in the feature, after winning the B-Main. Tim Kaeding, who timed in second quick, finished fifth in the A-main.

First heat winner, Jason Statler was the hard charger of the night, starting 16th and finishing 7th.

Jason Meyers entered the event as the GSC points leader but was involved in a early, A-main, tangle with Kent, and Craig Stidham. Meyers' Maxim suffered front end damage and he lost a lap in the pits. He returned to complete the race, finishing 21st.

Other heat races were won by Mike Faria, Brian Coelho, and Stephen Allard. 28 cars were on hand, bolstered by a rain-out for the California Rebel Cup 360's at Santa Maria. Rebel Cup regulars, Kurt Nelson, Davey Key, Andy Ferris, Lawrence Edlund, and Mark Barrosso all showed up to run with the GSC 410's at Hanford.

The GSC travels to Calistoga Speedway next Saturday.


Fast Time: Blake Robertson - 13.175

Heat 1: 1. Jason Statler, 2. Brent Kaeding, 3. Steve Kent, 4. Tommy Tarlton, 5. Robertson, 6. Andy Ferris, 7. Mark Barrosso.

Heat 2: 1. Mike Faria, 2. Tim Kaeding, 3. Ricci Faria, 4. Kevin Pylant, 5. Lawrence Edlund, 6. Stuart Krum, 7. Steve Osborne

Heat 3: 1. Brian Coelho, 2. Jason Meyers, 3. Jon Allard, 4. Pete Murphy, 5. Danny Faria Jr., 6. Davey Key, 7. Dennis Binstock

Heat 4: 1. Stephen Allard, 2. Kurt Nelson, 3. Ronnie Day, 4. Craig Stidham, 5. Garrett Ishii, 6. Eric Rossi, 7. Jim Turner

B-Main: 1. Robertson, 2. Rossi, 3. Faria Jr., 4. Osborne, 5. Ishii, 6. Edlund, 7. Barrosso, 8. Binstock, 9. Turner, 10. Krum, 11. Key, 12. Ferris

A-Main 30 Laps - 1. Brent Kaeding, 2. Kent, 3. Murphy, 4. Robertson, 5. Tim Kaeding, 6. Stidham, 7. Statler, 8. Pylant, 9. Tarlton, 10. Faria Jr., 11. Mike Faria, 12. Rossi, 13. Day, 14. Ricci Faria, 15. S. Allard, 16. Coelho, 17. Edlund, 18. Osborne, 19. Ishii, 20. Nelson, 21. Meyers, 22. J. Allard.

Lap-leaders: J. Allard 1-4, B. Kaeding 5-30.

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