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2004 - The Racer's Racing Series

Cory Kruseman is a sprint car racing superstar! (John's Racing Photos)

J. Hicks powers off the turn at Thunderbowl Raceway - (John's Racing Photos)

Sammy Swindell pushes across the groove as Joey Saldana rides the cushion at Knoxville.

Jeff Swindell was a hard guy to beat in USAC Silver Crown racing.

Erin Crocker #16 races with Joey Saldana #2 (Doug Johnson photo)

Mark Kinser has the HammerDown! at Fargo. He took over the #83 in June 2004. (Doug Johnson Photo)

Bob Ream Jr. is winning features left and right in Arizona.

Clint Garner has the HammerDown! at Knoxville Raceway. (Doug Johnson photo)

Tony Jones raced the Kirkpatrick Racing #7k at Skagit in the USAC / CRA races. (BG photo)

Gary Wright #9 is a certain Hall of Famer in our eyes. Here, he races with Jake Peters at the Knoxville 360 Nationals (Doug Johnson Photo)

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2004 - The Racer's Racing Series