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Mat Neely

2005 All-HammerDown! Team highlights 41 of the brightest talents in short-track open wheel racing - HD Staff - Rocklin, CA. - November 30, 2005 - World wide web address announced the 2005 All-HammerDown! Team Wednesday. The fictional 2005 'team' is comprised of the top 41 in the Racer's Racing Series point standings. The "RRS" offers points at 60 of the biggest races in the United States. Eleven Indiana drivers were joined by seven California racers on the team, outlining the USA's racing hotbeds. Ten of the 41 drivers were named to the team for the first time in their respective careers. Meanwhile 22 of the 41 on the 2005 team have made the cut in each of the last three seasons. Editor Bobby Gerould said, "The 2005 All-HammerDown! Team is a way to further promote the sport I love. All the drivers on the list earned their way onto the team by racing across the United States at the biggest races. We took the top-40 in the points and there was a tie for 40th - so 41 guys made it." He added, "I think next year we will tinker again with the schedule for the 60 Racer's Racing Series points events. I feel that Gary Wright, Jon Allard, Brent Kaeding, Greg Hodnett, and others should be on the list this year."

The 2005 All-HammerDown! Team (number indicates how many times driver has made the All-HammerDown! Team which was started in 2003). Rob Chaney (3) - Millersburg, Ohio. Jerry Coons Jr. (1) - Tucson, Arizona. Dave Darland (3) - Lincoln, Indiana. Craig Dollansky (2) - Elk River, Minnesota. Jay Drake (3) - Brownsburg, Indiana. Damion Gardner (2) - Concord, California. Ron Gregory (1) - Noblesville, Indiana. Darren Hagen (1) - Riverside, California. Jac Haudenschild (3) - Wooster, Ohio. Tom Hessert III (1) - Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Tracy Hines (3) - New Castle, Indiana. Kevin Huntley (1) - Bloomington, Indiana. Levi Jones (2) - Olney, Illinois. Bud Kaeding (3) - Campbell, California. Tim Kaeding (3) - San Jose, California. Chad Kemenah (3) - Findley, Ohio. Kraig Kinser (2) - Bloomington, Indiana. Steve Kinser (3) - Bloomington, Indiana. Cory Kruseman (3) - Ventura, California. Danny Lasoski (3) - Dover, Missouri. Nick Lundgreen (1) - Indianapolis, Indiana. Paul McMahan (3) - Nashville, Tennessee. Terry McCarl (3) - Altoona, Iowa. Jason Meyers (3) - Clovis, California. Mat Neely (1) - Robinson, Illinois. Brian Paulus (2) - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Daryn Pittman (3) - Owasso, Oklahoma. Fred Rahmer (2) - Salfordville, Pennsylvania. Bill Rose (1) - Plainfield, Indiana. Joey Saldana (3) - Pittsboro, Indiana. Donny Schatz (3) - Fargo, North Dakota. Tim Shaffer (3) - Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Jason Sides (2) - Bartlett, Tennessee. Jason Solwold (2) - Mount Vernon, Washington. Jon Stanbrough (1) - Jamestown, Indiana. Dave Steele (2) - Tampa, Florida. Shane Stewart (3) - Bixby, Oklahoma. Sammy Swindell (3) - Germantown, Tennessee. Brooke Tatnell (3) - San Souci, NSW, Australia. Brian Tyler (1) - Parma, Michigan. Josh Wise (3) - Riverside, California.

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