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BF in 2002. The sweet #78 with Bill at the helm on Madera's asphalt (Photo by Steve-O)

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"B.F." lives racing. He works at Kaeding Maxim Center, races a USAC Western States Sprinter, and works the Kaeding parts trailer at all the big races in California. BF's brother, Burt JR. is a racer, and their Dad, Burt Foland SR. is a San Jose Speedway Hall of Famer. B.F., as we all call him, knows his stuff when it comes to sprint cars, and midgets. BF is a voting member of the National Sprint Car Poll, and avid stat keeper.

BF contributes regularly to HammerDown!, you may read his past columns, archived here for your convenience.


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BF testing at Altamont (Photo by Steve-O)

BF on the methanol at Madera. (Photo by Steve-O)