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...Al Drake sent us some interesting reading in the form of a old Fresno Bee story from 1961. The article was offering pre-race hype for a Kearny Bowl event. Check it out here.

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by Bobby Gerould

...We are elated for Tim Shaffer and his $26,000 win at East Bay. However, it says allot about the state of racing when Shaffer makes $26 G's at East Bay in one of the biggest sprint car races, and our guy Dave Marcus made over $100 G's for finishing next to last in the Daytona 500.

Sponsors that are not on the sprint car bandwagon are sleeping on a giant. Things are not all gloom and doom. Fans still pack the grandstands, and the racing is still good, if not better than ever. The non-wing set has traveling series' USAC, and SCRA, and big races at Williams Grove, Manzanita, and Terry McCarl's Oskaloosa whopper. The World of Outlaws are coming off a season that saw a record number of unique winners. Facilities for short track racing have never been nicer. Irwindale Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, the Charlotte Dirt Track, Houston Raceway Park, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway are all great new places to see a race.

The USAC TV schedule shows one "live" race this year, with the remaining 13 tape delayed on ESPN-2. Even if the World of Outlaws, and USAC are struggling with their TV deals, and WoO loses 3 traveling teams in 2002 to the current economy, and lack of a concrete TV deal, sprint car racing is far from doomed. ...As long as you are reading this, there IS interest. What happens next is anyone's guess.

Maybe I'll start spewing more sprint car propaganda... : ))

We do know from personal testimony that Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart say sprint cars are the racers race car. Wide-open, or finessing a dry-slickie, a good sprint car driver knows how to react by the seat of his pants. Gordon claims that beating Steve Kinser in a heat race is one of the absolute highlights of his career. Stewart still shows his enthusiasm for sprint cars and midgets by driving and owning a car with WoO champion, Danny Lasoski.

Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon agree on this subject. They agree for a reason. We do this website for a reason. It's because short track open wheel racing is inherently exciting. Many folks like to say negative things about the state the sport. We know it has rough spots. We need to continue to improve safety conditions, we need better lighting at many tracks, we need a uniform set of rules for the various 410 and 360 classes across the country.

All that being said, the future is extra bright. My man, Mike Z. is a 30 year veteran of racing. He has recently been going to Quarter Midget events everywhere in the US, and he says the Little League of sprint car racing is in a huge boom time. The Ratbag PC sprint car game has caused more than a few headaches for Mom's and Dad's all over the world who now have Little Sparky wanting to go racing for real.

The Sony PlayStation 2 "World of Outlaws, Dirt-Track Sprint Car Racing" game is due out soon, and will only add to the furor. Young heroes are everywhere you look. Daryn Pittman, Kraig Kinser, Bobby East, Tim and Bud Kaeding, Chuck Gurney Jr., Donny Schatz, Jason Meyers, The Fike Brothers, are but a handful of cats under the age of 25 that will lead the sport into the great unknown.

Quit hatin'. Buy a sprint car T-shirt, and speak highly of sprint car racing. If we don't love ourselves, who's gonna love us?

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