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It's all about the Ratbag Sony Playstation2 World of Outlaws 2002 sprint car game. Heck, my wife has over $40,000 in career earnings already! This game is sick.

If you don't have one, you need to get hooked up. You can race from the comfort of your living room at Eldora, Knoxville, Chico, I-55, Terre Haute, Lernerville, Williams Grove, Lowe's Dirt Track, Las Vegas, Husets & Bloomington. Career mode allows players to work their way through the ranks. Basically four modes, LOCAL, REGIONAL, WoO Support (Gumout) Series, and the big-time World of Outlaws.

You drive the car! In traffic, on hooked-up tracks, on dry-slick tracks, all over the country. You are also the mechanic, changing your car, ala, Kenny Woodruff. The simulated dirt, changes as the evening's races unfold. Shocks, torsion bars, gears, wing angles, wing placement, stagger, and spacing are all adjustable. The variables are endless, making it a game you can play for months without wearing it out.

The racing is great. ...Extra fun at Bloomington and Chico, the bullrings that keep you busy. Knoxville is also a favorite simulated experience. The cushion is fast, and throttle control is at a premium when it goes slick. I bought mine at Best Buy, getting the last copy they had, sometime last week. We tried Toys R Us, and K-Mart Super K first but neither had it in yet.

Again, I applaud the efforts of Indiana hustler, JD Kramer, for making this deal happen. Greg Siegle of Ratbag shows a genuine interest in our sport, and he did the game right. It would have been easy to make the game much more hokey but it's not. It is fun, challenging, entertaining, and at times intense, especially when you get into your first championship points battle. I've punted many already. ...Ooops.

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