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Andy Forsberg

2003 - All HammerDown! Team Member


Rain delay on second night at Chico Fall Nationals. Forsberg wins opener - HD Staff - October 6, 2006 - 2006 Civil War champion Andy Forsberg won the opening night of the Fall Nationals for winged 360 sprint cars at Silver Dollar Speedway. Rain delayed the finish of the second preliminary to Saturday.

Forsberg drives “Sanford and Son Special” to fourth championship series victory. - By Bill Sullivan PLACERVILLE, CA – July 29, 2006 ...After winning nearly every race he entered early in the season, Andy Forsberg of Auburn has been enduring his share of bad luck over the past month. The former track champion’s ride of misfortune traveled all the way to Friday night when an accident destroyed his primary car at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. After working through the night and into Saturday morning, Forsberg and crew were ready to return to their winning ways at Placerville Speedway for the ninth point race, arriving with 1992 John Boy chassis that his father once drove, Forsberg was both optimistic and weary of what would become of the night. “I hope things can change here tonight. I just can’t believe everything that’s gone wrong lately,” said Forsberg. “If it’s not my transponder falling off or an accident it’s the hauler breaking down on the freeway. It’s time to put an end to this streak tonight, but I have no idea what this car is going to do, it’s kind of another Sanford and Son Special with all different parts, it might be fast, it might fall apart.” (More)

Forsberg continues Placerville Speedway dominance in Civil War race. By Bill Sullivan PLACERVILLE, CA (6-24-06) – Auburn resident Andy Forsberg continued his streak of success at Placerville Speedway Saturday night, winning the fourth round of the Hoosier Racing Tires Civil War Sprint Car Series. The victory was Forsberg’s fourth victory of the year at the foothill speedway and his second win in the traveling Civil War series where the former two-time champion leads the point standings. Under triple digit temperatures, a total of 41 cars competed in Saturday’s event, which paid out over $14,000 in winnings and more than an additional $3,000 in contingency awards. For Forsberg the victory was worth additional championship points towards his point lead as he chases a third driving championship in the series this season. “I can’t believe how great this season has started off for us,” said Forsberg. “Things have just been going our way since we started and tonight were another example of it. There was a lot of lapped traffic to work through tonight and like I’ve said before when that’s the case sometimes your better to be a little more lucky than good out there.” (More)

The 100 winningest drivers MY EYES have seen - By Bobby Gerould - Last updated October 23, 2005. Rocklin, CA. …Here is a fun project that anyone can do. Try to re-trace all the races that you have been to in your lifetime, and list the winners of each feature your eyes have seen. It takes time; I've been working on my list literally for about six years. About once a month I take a few hours and dig through old programs, do Google searches, read journals, and use Kevin Eckert's website to try to find the race winners I saw. For the sake of clarity - I am including any race where I was on the grounds - even the ones I may have slept through as a three year old. My Dad was an announcer of super-modified, and sprint car events on the West Coast. From birth I went to West Capital Raceway (W. Sacramento, CA.) on Saturdays. Later, as Dad did more writing, and announcing we included Friday nights at Chico CA. and special events at Dixon CA. into the mix. As a teenager and college student I worked for NARC and hit all the major Northern California dirt tracks. Adult work for USAC, the World of Outlaws, and others has blessed us with the opportunity to see many tracks across the USA, and into Canada. The results of all this logging and work will be a historical log that I can always go back to for reflection. Over the course of the next 100 weeks, HammerDownUSA.com will list a driver in a countdown of the driver who MY EYES have seen win the most feature races. My list will obviously reflect my environment. It will not be a list of who I consider to be the greatest drivers ever. That would be subjective, and impossible. But I can scientifically list the best drivers I have seen. This list is a fun project for me and I hope you will enjoy the journey to naming number one. ...#100 Perry James Jr. - Elverta, CA. - 2 wins. #99 - Peter Murphy - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia / Oakhurst, CA. 2 wins. #97 Johnny Tiner - Rio Linda, California. 2 wins. # 97 Ed Organ, Napa CA. - 2 wins. #96 Lee Brewer Jr. - Memphis, TN. - 2 wins. #95 Johnny Pearson, Stockton, CA. two wins. #94 Dave Bradway SR - Fair Oaks, CA. - Two wins. #93 Mike Kirby. Torrance, CA. - two wins. #92 Joe Hill - Sacramento, CA. - Two wins. #91 Blake Robertson - Visalia, CA. - two wins. #90 Andy Forsberg - Auburn, CA. - two wins. #78 Mitch Sue - Live Oak, CA. - 3 wins.

#90 Andy Forsberg - Sacramento, CA. - two wins.

…Andy "B." Forsberg is a joy to watch race. The 29 year-old that started racing in 1994 has already captured two Civil War sprint car championships, and one Placerville Speedway title. A second generation racer, Forsberg is the kind of guy who will never have his desire to compete questioned. He is a contrast in that he can be cool and level-headed in conversation yet behind the wheel he will make some risky moves that make you question his 'sanity'. I say that with all love and respect. I remember seeing Forsberg abuse the Chico cushion in a Gold Cup B-Main. His equipment probably wasn't nearly as new as those he was racing with but Forsberg was bound and determined to make the Gold Cup A-Main. He blasted into turn one on a late race re-start, trying to make a transfer pass. Instead, he hooked the cushion and flipped his ding-ding off. That is the kind of effort I love. I missed a legendary Forsberg performance last year (2004) at Hanford when he started in the rear and won the feature. The `04 season saw Forsberg be the runner-up in the King of California chase. …He races winged or non-winged, 360 or 410. He gasses it always. …The two features I saw Forsberg win were at Chico and Watsonville respectively. The Watsonville win was in a 360 during the 2000 Trophy Cup. The Silver Dollar Speedway (Chico) win came in Golden State action on April 5, 2003. …Most likely Forsberg will get better and better as he enters his thirties. I believe that confidence is a big deal in racing, and I think when Andy Forsberg is feeling good about Andy Forsberg he is a tough customer to deal with. Forsberg says the Family Auto Racing #98 team will not be back in 2006. Hopefully Andy will be able to overcome that obstacle and enter his racing prime on a quality team.

Andy Forsberg with the 'top' off at Tulare. (Al Drake photo)

Race to Forsberg - 04/01/05 Chico, CA. ...Andy Forsberg won the opening night of Chico's Friday night racing series for winged 410 sprint cars. The event was halted after 21 laps when Chico driver Eddy Lewis flipped down the front chute. Sean Becker finished second, followed by Korey Lovell in third, Roger Crockett of Eugene, Ore., in fourth, and Shain Matthews, who started 15th, in fifth place.

Andy Forsberg puts the HammerDown! at Calistoga Speedway last year. (John's Racing Photos)

HammerDown! Best of 2003 - Andy Forsberg - Consistently, this second generation driver from Auburn, CA. wowed us with his willingness to try any line on the track to go forward. Especially good on heavy tracks, Andy embodies the style we call HammerDown! It's about putting a car where it needs to be on the track. The number one frustration of mechanics is when they feel their driver should be running a different line. It is easy for the wrench to tell a driver to "go upstairs", or "give the high side a try". It's not the mechanic's butt in the chair. Dig? Andy Forsberg is the guy that will "go upstairs" without any prodding. While Forsberg is still learning the nuances of slick tracks in a 410, he showed the savvy that made him a Civil War 360 champion.

With a HammerDown! decal on the photographers side (under the 92), Andy Forsberg powers through the Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1/2 mile. Already this season, Forsberg has shown the desire to race that the great ones possess. Having raced at Vegas, Perris, and Chico, with wing and without a wing, Andy makes the statement that he is serious about his racing career. Forsberg made the Inaugural All-HammerDown! Team (Jim Fleming Photo)

...Andy Forsberg is the driver that we now feel is the best driver "under the radar" in the West. The two-time Civil War 360 champion, and son of Richard, drove past 11 cars in the Gold Cup to finish 8th. Watching Andy race all season, we've come to the conclusion that he is the real deal. He'll put the car where it needs to be on the track, even if it means throwing caution to the wind. He is best when the track is fast with a fat cushion, making him a fan favorite. He speaks well, and smiles often. Certainly, Forsberg will need more BIG track experience. A championship at Placerville, and quick runs on the California bullrings is a long way from the raw speed of places like Nebraska Raceway Park, or Eldora. So it may take some time. But we believe the time invested could reward a team with a future superstar. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but when we hype a driver, old fat white men with lots of money should pay attention. If a prospective car owner was listening he would have been ahead of the game on Meyers, J.J. Yeley, Damion Gardner, Kasey Kahne, Tim Kaeding, etc...,

Forsberg Displays Skills in Civil War Chico Kickoff - HD Staff, 09/03/03 - Chico, CA. - Auburn's Andy Forsberg opened the 50th annual Gold Cup Race of Champions week by winning the Civil War Invitational at Silver Dollar Speedway. The Wednesday night affair was closed to the top 32 drivers in the Civil War point standings. Forsberg is a two-time champion of the 360 cubic inch, winged sprint car class. Fellow title holders of year's past, Roger Crockett, and Mike Henry finished second and third. Greg DeCaires, and Stephen Allard completed the top five. ...The O'Reilly World of Outlaws open their three-day stay at the Fairgrounds Thursday night. (Summary)

The Family Auto Service sprint car team is looking for associate sponsorship help. With Andy Forsberg behind the wheel, the #98x has already been a winner on the toughest winged circuit on the West Coast, the Golden State Challenge. You can contact the guys at the track. They'll be at Watsonville May 17, and Calistoga May 24, and 25.

Andy Forsberg Excites in Marysville Win - by Bill Sullivan - MARYSVILLE, CA (6-14-03) - With the recent hype following the duel victories by Tim Kaeding in the Hoosier Racing Tires Civil War Sprint Car Series, Saturday night was a prime time for former two-time series champion Andy Forsberg of Auburn to bring the likes of "Mr. Excitement" back to the podium with his second victory in the 2003 season during round six of this series. (read up)

Andy Forsberg Romps to Golden State Challenge Win - By: Bobby Gerould. 04-05-03 Chico, CA. …Andy Forsberg wondered what it would feel like to win a feature against the best touring 410-sprint car teams in California. Saturday night at Silver Dollar Speedway, the second-generation Auburn driver lived the dream of a "King of California" victory, with a convincing 30 lap triumph in round five of the Golden State Challenge. Starting from the pole in the Family Auto Service #98x, Forsberg led every lap on the quarter-mile high-banked oval. (read it all)

Andy Forsberg, a second generation sprint car driver from Auburn California, recently became the 44th driver to score a feature win in the 17+ years of the Golden State Challenge. (John's Racing Photos)

...Andy Forsberg is a racer. HammerDown! gives Andy, the Fonzi "thumbs up" for competing all three nights at Calistoga Speedway vs. the World of Outlaws. 22 cars showed up with very little local support. Forsberg didn't have equipment equal to the top teams, but he still learned lots, and held his own. The two-time Civil War Champion has the desire to improve that is so important in sprint car racing. Forsberg is also a smart cat. He's figures the day is soon coming when winged 360 sprints run again at Calistoga. He used the Harvest Classic as a test session in case that day arrives.

Forsberg Gets Second Win of the Year at Chico By: Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 8-16-02)…Auburn’s Andy Forsberg had suffered through early season disappointments at Silver Dollar Speedway that ultimately led the A & A Stepping Stone #92 sprint car to take some time off in the middle of the season to regroup and regain their focus. Since returning, Forsberg won a 30 lap Civil War race on June 14 at Silver Dollar Speedway and now returns to victory lane after leading all 25 laps of the 410 sprint car main event. “It’s been a long tough season up here but I have to give credit to my crew guys tonight because they tried something different and the changes seemed to work. I think we figured something out for the upcoming Gold Cup Race of Champions here in Chico and I’m really excited,” said Forsberg. (read the whole deal)

Andy Forsberg at Hanford's season opening, World of Outlaws race. (Tear-Off Heaven)

Mr. Excitement Hangs it Out on the High Scary Side - By Bill Sullivan - CHICO, CA (6-14-02)- A little over a month ago, Northern California race fans were concerned and disheartened when two-time Civil War champion Andy Forsberg of Auburn announced he would park his race cars to reevaluate his racing career. (more)

Andy Forsberg, the 2-time Civil War, winged 360 champion, took off his top for Perris day show action (Photo by Steve-O)

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