Forsberg drives “Sanford and Son Special” to  fourth championship series victory.


By Bill Sullivan


PLACERVILLE, CA – After winning nearly every race he entered early in the season, Andy Forsberg of Auburn has been enduring his share of bad luck over the past month. The former track champion’s ride of misfortune traveled all the way to Friday night when an accident destroyed his primary car at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico.

After working through the night and into Saturday morning, Forsberg and crew were ready to return to their winning ways at Placerville Speedway for the ninth point race, arriving with 1992 John Boy chassis that his father once drove, Forsberg was both optimistic and weary of what would become of the night.

“I hope things can change here tonight. I just can’t believe everything that’s gone wrong lately,” said Forsberg. “If it’s not my transponder falling off or an accident it’s the hauler breaking down on the freeway. It’s time to put an end to this streak tonight, but I have no idea what this car is going to do, it’s kind of another Sanford and Son Special with all different parts, it might be fast, it might fall apart.”

Once a fan of the Sanford and Son television show, Forsberg surely would have pleased both Fred and Lamont Saturday night as he muscled his car of mismatched parts to the front of the 25-lap feature event after the halfway point of the race to return to his winning ways. Forsberg started fourth in the event and advanced to second in the opening lap after a yellow flag came out for Placerville’s Scott Russell and Camino’s Shawn Whitney who collided in the second turn.

Once the race was underway, Forsberg went to battle with Colby Weisz of Colfax for the lead position with Willie Croft of Sacramento in tow. Just after the halfway point of the race, Croft closed in on Forsberg and began putting on a serious bid for the lead. On the 15th lap a red flag came out when Joey Magaruh flipped over in turn four and during the red Croft retired for the night with unknown complications.

“I’m not sure what happened to Willie’s car tonight but I think I am fortunate something went wrong,” said Forsberg. “Because if he hadn’t have had a problem I know I would be standing here, he was catching me and he was having a great night. I was sorry to see him have to pull off like that having such a good run here.”

When the checkered flag flew it was Forsberg followed by Weisz. Andy Gregg of Placerville finished third, driving C.J. Humphreys #85 for the night as Humphreys is sidelined with a leg injury. Greg DeCaires drove from thirteenth to the fourth position ahead of Mike Benson of Calistoga.

“I just have to thank my crew and my family tonight,” said Forsberg. “All them pitched in, their girlfriend’s, their friends, everyone worked together to make sure I had a car tonight. This thing was weird to drive, I didn’t really fit in it at first and we had to retrofit some stuff. But I’m pretty proud of this old junker tonight.”

Next Saturday night a very big night of racing is on tap at Placerville Speedway as the fire breathing sprint cars of the Civil War series will return and will be joined for the first time ever by the  Joe Hunt Magnetos Wingless Spec Sprints for a full night of open wheel racing that is sure to be exciting.

For additional information on Saturday’s event check out the official track website at www.johnpadjenmotorsports.com or call the track business office at (916) 969-7484.