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Forsberg brings "Mr. Excitement" back to the podium in Civil War #6 at Twin Cities by Bill Sullivan - Media Relations, JPM MARYSVILLE, CA (6-14-03) - With the recent hype following the duel victories by Tim Kaeding in the Hoosier Racing Tires Civil War Sprint Car Series, Saturday night was a prime time for former two-time series champion Andy Forsberg of Auburn to bring the likes of "Mr. Excitement" back to the podium with his second victory in the 2003 season during round six of this series. Saturday's victory was Forsberg's first career win at Twin Cities Speedway as he matched Kaeding in the feature win column and both drivers are now the only repeat winners as the series nears its half way point.

The event was the second of four season visits to the north state quarter-mile and a near capacity crowd packed the grandstand to watch Forsberg best a field of 44 entrants for the win. "I've won two Civil War championships and never won at this racetrack," said Forsberg, series champion in 2000 and 2001. "In the past we've been leading or near the front and either get caught up in lapped traffic or something happens. So tonight I guess I finally got the monkey off my back at this place and its nice get another win in this series."

The 30-lap feature event started off with a red flag after the green as both Mark Hall of Nevada City and Oregon's Roger Crockett went upside down in the third turn. Both drivers were uninjured but retired from the event with heavy damage before one lap was even completed. Once the event was restarted Forsberg hugged the inside berm of the fourth turn to slide beneath second place starter Mike Henry and take the initial lead and position his A& A Stepping Stone #92 to a lead of several lengths just before 16th place starter Billy Wallace came to a stop outside of turn four.

On the single file restart Forsberg set the pace in an event that became a parade of champions with defending champion Mike Henry in second place and 11-time King of California champion Brent Kaeding in the third position and former Silver Dollar Speedway titlist Greg DeCaires in the fourth position. While Forsberg advanced to a lead of several car lengths by the sixth lap Henry was challenged closely by Kaeding until lap seven when he managed to runaway with the bridesmaid position and the top three runners all raced with several car lengths between each other. As early as the 10th lap Forsberg began entering lapped traffic but was granted a clear route one lap later when Mark Tabor Jr. spun in the fourth turn to draw the yellow and force a single file restart.

Despite the likes of Henry and Keading hot on his tail, Forsberg continued powering his way to a healthy lead, free of lapped traffic for the next eight laps. With 19 laps down the race underwent a caution period after a collision ensued between Jason Statler, Rick Williams and Steven Tiner in the fourth turn. The incident climaxed with a fire aboard Tiner's machine and while fire personnel attended the incident a red flag brought the event to a pause to permit drivers to refuel as nearly 30 laps took place under the yellow flag. With eleven laps remaining the final restart looked much like those earlier as Forsberg continued to hug the low groove and quickly drive his way to a new zip code on the tight quarter-mile clay oval.

Henry remained strong in the second position all the way to the finish holding off the likes of Kaeding in the waning laps as DeCaires cruised in the fourth position ahead of Scott Russell who muscled his way up from the 13th place starting position. In preliminary action on Saturday, the B-feature had a stellar field with six of the top ten drivers in the current point standings in the line up for the 12-lap event that transferred just the top four into the 30-lap feature. At the initial green Greg DeCaires of Elk Grove muscle his Redi-Green Motorsports 1K into the lead position for a single lap before the yellow flag waved for Chris Wilson who stalled near the front stretch.

Following the single file restart, deCaires accelerated to a lead of several car lengths over Rick Williams, Mark Hall, Steven Allard and Destiny Hays. The top four raced with a car length between one another until the second caution flag delayed the race on the fourth lap when Jeff Parady spun in turn four. Following the restart DeCaires maintained the lead throughout the caution n plagued event to transfer into the A-feature with the likes of Williams who finished second followed by Hall and Steven Allard.

The C-feature had Jim Richardsen of Graeagle taking the lead with Robert Stice in tow as the top two runners pulled away from the field. On the fifth lap trouble broke out for Richardsen as he approached the lapped car of Christine Zaveson in the third turn and both drivers spun to draw the yellow flag. With Richardsen restarting from the rear of the field the green flag waved with five laps remaining as Stice took the point ahead of Dave Angus, Mike McClish and Tim Barnes. In the waning laps Stice stretched his lead to several car lengths over Angus who earned the second and final transfer position. Tony Silveria finished in third ahead of Tim Barnes and Mark Tabor Sr. In the first heat race of the evening had plenty of action on the opening lap as a red flag flew immediately after the green when Greg Sherman of Sacramento rode the front wall and tipped over on his side on the front stretch.

Just as the red flag waved a mutli-car collision broke out in the fourth turn resulting in stalls by Korey Lovell and Kyle Schild. On the restart grass Valley's Billy Wallace jumped into the lead ahead of Chuck Gurney Jr., Andy Forsberg and Steven Allard. On the fifth lap fourth place driver Steven Allard drifted and stalled off the fourth turn to draw the caution flag. Upon restarting the second red flag of the event flew when Yuba City's Korey Lovell took a wild flip in the second turn. Lovell was shaken a bit in the incident but reportedly uninjured in the incident that caused serious damage to his car. However, the Lovell crew managed to make repairs in time for the B-feature that took place approximately one hour later.

Once green flag action resumed Wallace maintained then lead ahead of Gurney, Forsberg, Mike Monahan and Robinson. The second heat of the night had Jeff Parady of Pope Valley taking the early lead from the pole position and distancing himself from Sean Becker of Oroville until the fifth lap when a traffic jam broke out in the third and fourth turns resulting in Jeff Halleib colliding into Chri s Wilson before collecting Parady and draw the flag. After the restart Becker assumed the lead to post the win ahead of Scott Russell, Ricky Wondergem and Mike Henry. Heat three had defending Twin Cities Speedway Champion Colby Weisz in the lead on the opening lap as he distanced himself from Mark tabor Jr, Roger Crockett and Brent Kaeding who all worked into the top four positions by the eighth lap.

At the finish the top four remained the same with series point leader Destiny Hays rounding out the top five. The final heat race of the evening was owned by Placerville's Jimmy Trulli who jumped into the early lead and despite approaching lapped traffic held off the efforts of second place runner Steven Tiner and Steve Fehrman. On the final lap seventh place starter Jason Statler advanced into the top four as he overtook Steve Watts just several feet before the finish line. Next Saturday night the action continues for the Hoosier Tires California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series at the famed half mile Calistoga Speedway in the Napa wine country.

This will mark the first time in the history of the Civil War series that the campaign competes on a track of this size. For further information on round seven please visit

Hoosier Racing Tires California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series Twin Cities Speedway, Marysville, CA Saturday, June 14, 2003

TOP THREE QUALFIERS; Andy Forsberg 11:198; Mike Henry 11:226; Brent Kaeding 11:256

HEAT 1: Billy Wallace; Chuck Gurney Jr.; Andy Forsberg; Mike Monahan; David Robinson Jr.; Robert Stice; Steven Allard; Korey Lovell; Tim Sherman; Kyle Schild; Greg Sherman.

HEAT 2: Sean Becker; Scott Russell; Ricky Wondergem; Mike Henry; Jim RicharDoug dsen; Chris Wilson; Doug Lippencott; Tony Silveria; Mike McClish; Jeff Parady; Jeff Halleib.

HEAT 3: Colby Weisz; Mark Tabor Jr.; Roger Crockett; Brent Kaeding; Destiney Hays; Justin Johnson; Rick Williams; Troy DeGaton; Pat harvey Jr.; Jade Parker; Christine Zaveson.

HEAT 4: Jimmy Trulli; Steven Tiner; Steve Fehrman; Jason Statler; Steve Watts; Jeremy Phillips; Mark Hall; Greg DeCaires; Dave Angus; Mark Tabor Sr.; Tim Barnes.

C-FEATURE: Stice; Angus; Silveria; Tabor Sr.; Parker; McClish;Richardsen; Harvey; T. Sherman; Zaveson.

B-FEATURE: DeCaires; Williams; Hall; Allard; Hays; Robinson; Schild; Johnson; Lippencott; Halleib; Degaton; Angus; Stice; Parady; Phillips; Lovell; Watts; Wilson.

A-FEATURE: Forsberg; Henry; Kaeding; DeCaires; Russell; Allard; Fehrman; Wallace; Wondergem; Statler; Monahan; Williams; Trulli; Gurney; Tiner; Tabor Jr.; Weisz; Hall; Crockett; Becker.

Results courtesy of Greg Stephens MotorSport Video home.

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