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Mitch Sue

The 100 winningest drivers MY EYES have seen - By Bobby Gerould - August 8, 2005. Rocklin, CA. …Here is a fun project that anyone can do. Try to re-trace all the races that you have been to in your lifetime, and list the winners of each feature your eyes have seen. It takes time; I've been working on my list literally for about six years. About once a month I take a few hours and dig through old programs, do Google searches, read journals, and use Kevin Eckert's website to try to find the race winners I saw. For the sake of clarity - I am including any race where I was on the grounds - even the ones I may have slept through as a three year old. My Dad was an announcer of super-modified, and sprint car events on the West Coast. From birth I went to West Capital Raceway (W. Sacramento, CA.) on Saturdays. Later, as Dad did more writing, and announcing we included Friday nights at Chico CA. and special events at Dixon CA. into the mix. As a teenager and college student I worked for NARC and hit all the major Northern California dirt tracks. Adult work for USAC, the World of Outlaws, and others has blessed us with the opportunity to see many tracks across the USA, and into Canada. The results of all this logging and work will be a historical log that I can always go back to for reflection. Over the course of the next 100 weeks, will list a driver in a countdown of the driver who MY EYES have seen win the most feature races. My list will obviously reflect my environment. It will not be a list of who I consider to be the greatest drivers ever. That would be subjective, and impossible. But I can scientifically list the best drivers I have seen. This list is a fun project for me and I hope you will enjoy the journey to naming number one.

#99 Mitch Sue - Live Oak, CA. - 2 wins. ...A graduate of San Diego State University, Mitch Sue was one of the great characters of 80's sprint car, and modified racing in Northern California. Quick witted and highly intelligent, Mitch is the son of West Capital Raceway, and Silver Dollar Speedway driving champion Wayne Sue. Mitch was a talented racer in his own right. I am pretty sure I saw him win more than two features but at the present time that is all that I can verify. He beat NARC at Chico in 1986, and I also was present for one of his modified wins at SDS in the Friday night series. Mitch was runner-up in the NARC title chase in '86. The majority of his feature wins came in the Friday night series between 1982-85. Mitch Sue drove his own car as well as cars for Jack Gordon, Rod Manning, Bob Neilsen, and The Krouse family. ...I was fortunate to have befriended Mitch at a young age. Our fun after the races was me grading his girlfriends on a scale of one to ten. The "Doctor" was seldom seen with less than an "eight". When I turned 16 and was old enough to get into the pits - Mitch and crew chief Larry Shelton allowed me to scrape mud, and change gears. I was clueless and we had many laughs at the expense of me and my buddy Garrett who did not know a rear-end from a steering box. We road tripped with Mitch to Baylands, Placerville, Chico, and Antioch. ...Last we heard, Mitch was farming in Live Oak, CA.

Mitch Sue in action 1986. (Scanned from NARC yearbook)


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