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Tim Kaeding Uses Pick and Roll for Golden State Win, Brent Kaeding Champion for 12th time - By Bobby Gerould, 07/26/03, Chico, CA. A lasting impression of the 2003 Golden State Challenge racing season will be champion Brent Kaeding doing 'donuts' with his helmet off following the 30 lap feature Saturday night at Silver Dollar Speedway. With a vibrant smile visible from the grandstands on the back chute, Kaeding made himself dizzy behind the wheel of the BK Racing Maxim #69. Brent was a half-lap removed from the checkered flag, and a fifth place feature finish. But the smile belonged to a 45 year-old man who was about to wear the "King of California" sprint car crown for the 12th time in his storied career.

Ahead of him, Tim Kaeding was also in a series of tight spins. So was Dennis Moore Jr. The giddiness that accompanies a season finale was on the red line. Tim Kaeding was the feature winner, Brent the series champion, and Moore Jr., the highest rated rookie. Moore also beat Tim Kaeding for second in the final standings by coming home third in the feature.

Donuts for everyone!

Tim started inside row-two in the 22-car feature field, and passed Tommy Tarlton in traffic on lap 18 of 30 to claim the victory in Terry Cowan's ABC Ready Mix #7t. The winning pass took place in turn two as Tim used Charlie Louden's sprinter as a screen in traffic. Tarlton was trying to put Louden down a lap, as Louden, Tarlton and Tim raced three-wide off of turn two. Tim shot under Louden, as Tarlton was hung out on the high side of the dry-slick surface. "Tim did a good job", lamented Tarlton who was the night's runner-up. "I got hung up in traffic, and Tim did a heck of a job in traffic. But it's all-good, we won last week, and second this week is a sign we're back on track. I just have to thank my Dad, and Blaine, my crew chief."

Of his sixth win of the GSC campaign, Tim said, "I have to thank my crew. We dropped a cylinder last night and still finished third. They worked all day in the baking sun to get the motor changed, and get this car here. Congratulations to my Dad, he is truly the King of California." The top-five finishers were Tim Kaeding, Tarlton, Moore, Pylant, and Brent Kaeding.

As much as the attention was focused on Tim's win, it was his Dad, Brent who clinched his championship when he transferred from his qualifying heat into the feature. After hugs and handshakes for the entire crew, the man known as "BK" said, "This is special. It gets to me more than I let on, but it's big, winning it. How many more of these can there be?" With his dad, Howard standing alongside, he elaborated, "It's tougher out here now. There are four cars not just one car that could win the championship. Dennis (Moore Jr.), he did a helluva job. Jason (Statler) was tremendous all season, and Tim, he's about winning races. You really have to dig every night."

Kaeding's championship formula was a mix of bonus points in time-trials, and top-ten finishes in the feature races. "When you are points racing you can't race as hard", he said. "Points racing is what I've done for 23 of the 25 years I've raced sprint cars. And it's all thanks to these guys" Kaeding was pointing to his pit crew and sponsors. "We had Wayne Williams in an extra car with us all year, and these guys worked their butts off on two cars."

Saturday night was not a night of celebration for all teams. Three loyal series supporters suffered flips during the Last Chance Race. Brian Coelho was upside down in turn two, and later Rick Fowzer and Mike Quigley did a double flip in turn three. All drivers walked away uninjured. In the main-event, John Gray took a ride after running up too fast on Jason York in turn one. Gray was trying to pass York but the aggressive move backfired with York moving on and Gray tumbling. Statler, meanwhile, gutted out the night of racing, still extremely sore, and limping from a crash 24 hours earlier.

Jon Allard won the Last Chance Race but did a spin on lap five of the feature while running eighth. Allard went to the end of the pack, and worked his way back to a solid seventh place finish. Crockett raced from 11th starting to a sixth place finish. Eighth through tenth went to Jason York, Blake Robertson, and Statler. Charlie Louden, a Princeton University student captured the B&B Oval Track Products heat. Other heat race winners were Toni Lutar, Tim Kaeding, and Wayne Williams.

The BR MotorSports Quick Qualifier award fell to BR himself, Blake Robertson. "Super" Blake steered the Tom Rolfe Trucking, McMillen and Mitchell sprinter to a 12.226-second lap around the quarter-mile clay oval.

Hoosier Tires, C.L. Bryant, BR Motor Sports, and B&B Oval Track Products sponsor the Golden State Challenge.

July 26, 2003.

Silver Dollar Speedway Golden State Challenge Sprint Cars Round 21 of 21


BR Motor Sports Qualifying: Driver Hometown Car Time

  1. Blake Robertson Visalia McMillen #10 12.226
  2. Andy Forsberg Auburn Family Auto Service #98x 12.291
  3. Brent Kaeding Campbell BK Racing #69 12.354
  4. Jon Allard Chico Wright #35 12.404
  5. John Gray Chico Gray #71 12.432
  6. Dennis Moore Jr. Grinnell, IA. Williams #0 12.454
  7. Roger Crockett Eugene, OR. Doyle #11 12.456
  8. Shain Matthews Marysville Matthews #67 12.529
  9. Brian Coelho Tulare Coelho #5c 12.594
  10. Jason York Chico York #25 12.618
  11. Tim Kaeding San Jose Cowan #7T 12.630
  12. Kevin Pylant Santa Cruz Pylant #14p 12.670
  13. Tommy Tarlton Fresno Tarlton & Son #21 12.673
  14. Jimmy Carter Cloverdale, BC, Canada Rudeen #26 12.684
  15. Jason Statler Los Gatos Statler #00 12.796
  16. Craig Stidham Fresno Stidham #3 12.797
  17. Charlie Louden Selma Louden X 12.847
  18. Toni Lutar White Rock, BC, Canada Lutar #4x 12.849
  19. Stephen Allard Chico Finley #77f 12.853
  20. Wayne Williams Monterey BK Racing #68 12.895
  21. Sean Becker Sacramento Becker #23 12.896
  22. Dennis Binstock Napa Binstock #82 12.921
  23. Mike Quigley Gardnerville, NV. Quigley #75 13.019
  24. Billy Wallace Grass Valley Jacobson #30 13.094
  25. Bud Walberg Chico Walberg #55 13.197
  26. Andy Gregg Placerville Gregg #16 13.269
  27. Rick Fowzer Manteca Fowzer #5 13.497
  28. Dan Ochs Los Molinos Ochs #11 13.503
  29. Matt Shelton Chico Shelton #44 13.913
  30. Doug Lippincott Minden, NV. Lippincott #4L 14.033
  31. Jim Skinner Byron Skinner #73 14.054
  32. Tommy Foggarty Portola Valley TF #66 14.300
  33. Travis Moore Chico Moore #11T 15.021
B&B Oval Track Products Heat One: 1. Louden, 2. Becker, 3. Tarlton, 4. Robertson, 5. Walberg, 6. Gray, 7. Moore, 8. Coelho (Disqualified for loss of muffler)


Heat Two: 1. Lutar, 2. York, 3. Forsberg, 4. Moore Jr., 5. Binstock, 6. Carter, 7. Gregg

Heat Three: 1. T. Kaeding, 2. S. Allard, 3. B. Kaeding, 4. Statler, 5. Crockett, 6. Quigley, 7. Fowzer, 8. Skinner.


Heat Four: 1. Williams, 2. Wallace, 3. Stidham, 4. Pylant, 5. J. Allard, 6. Matthews, 7. Ochs, 8. Foggarty

Last Chance Race (12 laps.) 1. J. Allard, 2. Gray, 3. Crockett, 4. Carter, 5. Matthews, 6. Walberg, 7. Binstock, 8. Ochs, 9. Foggarty, 10. Lippincott, 11. Gregg, 12. Skinner, 13. Quigley, 14. Fowzer


Feature (30 laps) - 1. T. Kaeding, 2. Tarlton, 3. Moore Jr., 4. Pylant, 5. B. Kaeding, 6. Crockett, 7. J. Allard, 8. York, 9. Robertson, 10. Statler, 11. Carter, 12. Forsberg, 13. Lutar, 14. Stidham, 15. S. Allard, 16. Louden, 17. Williams, 18. Becker, 19. Wallace, 20. Matthews, 21. Walberg, 22. Gray. home.

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