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Haulmark All Star Sprint Results - Knoxville Raceway - Sat. 8/2/03 By Scott Hall KNOXVILLE, IA - Terry McCarl played the waiting game Saturday night at Knoxville Raceway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 25 lap Pella Corporation Classic feature. His patience paid off to the tune of $15,000 to win over a field of 90 drivers on hand representing the All Stars, IRA, NCRA, NMRA, GSC and Knoxville Raceway. McCarl, who started second, ran behind early leader Jason Meyers and then Tim Shaffer the whole distance before making an exciting winning slide job pass of Shaffer with only two laps to go.

"I love Wayne Johnson," McCarl exclaimed from victory lane at his home track as Johnson drew McCarl's number two pill for starting position before the feature. "You know we had two outlaws showing us the way around all weekend. tonight our car was good. I have to thank Steve Fitzpatrick (crew chief) and Wesmar Motors." It was his second All Star win of 2003.

After the top 16 qualifiers from Friday night drew for A Main starting positions, Dean Jacobs started from the pole with McCarl alongside. Next were Meyers and Shane Stewart in row two with Jonathan Allard and Kerry Madsen in row three. Jacobs got the jump on the initial start, but Meyers pulled a nice slide job on the All Star regular to lead lap one, and a lap later McCarl regained second with a turn two slide job of Jacobs' Pullins Motorsports No. 29. Shaffer, who started seventh, was the next driver by Jacobs, taking third on lap three.

Meyers, in the Karavan Racing No. 7, was into lapped traffic on lap eight, which reduced his full straightaway lead over McCarl as the pair began to weave through the backmarkers. With ten laps down, Shaffer began pressuring McCarl for second. The runnerup spot battle, with positions changing almost every turn, raged for the next six laps. Stewart, who had the best seat in the house for the second place battle, finally got around Shaffer with a low groove move on lap 19 to take third as Meyers still was on top.

The next lap was wild with Shaffer getting back by Stewart and then passing McCarl for second, but a turn later McCarl slid back by the Pennsylvania driver for second. The first caution appeared on lap 21 for Kenny Jacobs stopping on the racetrack with a flat left rear tire. He was able to make a tire change and restart on the tail. For the restart and the final four lap dash to $15,000 the running order was Meyers, McCarl, Shaffer, Stewart, 13th starter Skip Jackson, Kerry Madsen, Don Droud, Jr, Jeff Shepard, Jonathan Allard and Ricky Logan.

Meyers was on a rail and maintained the lead as racing was fast and furious for second and third behind him. Meyers moved to the middle groove in turn one with McCarl and Shaffer three wide in turn three as Shaffer took the lead on lap 22. A circuit later McCarl put a nice slide job pass on Shaffer and took the lead for good. McCarl returned to the middle groove and won the Pella Corp. Classic by 10 car lengths over Shaffer, Stewart, Meyers and Jeff Shepard who started tenth. Droud, Madsen, Jackson, Logan and Brian Brown, who started last after transferring from the B Main, completed the top ten finishers.

The E Main fell to Scott Nietzel, the D Main was won by Jan Howard and Brooke Tatnell won the Outerwears Pre-filters C Main. The United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main was won by Randy Hannagan.

E Feature (8 laps): 1. Scott Nietzel; 2. Justin Henderson; 3. Ryan Coniam; 4. Mike Moore; 5. Wayne Modjeski; 6. Ryan Irwin; 7. Robert Bell; 8. Doug Strong; 9. Tyler Houseman; 10. Ty Bartz; 11. Darrell Dodd; 12. Chris Walraven.

D Feature (10 laps): 1. Jan Howard; 2. Manny Rockhold; 3. Scott Biertzer; 4. Travis Whitney; 5. Justin Henderson; 6. Ryan Anderson; 7. Ryan Coniam; 8. Scott Nietzel; 9. Bill Warren; 10. Todd King; 11. John Haeni; 12. Mark Hurd; 13. Matt Wasmund; 14. Mike Moore; 15. Dave Uttech; 16. Joe Bustillos; 17. Wayne Modjeski; 18. Scott Utech; 19. Greg Jones; 20. Brian Kristan; 21. Freddie Ebler; 22. Ryan Irwin

Outerwears Pre-filters C Main (12 laps): 1. Brooke Tatnell; 2. Johnny Herrera; 3. Brian Brown; 4. Travis Cram; 5. John Vanden Berg; 6. Bill Rose; 7. Joe Roe; 8. Mark Toews; 9. Jason Johnson; 10. Derek Beckman; 11. Jan Howard; 12. Travis Whitney; 13. Manny Rockhold; 14. Kurt Davis; 15. Scott Biertzer; 16. John Sernett; 17. Dave Enders; 18. John Schulz; 19. Eddie Leavitt; 20. Mike Stefka; 21. Justin Henderson; 22. Troy Little

United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main (15 laps): 1. Randy Hannagan; 2. Dennis Moore Jr; 3. Colin Northway; 4. Jason Johnson; 5. Jeff Mitrisin; 6. Brian Brown; 7. Jaymie Moyle; 8. Mike Reinke; 9. Mike Kertscher; 10. Brooke Tatnell; 11. Max Dumsney; 12. Johnny Herrera; 13. Todd Hepfner; 14. Eric Vander Ploeg; 15. Jesse Hockett; 16. Brandon Wimmer; 17. Tony Lutar; 18. Clint Garner; 19. Kim Mock; 20. Jeff Johnson

Haulmark A Main (25 laps): 1. Terry McCarl; 2. Tim Shaffer; 3. Shane Stewart; 4. Jason Meyer; 5. Jeff Shepard; 6. Don Droud, Jr; 7. Kerry Madsen; 8. Skip Jackson; 9. Ricky Logan; 10. Brian Brown; 11. Chad Kemenah; 12. Randy Hannagan; 13. Jonathan Allard; 14. Tim Keading; 15. Colin Northway; 16. Kenny Jacobs; 17. Jason Johnson; 18. Dean Jacobs; 19. Jeff Mitrisin; 20. Dennis Moore Jr; 21. Jaymie Moyle; 22. Wayne Johnson; 23. Mike Reinke; 24. Jon Agan

Lap Leaders: Jason Meyers 1-21; Tim Shaffer 22; Terry McCarl 23-25. home.

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