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Haulmark All Star Sprint Results - St. Francois Co. Speedway - Sat. 7/26/03 By Don Hubbard FARMINGTON, MO - Tim Montgomery of Fredricktown, MO stuck to his game plan and won the 40-lap O'Reilly Auto Parts National Championship Vs Haulmark All Star Circuit of Champions feature on the one-third mile high banked oval at St. Francois County Raceway Saturday night driving a JB Enterprise chassis with Ricky Stenhouse power.

Montgomery, a winner of six features this year at his home track started on the pole and trailed outside polesitter, Dean Jacobs on the start with Jerrod Hull in third. Brooke Tatnell of Sans Souci New South Wales Austrailia started in sixth and spun in turn one to bring out the first of five cautions. Brooke joined the rear of the field. On the second restart Kelly Kinser knocked down a left rear tire stopping on the backstretch. He headed to the pits for a quick tire change and rejoined the field. During the yellow Greg Wilson's team worked on the Hampshire mount on the backstretch and he was disqualified from the race per the rules.

On the restart, Jeff Shepard spun to a stop on the homestretch and he rejoined the field at the tail. They say the third time is a charm and on the restart the same three held down the three positions with Jim Moughan working into fourth. Hull put the pressure on both Jacobs and Montgomery and executed a beautiful inside pass off turn four to be the new leader on lap three, however the pass was negated when Jason Keith spun in turn four to bring out another caution.

Tim's brother, Joey Montgomery had moved from twelfth to sixth. A determined Jerrod Hull took the lead passing Jacobs as the leaders entered heavy traffic on lap four, Montgomery moved into second moving Jacobs to third. Jim Moughan passed Jacobs moving into fourth on the eight circuit. Montgomery kept Hull in sight and made the final pass good with twelve laps in the books. Mark Cronk drew the final caution on lap 22 when he suffered a right rear flat and spun in turn two.

On the final restart Montgomery had three lapped cars between he and Hull and he worked the traffic perfectly lapping up to seventh place for the $5,000 win. Hull finished in second a straightaway behind. Tommy Worley Jr. started ninth and finished in the show position. Jim Moughan was fourth and Steve Short was fifth.

In victory lane, Montgomery stated, "Forty-laps is a long race and they got to mixing it up pretty hard in the first few laps. I said lets just sit down here we won't let them get gone, we will stay close to them. We talked before the race and said it would be pretty awesome to sit on the front straightaway and accept this win."

Hull who has also dominated at St. Francois said , "Timmy was flying, we were running pretty good but we didn't have nothing for Timmy. It just feels awesome to bring those boys in from Ohio and Maryland and those places and whip up on them."

Rookie, Daniel Adler of E. Carondelet, IL led flag to flag to win the ten lap C feature over seventy-one year old Earnest Jennings of Norman, Oklahoma. Bruce Robenault, Tiffan, Ohio was third and James High of Albuquerque, NM took the final transfer spot to the B feature. Jeff Pittsburg, Pittsburg, IL took the lead from Jimmy Kite on lap seven with a high pass off turn four to win fifteen lap B feature by a half car length victory over Greg Wilson of Benton Ridge, Ohio. Jason Keith, Joey Moughan also transferred.

Heat winners were Kenemah, Joey Montgomery, Kinser Dunn. Kelly Kinser won the Haulmark Dash. Brook Tatnell set Huggins Cams quick time of 11.664.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Brooke Tatnell 11.664, 2. Jim Moughan 11.755, 3. Jerrod Hull 11.879, 4. Jeff Shepard 11.899, 5. Dean Jacobs 11.925, 6. Tim Montgomery 12.019, 7. Steve Short 12.044, 8. Jan Howard 12.176, 9. Tommy Worley Jr. 12.186, 10. Kelly Kinser 12.189, 11. Lowe Cannell 12.246, 12. Joey Montgomery 12.246, 13. Joey Moughan 12.288, 14. Daron Clayton 12.291, 15. Jimmy Kite 12.295, 16. Robbie Standridge 12.308, 17. Chad Kenemah 12.352, 18. Bill Rose 12.381, 19. Lee Dunn 12.432, 20. Bob Thoman 12.452, 21. Mark Cronk 12.510, 22. Jeff Davis 12.532, 23. Ron Standridge 12.536, 24. Terry Babb 12.546, 25. Greg Wilson 12.557, 26. Jimmy Hurley 12.561, 27. Keith Burch 12.584, 28. Jason Johnson 12.604, 29. Greg Burns 12.671, 30. Jason Hunt 12.773, 31. Todd Rowland 12.804, 32. Chad Souders 13.001, 33. Jason Keith 13.003, 34. Brian Matthews 13.057, 35. Scott Simion 13.076, 36. Ryan Coniam 13.078, 37. Tubby Black 13.087, 38. Daniel Adler 13.103, 39. Bruce Robenault 13.123, 40. James High 13.160, 41. Tim Moss 13.294, 42. Earnest Jennings 13.342, 43. Brett Samonds 13.572, 44. Keith House 13.582, 45. Joe Bustillo 13.900. 46. Barry Ruble NT, 47. Josh Reville NT, 48. Marshall Skaggs.

Crown Battery 1st heat - 1. Chad Kenemah, 2. Tommy Worley Jr. 3. Brooke Tatnell, 4. Mark Cronk, 5. Dean Jacobs, 6. Joey Moughan, 7. Greg Wilson, 8. Jason Keith, 9. Greg Burns, 10. Joe Bustillo, 11. Tim Moss, 12. Tubby Black. (Top 5 to A)

B&B 2nd heat - 1. Kelly Kinser, 2. Jim Moughan, 3. Bill Rose, 4. Tim Montgomery, 5. Daron Clayton, 6. Jason Hunt, 7. Jeff Davis, 8. Brian Matthews, 9. Jimmy Hurley, 10. Daniel Adler, 11. Earnest Jennings. (Top 5 to A)

Engler Machine & Tool 3rd heat - 1. Lee Dunn, 2. Ron Standridge, 3. Jerrod Hull, 4. Lowe Cannell, 5. Steve Short, 6. Bruce Robenault, 7. Jimmy Kite, 8. Keith Burch, 9. Brett Samonds, 10. Todd Rowland, 11. Josh Revelle, 12. Scott Simion. (Top 5 to A)

TP Wings 4th heat - 1. Joey Montgomery, 2. Jeff Shepard, 3. Terry Babb, 4. Daron clayton, 5. Jan Howard, 6. Jason Johnson, 7. Robbie Standridge, 8. James High, 9. Keith House, 10. Bob Thoman, 11. Ryan Coniam. (Top 5 to A) Haulmark Dash - 1. Kinser, 2. Kenemah, 3. Shepard, 4. Jacobs, 5. Rose, 6. Howard.

C Feature - 1. Adler, 2. Jennings, 3. Robenault, 4. High, 5. House, 6. Samonds, 7. Revelle, 8. Black, 9. Moss, 10. Bustillo. (Top 4 to B Feature)

United Aluminum Windows B Feature - 1. Davis, 2. Wilson, 3. Keith, 4. J. Moughan, 5. Kite, 6. Burch, 7. Hunt, 8. Thoman, 9. Johnson, 10. Davis, 11. Coniam, 12. Rowland, 13. Adler, 14. Souders, 15. High, 16. Burns, 17. Jennings, 18. Matthews, 19. Robenault, DNS Simion.

Haulmark A Main (40 laps): 1. Tim Montgomery; 2. Jerrod Hull; 3. Tommy Worley Jr.; 4. Jim Moughan; 5. Steve Short; 6. Dean Jacobs; 7. Daron Clayton; 8. Joey Montgomery; 9. Jan Howard; 10. Kelly Kinser; 11. Chad Kemenah; 12. Bill Rose; 13. Joey Moughan; 14. Brooke Tatnell; 15. Jeff Shepard; 16. Robbie Standridge; 17. Lee Dunn; 18. Ron Standridge; 19. Terry Babb; 20. Jason Keith; 21. Josh Revelle; 22. Jeff Davis; 23. Greg Wilson; 24. Lowe Cannell. home.

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