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McMahan Puts Vivarin in Victory Lane at Lawrenceburg By Richard Day LAWRENCEBURG, IN (May 6) – It didn’t take Paul McMahan long to show what he could do in the #11H Vivarin Maxim. McMahan, who car owner Dave Helm hired a little more than a week ago, won Tuesday’s "A" Feature at Lawrenceburg Speedway in only his second "A" Feature race with the team. "Man, this is awesome!" McMahan yelled to the largest crowd to ever watch a race at Lawrenceburg Speedway. "My guys worked their tails off to give me a great car tonight. The Vivarin car was just perfect. "I don’t even know all the sponsors on the car yet – this is just my third night in the car. Dave Helm and the Selma Shell team gave me an opportunity to drive this car, and Sonny (Kratzer) has been great to work with. I just wish he could be here to celebrate with us tonight. We’re all pretty much on even ground here, but it’s really nice to be able to come back here and win. The last time I raced here, I won the Hoosier Fall Classic, and to be able to come back and get an Outlaw win here is a pretty cool deal. I’d just like to thank the fans for coming out here tonight."

The $10,000 victory was McMahan’s second in O’Reilly World of Outlaws Series competition. The transplanted Californian won his first main event at Sedalia’s State Fair Speedway on March 23, 2001. McMahan, the sixth-fastest qualifier in the 42-car field, won the First Dash Race for the privilege of starting the 30-lap "A" Feature on the pole. He burst into the lead as the green flag fell in the main event, only to have Rob Chaney pass him deep in turn two several seconds later. Third Heat Race winner Mark Kinser raced wheel-to-wheel with McMahan through the first two corners the next time around, but was unable to pass him for second place.

McMahan, the runner-up in the 1997 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year race, took the lead early in the third lap when Chaney slid over the bank in turn two. Kinser was battling McMahan for the lead two laps later when the #5M Durst Auto Auctions/Williams Properties Maxim flipped in the fourth corner. The two-time O’Reilly World of Outlaws Series champion was uninjured, but his crew was unable to repair the severely damaged car in time for him to restart the race. Chaney and Steve Kinser, whose #11 Quaker State Maxim blew an engine during hot laps, exchanged third place during the lap after the race resumed. Chaney passed Kinser in the low groove between the first and second corners during the restart, but "The King of the Outlaws" regained the position with an inside move entering turn four. Kinser won the first O’Reilly World of Outlaws Series feature race at Lawrenceburg Speedway on May 11, 1979.

McMahan was eight car-lengths ahead of Fourth Heat Race winner Tim Shaffer when he entered lapped traffic eight laps into the race. Johnny Herrera opened the track ahead of the leaders four laps later when he slid out of the third corner and off the track. Fast qualifier Craig Dollansky steered Karavan Racing’s #7 VMAC Maxim into the high groove between turns three and four to pass Dale Blaney and Chaney for fourth place within a lap after the green flag replaced the yellow. McMahan, who raced away from the field as the race resumed, opened a 12-car-length advantage within five laps as Kinser challenged Shaffer for the runner-up spot. McMahan, Shaffer, Kinser and Blaney raced nose-to-tail through dense lapped traffic throughout the 26th lap.

"The King of the Outlaws" passed Shaffer deep in the second corner for the runner-up the next time around. McMahan was two car-lengths ahead of Kinser when he took the checkered flag. McMahan has finished in the top 10 in all five main events he has run with the O’Reilly World of Outlaws Series during its 25th Anniversary Season. Kinser’s second straight runner-up run allowed him to gain 26 points on series points leader Danny Lasoski, who finished 15th. Blaney slid off the edge of the racing surface in turn four late in the final lap, allowing Chaney to pass him for fourth place. Shaffer finished in third place, ahead of Chaney, Blaney, Dollansky, Greg Wilson, 22nd-starting Jac Haudenschild, Jason Johnson, Dean Jacobs and Daryn Pittman. Jacobs and Pittman started on the 10th row.

Dollansky set quick time for the first time this season, circling the high-banked, ¼-mile oval in 10.175 seconds, an average speed of 88.452 M.P.H. Only .74 seconds separated the 30 fastest cars in the qualifying session.

2003 O’Reilly World of Outlaws Series Lawrenceburg Speedway, Lawrenceburg, IN Tuesday, May 6, Feature Program #17

Qualifying: 1. Craig Dollansky, Karavan Racing 7, 10.175; 2. Jason Sides, Sides Motorsports 7S, 10.228; 3. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 10.307; 4. Danny Lasoski, Stewart 20, 10.320; 5. Dale Blaney, Andrews 72, 10.330; 6. Paul McMahan, Helm 11H, 10.363; 7. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 10.444; 8. Joey Saldana, Saldana 17, 10.455; 9. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 10.461; 10. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4K, 10.509; 11. Rob Chaney, SC Racing 9X, 10.527; 12. Kevin Briscoe, Briscoe 5X, 10.555; 13. Curt Trainer, Trainer 36, 10.563; 14. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15K, 10.658; 15. Jason Johnson, Harrison 22, 10.664; 16. Daryn Pittman, Sher-Don Motorsports 21, 10.694; 17. Kenny Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 10.698; 18. Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29, 10.707; 19. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5M, 10.739; 20. Johnny Herrera, Wilburn 2W, 10.743; 21. Tim Shaffer, Roth 83, 10.766; 22. Jimmy Stinson, Stinson 84, 10.820; 23. Bob Bennett, Acme Trailers 3, 10.861; 24. Tom Busch, Busch 4B, 10.867; 25. Kraig Kinser, Kinser 11K, 10.869; 26. Jac Haudenschild, Forbrook 5, 10.870; 27. Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 10.880; 28. Paul May, May 71M, 10.895; 29. Jeremy Campbell, Campbell 10C, 10.909; 30. Brandon Wimmer, Two Winners 7TW, 10.915; 31. Randy Hannagan, TH Racing 1X, 10.987; 32. Byron Reed, Reed 5R, 11.023; 33. Bill Rose, Rose 6R, 11.023; 34. Nick Naber, G&N Racing 6N, 11.079; 35. Brian Carlson, Carlson 18, 11.157; 36. Dickie Gaines, Luebert 70G, 11.199; 37. Brian Paulus, P and P Motorsports 28, 11.213; 38. Brian Brown, Parsons 6, 11.224; 39. David Waltman, Waltman 10, 11.289; 40. Dean Ryan, Ryan D21, 12.026; 41. Calvin Landis, Landis 70, 12.209; 42. Kyle Thomas, Thomas 19, 12.237.

First Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Kenny Jacobs, 2. Craig Dollansky, 3. Steve Kinser, 4. Tom Busch, 5. Joey Saldana, 6. Jeremy Campbell, 7. Kraig Kinser, 8. Daryn Pittman, 9. Brian Paulus, 10. Byron Reed, 11. Calvin Landis. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature)

Second Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Jason Johnson, 2. Jac Haudenschild, 3. Brandon Wimmer, 4. Greg Wilson, 5. Kelly Kinser, 6. Dean Jacobs, 7. Jason Sides, 8. Brian Brown, 9. Nick Naber, 10. Kyle Thomas, 11. Bob Bennett. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature)

Third Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Mark Kinser, 2. Rob Chaney, 3. Jimmy Stinson, 4. Paul McMahan, 5. Danny Smith, 6. Chad Kemenah, 7. Donny Schatz, 8. Randy Hannagan, 9. David Waltman, 10. Brian Carlson. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature)

Fourth Heat Race (10 laps): 1. Tim Shaffer, 2. Johnny Herrera, 3. Danny Lasoski, 4. Dickie Gaines, 5. Dale Blaney, 6. Curt Trainer, 7. Paul May, 8. Bill Rose, 9. Dean Ryan, 10. Kevin Briscoe. (first five qualified for the "A" Feature)

C Feature (eight laps): 1. Byron Reed, 2. Bill Rose, 3. Brian Brown ($125); 4. Nick Naber ($100); 5. Brian Paulus ($80); 6. Calvin Landis ($70); 7. Kyle Thomas ($60); 8. Dean Ryan ($50). (first two qualified for the "B" Feature)

First Dash Race (seven laps): 1. Paul McMahan, 2. Mark Kinser, 3. Tim Shaffer, 4. Jason Johnson, 5. Craig Dollansky, 6. Kelly Kinser, 7. Danny Lasoski, 8. Joey Saldana. (finish determined the inside starting positions in the first eight rows in the "A" Feature lineup)

Second Dash Race (seven laps): 1. Rob Chaney, 2. Steve Kinser, 3. Greg Wilson, 4. Kenny Jacobs, 5. Dale Blaney, 6. Danny Smith, 7. Johnny Herrera, 8. Jimmy Stinson. (finish determined the outside starting positions in the first eight rows in the "A" Feature lineup)

B Feature (12 laps): 1. Jason Sides, 2. Chad Kemenah, 3. Dean Jacobs, 4. Daryn Pittman, 5. Kraig Kinser ($200); 6. Donny Schatz ($180); 7. Jeremy Campbell ($150); 8. Curt Trainer ($120); 9. Paul May ($100); 10. Randy Hannagan ($90); 11. Bill Rose ($90); 12. Byron Reed ($80); 13. Kevin Briscoe ($60); 14. Bob Bennett ($50). (first four qualified for the "A" Feature)

A Feature (30 laps): 1. Paul McMahan [1] ($10,000); 2. Steve Kinser {4] ($5,500); 3. Tim Shaffer [5] ($3,200); 4. Rob Chaney [2] ($2,800); 5. Dale Blaney [10] ($2,500); 6. Craig Dollansky [9] ($2,300); 7. Greg Wilson [6] ($2,200); 8. Jac Haudenschild [22] ($2,100); 9. Jason Johnson [7] ($2,050); 10. Dean Jacobs [20] ($2,020); 11. Daryn Pittman [19] ($1,520); 12. Danny Smith [12] ($1,200); 13. Kenny Jacobs [8] ($1,100); 14. Jason Sides [17] ($1,070); 15. Danny Lasoski [13] ($1,000); 16. Joey Saldana [15] ($900); 17. Dickie Gaines [24] ($800); 18. Brandon Wimmer [23] ($800); 19. Tom Busch [21] ($800); 20. Chad Kemenah [18] ($820); 21. Kelly Kinser [11] ($800); 22. Johnny Herrera [14] ($800); 23. Jimmy Stinson [16] ($800); 24. Mark Kinser [3] ($800). Lap leaders: Rob Chaney 1-2, Paul McMahan 3-30 WoO home.