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DEWEASE & HAMILTON CELEBRATE AT KNOXVILLE; DESELLE PULLS OFF MIDGET THRILLER By Kathy Bell Pennsylvania car owner Al Hamilton came to Knoxville this weekend with 26 family members and his red number 77 sprint car team. He went home with a prestigious National Sprint Car Hall of Fame induction plaque and an extra $3,000 after his driver, Lance Dewease, earned his first sprint car feature win at the historic dirt track. Four-time Knoxville Raceway point champion Terry McCarl spun the number 24 machine between turns three and four on the opening lap of the A-Main. The spin sent McCarl to the tail. On the restart, Knoxville regular Kerry Madsen took the early lead. With six laps down, Aussie racer Brooke Tatnell stopped in the backstretch causing a yellow flag.

On the restart, Madsen once again led the field. By lap eight, eleventh place starter Dewease had claimed the number two spot. On the next circuit, Dewease began challenging Madsen for the lead. The two racers battled side by side for the next several laps. Following the completion of the sixteenth lap, Dewease became the front runner with a hard-charging Madsen on his tail. Meanwhile, McCarl had battled his way up to the third position. Dewease hung on for his first career Knoxville Raceway victory, with Madsen close behind. McCarl, Jeff Mitrisin and Calvin Landis, rounded out the top five, respectively.

"This win means a lot to me and this is special for this man over here," Dewease stated as he pointed to proud car owner Al Hamilton.

Posting quick time for the evening was Blake Feese in Guy Forbrook’s number 5 sprinter with a time of 15.183 seconds. Forbrook drew the number 12 pill for the inversion. Winning the four heat races were Don Droud, Jr., Larry Ball, Jr., Ricky Logan and Lynton Jeffrey. The top four drivers in the B-Main, transferred to the A. Winning the 'B' was Justin Henderson. Also transferring were Wayne Johnson, Brent Antill and Mike Reinke.

The 25-lap, $4,000 to win Pepsi/Mt. Dew Knoxville Midget Championship race was won by Chad DeSelle, who started in the thirteenth position. The early leader was defending Knoxville midget champion Mike Hess, who led the first nine circuits before relinquishing the lead to Aaron Fiscus. Fiscus remained in control until he was passed by Don Droud Jr., who started seventeenth in the field. However, Droud’s lead was short lived as a fuel line problem forced him out of contention in the frontstretch as a yellow was thrown. With four laps to go, on the restart, Ray Bull and Davey Ray tangled as Bull spun in the backstretch due to a broken front end. On the next restart, Fiscus took the lead once again with Hess and DeSelle in hot pursuit.

DeSelle decided to run the high side as most of his competitors ran low. The choice to run the high side paid off as DeSelle went on for the win by leading the final two laps for his first Knoxville midget win and his sixth career midget feature win. Fiscus and Hess finished second and third, respectively. Rounding out the top five were Aaron Fike and Damion Gardner, respectively. Friday night’s "King Doodlebug" champion Craig Carey finished sixth. Winning the two B-Main's were Brandon Waelti and Aaron Fike. The Dash winner was Mike Hess.

Knoxville Raceway - May 31st, 2003 Kin Folks 410 Shoot-Out Time Trials: 1. 5, Blake Feese, Saybrook, IL, 15.183; 2. 77, Lance Dewease, Fayetteville, PA, 15.385; 3. R19, Justin Henderson, , 15.458; 4. 66, Brooke Tatnell, Sydney, Australia, 15.471; 5. 24, Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA, 15.502; 6. 10, Jaymie Moyle, Knoxville, IA, 15.657; 7. 92, Travis Cram, Snohomish, WA, 15.666; 8. 2K, Kevin Frey, Mechanicsburg, PA, 15.688; 9. 1M, Kim Mock, Pleasant Prairie, WI, 15.69; 10. 5J, Jeff Mitrisin, Oskaloosa, IA, 15.713; 11. 70, Calvin Landis, , 15.737; 12. 24x, Josh Higday, , 15.741; 13. 6, Brian Brown, , 15.758; 14. 82, Kerry Madsen, Sydney, Aus, 15.778; 15. 57A, Eric Vander Ploeg, , 15.797; 16. 50D, Derek Beckman, Runnels, IA, 15.814; 17. 55, Don Droud Jr, Lincoln, NE, 15.825; 18. 21x, Skip Jackson, , 15.847; 19. 56, Chris Walraven, Knoxville, IA, 15.87; 20. 4, Jon Agan, Knoxville, IA, 15.877; 21. 4K, Lynton Jeffrey, Sydney, Aus, 15.913; 22. 17G, Ricky Logan, Little Rock, AR, 15.919; 23. 1S, Larry Ball Jr, Knoxville, IA, 15.943; 24. 97, Aaron Berryhill, , 15.956; 25. 1, Brent Antill, Huxley, IA, 16.032; 26. 80k, Mike Kircher, , 16.042; 27. 1A, Eddie Leavitt, , 16.056; 28. 15, Bobby Mincer, West Burlington, IA, 16.073; 29. 12X, Wayne Johnson, Mustang, OK, 16.082; 30. 7st, Tim St Arnold, Mitchellville, IA, 16.11; 31. 11j, Jeff Johnson, , 16.12; 32. 2WX, Scott Nietzel, Beaver Dam, WI, 16.18; 33. D1, Jesse Giannetto, , 16.21; 34. 69, Mike Moore, Des Moines, IA, 16.259; 35. 2, Mike Reinke, Kiel, WI, 16.3; 36. 53, Joe Beaver, , 16.343; 37. 47, Clint Garner, , 16.347; 38. 71X, Robert Bell, , 16.718; 39. 20A, Adam West, , 16.858; 40. 50, Tyler Houseman, , 18.291; 41. 35X, Greg Jones, , no time.

First Heat, 8 laps: 1. Don Droud Jr; 2. Aaron Berryhill; 3. Kim Mock; 4. Blake Feese; 5. Derek Beckman; 6. Wayne Johnson; 7. Clint Garner; 8. Brent Antill; 9. Jesse Giannetto; 10. Kevin Frey.

Second Heat, 8 laps: 1. Larry Ball Jr; 2. Skip Jackson; 3. Jeff Mitrisin; 4. Lance Dewease; 5. Travis Cram; 6. Colin Northway; 7. Eric Vander Ploeg; 8. Mike Moore; 9. Mike Kircher; 10. Robert Bell.

Third Heat, 8 laps: 1. Ricky Logan; 2. Chris Walraven; 3. Kerry Madsen; 4. Calvin Landis; 5. Jaymie Moyle; 6. Justin Henderson; 7. Mike Reinke; 8. Eddie Leavitt; 9. Adam West; 10. Jeff Johnson.

Fourth Heat, 8 laps: 1. Lynton Jeffrey; 2. Terry McCarl; 3. Brooke Tatnell; 4. Brian Brown; 5. Josh Higday; 6. Jon Agan; 7. Joe Beaver; 8. Scott Nietzel; 9. Bobby Mincer; 10. Tyler Houseman.

B Main, 12 laps: 1. Justin Henderson; 2. Wayne Johnson; 3. Brent Antill; 4. Mike Reinke; 5. Mike Kircher; 6. Joe Beaver; 7. Eric Vander Ploeg; 8. Bobby Mincer; 9. Clint Garner; 10. Scott Nietzel; 11. Eddie Leavitt; 12. Robert Bell; 13. Adam West; 14. Tyler Houseman; 15. Jon Agan; 16. Mike Moore; 17. Jesse Giannetto.

Kin Folks 410 Shoot-Out A Main, 20 laps: 1. Lance Dewease; 2. Kerry Madsen; 3. Terry McCarl; 4. Jeff Mitrisin; 5. Calvin Landis; 6. Skip Jackson; 7. Travis Cram; 8. Blake Feese; 9. Brian Brown; 10. Justin Henderson; 11. Jaymie Moyle; 12. Kim Mock; 13. Brent Antill; 14. Josh Higday; 15. Don Droud, Jr; 16. Wayne Johnson; 17. Ricky Logan; 18. Lynton Jeffrey; 19. Aaron Berryhill; 20. Chris Walraven; 21. Derek Beckman; 22. Larry Ball Jr; 23. Mike Reinke; 24. Brooke Tatnell. home.

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