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Tim Kaeding Wins His Fifth Golden State Race of 2003 - By: Bobby Gerould. 06-07-03 Placerville, CA. …The ease in which Tim Kaeding maneuvered around cars at Placerville Speedway Saturday night bordered on ridiculous. The 2002 "King of California" sprint car champion drove his ABC Ready Mix Eagle prepared by Rod Tiner, from inside row six (11th) on the grid to a convincing win in round 13 of the Golden State Challenge. "I hope you fans enjoyed that", yelled Kaeding to an overflow crowd. "It was fun from inside my car too".

The 30-lap feature on the high-banked quarter mile, dirt oval started with hometown driver, C.J. Humphries taking the lead at the drop of the green flag. Humphries shared the front row with Monterey's Wayne Williams. Brad Furr who started third, immediately muscled into the runner-up spot, while Gary Morgan moved around Williams on lap 2 with a high-side pass to steal third. On lap four, BR MotorSports Quick Qualifier, Andy Forsberg tangled with 2002 P-Ville track champion, Mike Henry. Both cars lost several positions but kept running after the turn two mix-up. By lap five, Furr was all over the rear nerf of Humphries but could not find a way around. The action was halted on lap seven when Williams brought out a red flag, getting upside down in turn four. The top four on lap 7 of 30 were Humphries, Furr, Morgan, and Dennis Moore Jr.

The ensuing restart was short lived after Sean Becker spun in turn one, bringing out the caution. Morgan brought the Placerville faithful to their collective feet on lap 8 with a top groove pass of Furr, putting his 360-powered sprinter into the runner-up spot. Series points leader, and eleven-time champ, Brent Kaeding, raced hard with son, Tim on lap nine, seizing control of fifth place. With one-third of the feature completed, Furr repassed Morgan, and the order was Humphries, Furr, Morgan, Moore, and Brent Kaeding.

On lap 13, Kevin Pylant raced by Tim Kaeding and was now sixth, with Tim dropping to seventh. Two laps later, Brent Kaeding was solidly in fourth and making his move for third on the outside of the backchute going into turn three. In front of Brent, Charlie Loudon, and Williams tangled blocking turn three. As cars checked up, Brent Kaeding had already committed to the outside. "BK" rode over a wheel and flipped several times hard in turn three. The red flag appeared again. Kaeding was unhurt and continued after hasty repairs by his crew, "The Hogs".

The second half of the race was all Tim Kaeding. In sixth position, at the lap 16 restart, Tim snatched fifth up high in turn four, from Pylant. On lap 18, Tim steered his #7T around Moore JR, to snare 4th. The next lap, Tim passed both Morgan, and Furr, leaving only Humphries to conquer. That took one lap. The move for the win came low in turn two as Kaeding cut under Humphries. Tim Kaeding's win was his 17th career Golden State Challenge victory. "C.J. (Humphries) and Brad (Furr), give them a round of applause. They drove their butts off tonight," said the winner.
Furr relegated Humphries to third on lap 22 with a high groove pass. Meanwhile, Morgan jumped the cushion in turn two and dropped out of the top five. From 16th starting position, Jason Statler raced into the top five on lap 26. Humphries, Statler, Pylant, and Moore Jr. produced an exciting battle for positions three through six in deep traffic. The race was stopped for a final time on lap 28 when Loudon and Mike Quigley executed a double flip in turn three. Blake Robertson was also involved. The race finished with Tim Kaeding winning handily over Furr, Humphries, Pylant, and Statler. The top ten was completed by Forsberg, Moore Jr., Brian Coelho, Jason York, and Doug Lippincott.


Furr was happy but not thrilled with his second place drive. "First off, I want to thank the promoters, they gave us a good track to run on tonight. I could've been better. I messed around too much, and I was too nice. I don't know that # 85 guy (Humphries), but he did a good job." Humphries who normally runs a 360 engine, but tonight had a "410" Shaver under the hood, said, "I expected Tim and Brent, or Furr to come after us. I didn't expect to do what we did tonight, it was just a lack of experience on dirt this year for us." Humphries has been concentrating his 2003-racing season in the spec sprint pavement class at Altamont.

Furr captured the B&B Oval Track Products heat race. Coelho did a tipover on the opening lap of that event. The remaining three heats were picked off by Tim Kaeding, Quigley, and Billy Wallace. Robertson who dropped out of his heat race with a broken oil line won the Last Chance Race. Chico's Bud Walberg was running in a transfer spot in the B-Main when he spun, dropping him to the tail.

The Golden State Challenge, "King of California" series is sponsored by Hoosier Tires, CL Bryant Racing Fuels, BR MotorSports, and B&B Oval Track Products. The GSC has next Saturday off but will resume action on Tuesday, June 17th with a first ever out of state race at Southern Oregon Speedway, in Medford. For more information regarding the "King of California" sprint car series, please visit




BR MotorSports Time Trials: Driver Hometown Team Time 1. Andy Forsberg Auburn Family Auto Service #98x 10.670 2. Tim Kaeding Santa Cruz Cowan #7T 10.924 3. Blake Robertson Visalia McMillen & Mitchell #10 11.011 4. Bud Walberg Chico Walberg #55 11.088 5. Brian Coelho Tulare Coelho Meat #5c 11.111 6. Stephen Allard Chico Wright #35A 11.112 7. Shain Matthews Marysville Alicia Check Cashing #67 11.112 8. Brent Kaeding Campbell BK Racing #69 11.170 9. Jason Statler Los Gatos DF Rios #00 11.206 10. Jason York Chico York Racing #25 11.225 11. Doug Lippincott Minden, NV. Lippincott #4L 11.247 12. Kevin Pylant Santa Cruz Pylant #14p 11.247 13. Dennis Moore JR. Grinnell, IA. Williams #0 11.253 14. Sean Becker Sacramento Becker #23 11.267 15. Gary Morgan Elk Grove Morgan #45 11.284 16. Mike Henry Sacramento Henry #93 11.319 17. Brad Furr Pleasanton San-mina SCI #2 11.335 18. Wayne Williams Monterey BK Racing #68 11.407 19. C.J. Humphries Placerville Humphries #65 11.439 20. Rick Fowzer Manteca Fowzer #5 11.501 21. Billy Sellers III Sacramento Sellers #15 11.542 22. Charlie Loudon Selma Loudon X 11.554 23. Mike Quigley Gardnerville, NV. Quigley #75 11.606 24. Billy Wallace Grass Valley Jacobson #30 11.656 25. Craig Stidham Fresno Stidham #3 11.661 26. Dennis Binstock Napa Binstock #82 11.705 27. Shawn Schmitz Sacramento Schmitz #88 11.918 28. Marv Magourik Citrus Heights Magourik #64L 12.243

B&B Oval Track Products Heat Race #1 - 1. Furr, 2. Sellers, 3. Moore Jr., 4. Forsberg, 5. Statler, 6. Stidham, 7. Coelho

Heat Two - 1. T. Kaeding, 2. Williams, 3. Loudon, 4. York, 5. Becker, 6. Allard, 7. Binstock

Heat Three - 1. Quigley, 2. Humphries, 3. Morgan, 4. Lippincott, 5. Matthews, 6. Schmitz.

Heat Four - 1. Wallace, 2. Henry, 3. B. Kaeding, 4. Pylant, 5. Walberg

Last Chance Race - 1. Robertson, 2. Allard; 3. Coelho, 4. Statler, 5. Becker, 6. Stidham 7. Fowzer, 8. Binstock, 9. Matthews, 10. Magourik, 11. Walberg, 12. Schmitz

Feature (30 Laps) - 1. Tim Kaeding, 2. Furr, 3. Humphries, 4. Pylant, 5. Statler, 6. Forsberg, 7. Moore Jr., 8. Coelho, 9. York, 10. Lippincott, 11. Wallace, 12. Allard, 13. B. Kaeding, 14. Stidham, 15. Robertson, 16. Morgan, 17. Quigley, 18. Loudon, 19. Sellers, 20. Williams, 21. Henry, 22. Becker. home.

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