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Haulmark All Star Sprint Results - Lawrenceburg Speedway - Mon. 5/26/03 By Scott Hall LAWRENCEBURG, IN - Hartford, Ohio's Dale Blaney led wire-to-wire Monday night at Lawrenceburg Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car 40 lap feature. The $5,000 to win event was delayed a day by rain and with the win Blaney became the 13th different winner in 17 All Star races this year. Blaney's winning machine is the Fritz Andrews-owned, George Fisher-powered Maxim No. 72B.

While others around him banged hard off the cushion and even rode over it, it was Blaney's steady style of running the middle groove of the racetrack and his prowess driving through lapped traffic that was the key to victory. Rob Chaney started the race on the pole with Blaney alongside. Dean Jacobs and Greg Wilson made up the second row with Jeff Shepard and Brandon Wimmer in row three. Blaney jumped into an immediate lead at the drop of the green and by lap seven was already lapping the tail end of the field. Nick Naber stopped off turn four to bring out a lap 16 caution, erasing Blaney's big lead.

The restart order was Blaney, Dean Jacobs in the Pullins Motorsports No. 29, Wilson in the Hampshire No. 63, Chaney's SC Racing No. 9x, Jason Johnson's Harrison Trucking No. 22, Jeff Shepard's Miller Rigging No. 2 and Kevin Briscoe's No. 5x. Following the restart with Blaney again maintaining the lead, Johnson spun off the top of turns three and four, dropping him from fifth to the tail of the field. Tom Busch also dropped out during this caution and Kenny Jacobs was now up to ninth after starting 16th in the Imperial Packaging No. 92 owned by Denny Ashworth.

After a few laps under green again, Chaney began pressuring Wilson for the third spot. Lap 22 saw Chaney finally get that spot for good, with Chad Kemenah was also on the move, now up to sixth after starting 11th. Wilson would make a costly mistake on lap 25, driving off turn four and losing two spots before regaining control. Another yellow appeared on lap 25 for a stopped Kenny Jacobs, with Blaney still on top for the restart over Dean Jacobs, Chaney, Shepard, Kemenah and Briscoe. Kelly Kinser, after starting all the way back in 18th, got past Briscoe to snare sixth with 31 laps in the scorebooks.

Two laps later D. Jacobs made the same mistake as Wilson, driving off turn four, losing two spots. But Dean still had a fast machine, and he regained those two positions by the time another caution appeared on lap 35. It was now time for a five lap dash to the finish, with Blaney leading for the restart over D. Jacobs, Shepard, Kemenah, Kinser, Chaney and Briscoe. Kemenah dove low for the restart and surprised Dean and Shepard by moving into second, but had no challenge for Blaney. Blaney rode home the victor by half a straightaway over All Star points leader Kemenah's Harble Motorsports No. 15, with Shepard finishing third. Dean Jacobs slid off turn four again on lap 36, moving him to fourth at the end, ahead of Kinser, Chaney, 12th starting Byron Reed, Craig Keel, Briscoe and Wilson.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Hud Horton, the B&B Products heat went to Shepard, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Nick Naber and the TP Wings heat fell to Kenny Jacobs. Johnson won the United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main and Wilson captured the Haulmark Dash. Brandon Wimmer was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Brandon Wimmer, 7tw Racing 7tw, 10.935; 2. Jeff Shepard, Miller 2, 11.033; 3. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 11.054; 4. Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29, 11.055; 5. Danny Smith, Smith 4, 11.098; 6. Jason Johnson, Harrison 22, 11.160; 7. Dale Blaney, Andrews 72, 11.198; 8. Rob Chaney, Courtad 9x, 11.205; 9. Craig Keel, Pottorff 9, 11.219; 10. Kevin Briscoe, Briscoe 5x, 11.238; 11. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 11.247; 12. Byron Reed, B&S 5r, 11.254; 13. Bill Rose, Rose 6r, 11.333; 14. Jimmy Stinson, Stinson 84, 11.365; 15. Dickie Gaines, Gaines 70, 11.368; 16. Kenny Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 11.369; 17. Hud Horton, Mossbarger 80, 11.473; 18. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 11.599; 19. Nick Naber, Jarrell 22n, 11.654; 20. Tom Busch, Busch 4b, 11.661; 21. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 11.771; 22. Kraig Kinser, Kinser 11k, 11.855; 23. Ryan Coniam, Coniam 6c, 11.870; 24. Wes Harbour, Harbour 1w, 11.883; 25. Travis Gregg, Gregg 81, 11.972; 26. Dean Ryan, BDR D21, 12.273; 27. Greg Dalman, Dalman 49t, 12.393; 28. Keith Baxter, Baxter 1b, 12.665.

Crown Battery Heat (10 laps top five transfer to A Main): 1- Hud Horton 2- Bill Rose 3- Brandon Wimmer 4- Travis Gregg 5- Craig Keel 6- Danny Smith 7- Barry Ruble.

B&B Oval Track Products Heat (10 laps top five transfer to A Main): 1- Jeff Shepard 2- Kelly Kinser 3- Kraig Kinser 4- Kevin Briscoe 5- Jimmy Stinson 6- Dean Ryan 7- Jason Johnson.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (10 laps top five transfer to A main): 1- Nick Naber 2- Chad Kemenah 3- Ryan Coniam 4- Dale Blaney 5- Greg Wilson 6- Dickie Gaines 7- Gregg Dalman.

TP Wings Heat (10 laps top five transfer to A Main) 1- Kenny Jacobs 2- Tom Busch 3- Byron Reed 4- Rob Chaney 5- Dean Jacobs 6- Keith Baxter 7- Wes Harbour.

Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1- Greg Wilson 2- Jeff Shepard 3- Dale Blaney 4- Dean Jacobs 5- Craig Keel 6- Rob Chaney.

United Aluminum Windows B Main (10 laps top 4 transfer to A Main): 1- Jason Johnson 2- Danny Smith 3- Dickie Gaines 4- Keith Baxter 5- Barry Ruble 6- Wes Harbour 7- Dean Ryan.

A-Main (40 laps): 1- Dale Blaney 2- Chad Kemenah 3- Jeff Shepard 4- Dean Jacobs 5- Kelly Kinser 6- Rob Chaney 7- Byron Reed 8- Craig Keel 9- Kevin Briscoe 10- Greg Wilson 11- Jason Johnson 12- Jimmy Stinson 13- Ryan Coniam 14- Kenny Jacobs 15- Danny Smith 16- Bill Rose 17- Travis Gregg 18- Hud Horton 19- Keith Baxter 20- Dickie Gaines 21- Nick Naber 22- Tom Busch 23- Brandon Wimmer 24- Kraig Kinser.

Lap Leaders: 1-40 Dale Blaney.

All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 1427 2 Dean Jacobs 1339 3 Jason Johnson 1313 4 Greg Wilson 1294 5 Craig Keel 1188 6 Ryan Coniam 1140 7 Bill Rose 1132 8 Jeff Shepard 753 9 Kelly Kinser 656 10 Dale Blaney 619 home.

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