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Jason York

Jason York scores firts career USAC / CRA win - By Ken Wagner - 08/21/04 - Perris, CA…The Valvoline USAC/CRA sprint car series returned to Perris after a six-week hiatus, and another first time winner reminded the large crowd what they had been missing. Great racing! Jason York, who normally runs the Nor Cal wing series, promised during one of his early season visits here that he would be back after their season ended. And, return he did! After a tough night at Kings Speedway with USAC/CRA last week, Jason came to the PAS and won his first ever non-wing heat race. In what could be summed up as a "dream like" night, he followed his heat win with a 30 lap wire-to-wire victory in the Main Event. Jason was in full control until a late race charge by Cory "the Kruser" Kruseman. Jason had some tough decisions on how to handle lapped traffic late in the race, and became a little too conservative, giving back some of the straightaway lead he had seized over the first 20 laps. (More)

Jason York racing topless with the SCRA. Massive slide-job on the Ripper! (Mike Arthur Photo)

Jason York is on the methanol at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, in Golden State Challenge round #2. York is a former champion at the 1/4 mile. (Photo by John Meirhofer - John's Racing Photos)