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Wayne Williams

Spring 2004: ...Wayne Williams made his non-wing debut Sunday. He smiled after he said, "You mean, I have to lift?"

...Also on the shelf is Wayne Williams after a vicious crash at the Skagit Dirt Cup. "The Weapon" suffered a blow that already kept him from Kings Speedway competition last Saturday.

...Wayne Williams looked strong in winning a heat race in Golden State action Saturday night. The Monterey, CA. driver steers a car painted identically to Brent Kaeding's #69. Williams' #68 is maintained by Kaeding's team, which includes expert advice from not only Brent, but also Billy Albini. "The Weapon", as Williams is affectionately known in camp Kaeding, is a unique man that has done well for himself in the computer business. Williams says, "I am really lucky to be friends with Brent Kaeding. I'm in a really good car."

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