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Yearbook Headlines - ...Yet another HammerDown! "work-in-progress" that we enjoy sharing with our readers. Please check back often, as each year will be updated further.

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Haulmark All Star Sprint Results - Tulsa Speedway - Sat. 8/23/03 By John Rittenoure TULSA, OK. (August 23, 2003) - Brooke Tatnell locked up the O'Reilly/NCRA Outlaw Sprint series championship the best way he knew how Saturday at Tulsa Speedway. Tatnell won the All Star/NCRA Thunder through the Plains IX season finale to give car owner Court Grandstaff and Phillips Trop Artic 66 their second straight NCRA title. Tatnell got around Jeff Shepard on lap seven for the lead then led the field through lapped traffic over the next 23 laps to win for the second time this season. However Tatnell was called for jumping from his pole position on the start and had to come from the inside second row next to Dean Jacobs, who also was put back, for the win.

"It was unfortunate that Dean and I were put back a row," said Tatnell afterwards in victory lane. "You go to races everywhere else in the world and get a car width from the white line and it is ok. With the All Stars, I don't know what their deal is. When you race with someone just part of the time it is hard to know what the rules are." That did not stop Tatnell from dominating after catching Shepard for the lead.

"It was so slow around the bottom and you can't take a chance of getting out of line," said Tatnell who ran the low groove to victory. "I just sat there waiting for Jeff to get into lapped traffic and that is all I had to do. There were no other options to pass him."

Tatnell led the opening lap before yellow for Joe Bustillos who spun. After being put back Shepard set the pace over Tatnell and Jonathan Allard. The race was then stopped on lap four after Jan Howard flipped in turn four. Shepard continued to lead on the restart but Tatnell closed in and took the lead entering turn one seven laps later. From that point on it was just a matter of getting through lapped traffic quickly.

"Once I got the lead I just slowed the pace down," Tatnell said. "Following Jeff I was probably fifteen miles an hour faster then when I was in front of him. I just slowed down and caught the moisture down the front straightaway. If you did that no one was going to pass you."

Shepard settled for second after 30 laps. Shane Stewart charged into third on lap eight but could not mount a challenge on Shepard. Jason Johnson ran fourth and Dean Jacobs picked up fifth to finish second in points. Car owner Court Grandstaff was happy to have another championship to show for a years effort.

"The second one is just as nice as the first one," smiled Grandstaff. "We knew when we started we had pretty much won it, but winning the race makes it just that much better. "The Gaerte engine has been unbelievable. I want to thank them and especially Phillips 66 Trop Artic. It takes everybody. My wife Sarah has been with me the last three weekends and we got home at 5 this morning. She was wore out. I wish she could have been here tonight."

Joe Landon president of American Bank of Oklahoma with branches in Collinsville and Skiatook presented $250 each to two random finishes in A feature and $250 to the hard charger. Cash winners were 14th Sean Walden, 24th Jan Howard and Chad Kemenah hard charger.

CROWN BATTERY HEAT 1 - Shane Stewart, Danny Jennings, Jan Howard, Foster Landon, Jeff Shepard, Jonathan Allard, Tony Bruce, Jr., Brett Thompson, Larry Carter

B&B OVAL TRACK PRODUCTS HEAT 2 - Bill Rose, Daron Clayton, Chad Kemenah, Jason Johnson, Greg Wilson, Dale Howard, Sean Walden.

ENGLER MACHINE HEAT 3 - Kenny Jacobs, Nick Smith, Brooke Tatnell, Dean Jacobs, Ryan Coniam, Scott Travis, Joe Bustillos, Bruce Robenalt

A FEATURE - 1, Brooke Tatnell. 2, Jeff Shepard. 3, Shane Stewart. 4, Jason Johnson. 5, Dean Jacobs. 6, Greg Wilson. 7, Chad Kemenah. 8, Nick Smith. 9, Jonathan Allard. 10, Kenny Jacobs. 11, Ryan Coniam. 12, Bill Rose. 13, Travis Scott. 14, Sean Walden. 15, Daron Clayton. 16, Joe Bustillos. 17, Foster Landon. 18, Brett Thompson. 19, Tony Bruce, Jr. 20, Larry Carter. 21, Dale Howard. 22, Barry Ruble. 23, Bruce Robenalt. 24, Jan Howard. 25, Danny Jennings.

Lap leaders: Brooke Tatnell 1, Jeff Shepard 2-6, Tatnell 7-30. home.

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