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Haulmark All Star Sprint-NCRA Results - Tri-State Speedway - Sun. 5/18/03 By Scott Hall HAUBSTADT, IN - Dean Jacobs made it two wins in a row Sunday night at Tri-State Speedway in the Haulmark All Star sprint car-NCRA 40 lap feature. The driver of the Ray Pullins No. 29 earned $5,000 for his efforts on the ultra fast surface, dampened by a rain shower during time trials. Jacobs defeated NCRA points leader Brooke Tatnell by 10 car lengths.

Kenny Jacobs was on the pole for the start on the quarter mile oval, with Dean Jacobs alongside. Kenny jumped the original start, so the first row was penalized by Competition Director Jack Hewitt. This put the Jacobs brothers in the second row behind Lee Dunn and Kraig Kinser. Kinser shot into the lead when the green reappeared, and Kinser built a half straight lead on Tatnell by lap six. Dean moved into third past his brother on lap seven, but he was passed by Craig Keel for that spot a few laps later.

Kinser rubbed wheels with a lapped car on lap 11, causing a flat tire for the youngster who appeared headed to his first career All Star win. Kinser fixed the flat and restarted on the tail of the field with Tatnell now on top over Keel, Dean, Jason Johnson and Kenny. Danny Smith was now seventh after starting eighth and Jerrod Hull was eighth after starting 10th.

Jeff Shepard moved into the top ten following the restart after starting 12th. Dean moved to the top of the track, grabbing from second from Keel, with Tatnell still on top. The man on the move was now Johnson, who set quick time and started sixth in the Harrison Trucking No. 22. By lap 13 Johnson had gotten past Keel for third, and a lap later got past Tatnell, who had just lost the lead to D. Jacobs. By lap 22 the running order was Jacobs, Johnson, Keel in third again after passing Tatnell, K. Jacobs fifth followed by Danny Smith and Jerrod Hull.

Johnson took the lead from Jacobs going down the backstretch, but bounced off the lapped car of Tom Busch while making the pass. Jacobs regained the lead as Johnson stopped with a flat tire and suspension damage, ending his impressive run. Dean was in first for the restart ahead of Tatnell and Keel. Two laps later K. Jacobs used the high groove to get third place, with Smith utilizing the bottom groove to move into fourth. Shepard and Keel began a battle for fifth, with Shepard up top and Keel on the bottom. Shepard finally took the spot for good on lap 25. Keel regained the spot after al long battle on lap 36 and as the white flag appeared, Daron Clayton lost a front wing after contact with K. Jacobs, setting up a green-white-checkered two-lap shootout to the finish line.

The restart order was D. Jacobs, Tatnell, K. Jacobs, Shepard, Keel and Smith. Tatnell dove to the bottom groove to try and slide under the leader when the green reappeared, but Dean had the momentum to pull away on the high side of the track, enabling him to go on for the win. Tatnell ended second, with Shepard ducking under K. Jacobs for third on the last circuit. Kenny was fourth ahead of Keel's fifth, his best finish of 2003. Smith, Hull, Greg Wilson, Chad Kemenah and Kevin Briscoe rounded out the top ten.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Kevin Briscoe, the B&B Products heat went to Jim Moughan, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Daron Clayton and the TP Wings heat fell to Jeff Shepard. Craig Keel won the United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main as Kenny Jacobs captured the Haulmark Dash and Jason Johnson was the Huggins Cams Fast Time qualifier.

The All Star Circuit of Champions will present a slate of 60 sprint car race dates in 2003 from February to October in action at 31 speedways in 17 states.The series is in its' 23rd year.

Time Trials: 1-Jason Johnson, Harrison 22, 11.627 2- Brooke Tatnell, Grandstaff 66, 11.763 3- Kraig Kinser, Kinser 11k 11.798 4- Lee Dunn, Dunn 81, 11.842 5- Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29, 11.893 6- Craig Keel, Pottorff 9, 11.906 7- Danny Smith, Smith 4, 11.999 8- Kenny Jacobs, Ashworth 92, 12.000 9- Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 12.097 10- Jerrod Hull, Hull 12h, 12.114 11- Daron Clayton, Clayton 92, 12.165 12- Jeff Shepard, Miller 2, 12.211 13-Kevin Briscoe, Briscoe 5x, 12.217 14- Jan Howard, Howard 46, 12.224 15- Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 12.232 16- Joey Montgomery, Montgomery 21c, 12.265 17-Tom Busch, Busch 4b, 12.268 18- Jim Moughan, Moughan 1m, 12.309 19- Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 12.324 20- Bill Rose, Rose 6r, 12.525 21- Mark Clark, Harpe 1h, 12.619 22- Scott Campbell, Campbell 23, 12.693 22- Dickie Gaines, Luebert 70, 12.717 24- Kyle Thomas, Thomas 19, 12.927 25- Curtis Boyer, SC Racing 72, 12.943 26- Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 12.967 27- Kevin Stepter, Cravins 1c, 13.007 28- Ryan Coniam, Coniam 6c, 13.059 29- Kenny Carmichael, Williams 92, 13.191 30- Hud Cone, Cravins 2c, 13.244 31- Joe Bustillos, Bustillos 37, 13.313 32- Spud Gustin, Gustin 4g, no time.

Crown Battery Heat #1: 10 laps top five transfer to A Main 1- Kevin Briscoe 2- Greg Wilson 3- Jason Johnson 4- Dean Jacobs 5- Mark Clark 6- Kenny Carmichael 7- Tom Busch 8- Curtis Boyer

B&B Oval Track Products Heat #2: 10 laps top five transfer to A Main 1- Jim Moughan 2- Jerrod Hull 3- Brooke Tatnell 4- Jan Howard 5- Scott Cambell 6- Craig Keel 7- Hud Cone 8- Barry Ruble

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #3: 10 laps top five transfer to A main 1- Daron Clayton 2- Chad Kemenah 3- Kraig Kinser 4- Dickie Gaines 5- Kelly Kinser 6- Kevin Steptor 7- Joe Bustillos 8- Danny Smith - Danny Smith pulls in on 2nd lap.

TP Wings Heat #4: 10 laps top five transfer to A Main 1- Jeff Shepard 2- Joey Montgomery 3- Bill Rose 4- Kenny Jacobs 5- Lee Dunn 6- Ryan Coniam 7- Kyle Thomas 8- Spud Gustin

Haulmark Dash: 4 laps 1- Kenny Jacobs 2- Greg Wilson 3- Jason Johnson 4- Dean Jacobs 5-Jeff Shepard 6- Jan Howard

United Aluminum Windows B Main: 12 laps top 4 transfer to A Main 1- Craig Keel 2- Danny Smith 3- Tom Busch 4- Curtis Boyer 5- Kyle Thomas 6- Kevin Steptor 7-Joe Bustillos 8- Spud Gustin 9- Hud Cone 10- Barry Ruble 11-Ryan Coniam

A-Main: 40 laps 1- Dean Jacobs 2- Brooke Tatnell 3- Jeff Shepard 4- Kenny Jacobs 5- Craig Keel 6- Danny Smith 7- Jerrod Hull 8-Greg Wilson 9- Chad Kemenah 10-Kevin Briscoe 11-Jan Howard 12- Kraig Kinser 13- Kelly Kinser 14- Joey Montgomery 15- Lee Dunn 16- Dickie Gaines 17- Jim Moughan 18- Bill Rose 19- Daron Clayton 20- Scott Campbell 21- Tom Busch 22- Curtis Boyer 23- Mark Clark 24- Jason Johnson Lap Leaders: 1-11 Kraig Kinser, 12-13 Brooke Tatnell, 14-40 Dean Jacobs.

All Star Sprint Points: 1 Chad Kemenah 1332 2 Dean Jacobs 1248 3 Jason Johnson 1239 4 Greg Wilson 1212 5 Craig Keel 1106 6 Ryan Coniam 1070 7 Bill Rose 1065 8 Jeff Shepard 658 9 Kelly Kinser 570 10 Dale Blaney 515 home.