Tim Kaeding Wins Again in Chico By: Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 10-04-02)…They call Tim Kaeding “boy wonder” and has he been wonderful lately. Kaeding won the eight lap dash that earned him the pole position for the 30 lap main event. Kaeding grabbed the early lead and led every lap in winning night number two of the Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals at Chico. Even with the 30 lap, flag-to-flag victory, Kaeding had tough competition from Clovis driver Jason Meyers. Adding to the mix was Campbell’s Brent Kaeding, who started in the ninth spot, and finished third.

A total of 61 sprint car competed during Friday night’s racing action. Combining that number with last night, 94 total drivers entered the 9th Annual Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals. After both nights of racing, Washington’s Jayme Barnes and Rio Linda’s Steven Tiner will be on the front row of tomorrow’s 40-lap main event, with Barnes being the high point driver with 546 points.

Peter Murphy started off the night by turning quick time. His time, 12.504, was his 10th fast time of the year at Chico. Murphy had a perfect night going when he later won heat race number one, however, that ended when he would finish fifth in the main event. It was the first time he drove the McMillen / Tom Rolfe #10 at Chico. Other heat race winners included Jason Meyers in heat two while Gary Morgan won heat three. The fourth and final heat race was won by Tim Kaeding. Those four drivers along with Chad Riolo, Roger Crockett, Dennis Moore Jr., Jimmy Trulli, Brent Kaeding and Ricky Wondergem made the trophy dash which sets up the first five rows of the main event.

Kaeding got the jump over Meyers at the start of the 30 lap main event. The race was halted on lap five when Nick Rescino Jr. spun. Another yellow slowed the race on lap six when Kevin Lovell, Andy Forsberg, Rick Williams and Joey Magaruh crashed in turn two. From there the race continued non-stop and very exciting. Alan Padjen had once again prepared the racetrack to perfection with a top and bottom grove that provided lots of passing and side by side racing. Once Kaeding caught the slower traffic he showed why right now he is the best driver in California.

Kaeding was committed to run the top but once in awhile Meyers would stick his nose under Kaeding on the bottom. The next time by, Kaeding would then try the bottom and always seemed to be searching for the fastest way around the track. Of course, the slower cars were dictating which way Kaeding and Meyers entered the turns.

Moving through the field was Brent Kaeding. Not to be outdone by his kid, Brent showed how awesome he also is at Chico. On lap 17 Brent got by Meyers for second, however, Meyers quickly drove back by Brent for the spot. Tim now had a four car lapped cushion over Meyers, who in his own right had put two lapped cars between himself and Brent. Behind these three was Chad Riolo, once again having a solid Fall Nationals outing. Murphy was dialed into fifth place most of the night.

On the move, deep in the field, was Andy Forsberg who had to restart at the rear of the field on lap six but worked his way back up to a respectable eleventh place finish.

It was once again a pleasure to watch Tim Kaeding at Chico. As he crossed the finish line he had lapped up to the eleventh place car on the speedway at the time. He had a comfortable lead at the finish line.

“Man this race was fun tonight but it will probably be more fun tomorrow night,” said Kaeding in victory lane. “Ever since I hooked up with the #7t team we have run great. I need to thank them and thank the fans for coming out. Hopefully we can keep this ABC Ready Mix car going good and end up in victory lane tomorrow night.”

Antioch’s Matt DeMartini won the twelve lap B main event. Following him were Robinson Jr., Rescino Jr. and Andy Gregg. Placerville’s C.J. Humphrey’s won the 10-lap C Main event. Transferring with him into the B main was Rio Linda’s Randy Tiner.

The thirteen car non-qualifier main event was won by Reno’s Mike Monahan. Fresno’s Davey Key was second.

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