Go Fast, Turn Left - By Bruce St. James - March 16, 2004

Welcome to a new season of racing. Lot's of changes in the racing world out West, as well as my racing plans. Try and follow along... Since the idea of saving money is completely foreign to me, I decided to buy ANOTHER engine for the 2004 season. Of course, this one is bigger, faster and more expensive than the other one. This allows me to run other divisions that have a different engine rule.

The new engine, a fire breathing, aluminum, 410 cubic inch, 800+ horsepower monster lets me step up a class and run with the big boys ... allegedly.

Also, there are now 4 non-wing Sprint Car organizations in the Southwest. Two run the 360 ci motors, two run the 410 ci motors. My plan is to race with all four before the end of the year. No chasing points this year, just going were I have the an opportunity to learn and get experience. Many of you have asked what my year schedule looks like, and the best thing I can say is it's "fluid." We will decide on a monthly basis how and where we will run based on the ever changing universe.

So, there you have it. I did show up at Manzanita last weekend for the 360 show, but a faulty fuel pump gave us problems all night. The problem has been found, fixed and we are ready to go. The new 410 goes in the car this week, and I will get my first ever taste of the BIG MOTOR on the BIG TRACK.

Thanks to Ben, Mickey, Ryan and Bob for all their hard work on the car. It looks really cool (I think). Check out the photos below, and you will see the new car, new number and new look for 2004!

Next Race 3/19-3/20 USAC/CRA Sokola Classic - Manzanita Speedway (1/2 mile), Phoenix, AZ 35th Ave/Broadway.

Ed. note: The March 20th race is part of the Racers Racing Series

Racing at 7pm both nights

Go fast, turn left

Bruce St. James #7k

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