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The All-Stars will CO-sanction several races with the World of Outlaws this season, including the Texas Motor Speedway races March 28-29th, and the Knoxville Nationals among others. This move is great for sprint car racing as it guarantees a stout field of cars at big races.

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2003 SCRA Season Preview - By Robert Mayson

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Haulmark All Star Sprint Results - East Bay Raceway Park - Fri. 2/14/03 By Andrew Barman GIBSONTON, FL - Six races, six winners for the All Stars so far in 2003 as a beautiful day for a race greeted 40 sprint car teams at East Bay Raceway Park for the 27th Annual Winter Nationals Friday with the All Star Circuit of Champions. Coming into tonight's racing event, Craig Dollansky had a one point lead over Jeff "The Jet" Shepard in Winter National points.

On the pole of the 25-lap A-Main event was the driver from Upperco, Maryland, Jeff Shepard and on the outside pole was "The Cajun Sensation" Jason Johnson. When the green flew, Johnson jumped out to the early lead. Johnson and Shepard would battle for the lead numerous times as they encountered heavy lapped traffic. On lap 15, the first yellow flag of the A-Main came out for the third place car of Shane Stewart who got over the right rear of Curt Michael in the Webb Racing 51 in turn one.

On the restart, Shepard pulled along side Johnson going down the backstretch for the lead. Going into turn three, Shepard was able to get around Johnson for the lead. Johnson wouldn't give up without a fight as he battled back on the inside of Shepard as the two got into lapped cars. The laps would run out for Johnson as Shepard went on to pick up his first feature win of the season. Shepard said of his impressive win, "I found the top two laps before the yellow came out and once I found it, I knew he (Jason Johnson) would try the bottom, on the restart so I bent the gas pedal as hard as I could and got the momentum up." His Eagle was new for Florida and it was a fresh Kriner for East Bay. The crew were the Ashworth sons, James and D.J. with help from Tony who changed all four shocks to PRO right before the feature. Sponsors included Imperial Packaging, Weld Racing Wheels, TP Wings, York Excavating and Ed's Racing Alcohol.

Second would be Johnson by a hair over Paul McMahan in third. "I hated to see that yellow come out. I had a nice rhythm going, but then Jeff got a heck of a run on me. We went with a 12 on the tires and that may have hurt us," Johnson said, standing beside the Harrison Trucking No. 22 after the race. McMahan, driver of the Miller Rigging No. 2, recalled afterward, "We've been in Florida for three weeks with this new team and we were struggling a little bit. George Gillespie helped me out with PRO shocks tonight and that's what got us this podium finish."

Fourth was Danny Lasoski, fifth was Dean Jacobs, sixth was Chad Kemenah, seventh was Craig Dollansky, eighth was Kelly Kinser, ninth was Greg Hodnett, and rounding out the top ten was Fred Rahmer.

Danny Lasoski was able to pick up the Huggins Cams Fast Time Award with a time of 11.802 which is 114.387 mph around the tight 3/8-mile of East Bay Raceway Park. Picking up the Crown Battery heat number 1 was Tom Busch out of Bedford, Indiana. B&B Products heat number 2 saw "The Brownsburg Bullet" Joey Saldana picking up the win. Engler Machine & Tool heat race number 3 saw Fast Freddie Rahmer winning the race. The TP Wings heat race number 4 had Monclova, Ohio's Byron Reed picking up the victory. In the 15 lap United Aluminum Windows Sales & Consulting B-Main Chad Kemenah was unchallenged as he went on for the victory. David Waltman won the Strawberry Dash.

New for 2003 was the Chassis Challenge where Fred Rahmer, driving a J&J Chassis, was able to pick up the win. The other driver and chassis combinations involved in this race were Craig Dollansky in a Maxim, Sport Allen in a Schnee, Lance Dewease in another J&J, Kevin Frey in a Schnee, and Greg Hodnett in a Maxim Chassis. Chassis Challenge eligible cars were from East Bay Winternationals points on Friday. Three companies participated J&J, Schnee and Maxim. The payoff was $1000, 500, 400, 300, 175 and 125. ($500 from each manufacturer and the balance from East Bay Raceway Park.).

Huggins Cams Time Trials: 1. Danny Lasoski, Stewart 20, 11.802; 2. Dean Jacobs, Pullins 29J, 11.955; 3. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 12.075; 4. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63w, 12.077; 5. Shane Stewart, Min 4M, 12.081; 6. Jason Johnson, Harrison 22, 12.093; 7. Jeff Shepard, Ashworth 92, 12.093; 8. Paul McMahan, Miller 2, 12.113; 9. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 12.121; 10. Curt Trainer, Trainer 36, 12.134; 11. Craig Dollansky, Karavan 7, 12.147; 12. Greg Hodnett, Apple 12, 12.157; 13. Lance Dewease, Hamilton 77, 12.159; 14. Mike Erdley, Lisi 11E, 12.159; 15. Curt Michael, Webb 51, 12.204; 16. Brian Ellenberger, Ellenberger 20E, 12.209; 17. Brian Brown, Parsons 6B, 12.273; 18. Joey Saldana, Stauffer 2s, 12.290; 19. Fred Rahmer, Harz 88H, 12.298; 20. Byron Reed, B&S 5R, 12.320; 21. Tom Busch, Busch 4B, 12.345; 22. Ryan Coniam, Coniam 6, 12.380; 23. Terry McCarl, McCarl 24T, 12.397; 24. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11N, 12.419; 25. Dale Blaney, Andrews 72B, 12.422; 26. Bill Rose, Rose 6R, 12.425; 27. Sport Allen, Andrews 88A, 12.511; 28. Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 12.567; 29. Tim Shaffer, Shaffer 45, 12.584; 30. Kevin Frey, Kevlor 2K, 12.599; 31. Billy Pauch, J&M 55, 12.652; 32. David Waltman, Waltman 10w, 12.660; 33. Craig Keel, Potroff 9, 12.695; 34. Jimmy Hawley, Grove 70H, 12.725; 35. Raymond Hensley, Dorn 7D, 12.741; 36. Josh Wells, Wells 6W, 12.785; 37. Travis Mize, Horsepower 29M, 12.836; 38. Hud Horton, Mossbarger 80, 12.961; 39. Jason Johnson, Johnson 44, 13.435.

Crown Battery Heat #1 (10 Laps): 1.Tom Busch, 2.Lance Dewease, 3.Shane Stewart, 4.Dale Blaney, 5.Danny Lasoski, 6.Tim Shaffer, 7.Kelly Kinser, 8.Craig Keel, 9.Travis Mize, 10.Brian Brown.

B&B Products Heat #2 (10 Laps): 1.Joey Saldana, 2.Curt Trainer, 3.Dean Jacobs, 4.Ryan Coniam, 5.Jason Johnson, 6.Kevin Frey, 7.Bill Rose, 8.Jimmy Hawley, 9.Mike Erdley.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #3 (10 Laps): 1.Fred Rahmer, 2.Terry McCarl, 3.Craig Dollansky, 4.Jeff Shepard, 5.Curt Michael, 6.Chad Kemenah, 7.Sport Allen, 8.Billy Pauch, 9.Raymond Hensley, 10.Jason Johnson (WI).

TP Wings Heat #4 (10 Laps): 1.Bryon Reed, 2.Ed Neumeister, 3.Greg Hodnett, 4.Paul McMahan, 5.Greg Wilson, 6.Brian Ellenberger, 7.Ed Lynch, Jr., 8.David Waltman, 9.Josh Wells, 10.Randy Johnson. Challenge of the Chassis (15 Laps): 1.Fred Rahmer, 2.Craig Dollansky, 3.Sport Allen, 4.Lance Dewease, 5.Kevin Frey, 6.Greg Hodnett. Goodson Farms Strawberry Dash: 1.David Waltman, 2.Raymond Hensley, 3.Jimmy Hawley, 4.Sport Allen, 5.Josh Wells, 6.Travis Mize, 7.Billy Pauch, 8.Randy Johnson, 9.Jason Johnson (WI).

United Aluminum Windows Sales & Consulting B-Main (15 Laps): 1.Chad Kemenah, 2.Kelly Kinser, 3.Tim Shaffer, 4.Brian Ellenberger, 5.Sport Allen, 6.Billy Pauch, 7.Raymond Hensley, 8.Kevin Frey, 9.Jimmy Hawley, 10.Travis Mize, 11.David Waltman, 12.Josh Wells, 13.Craig Keel, 14.Bill Rose, 15.Ed Lynch, Jr., 16.Jason Johnson, 17.Mike Erdley, 18.Randy Johnson, 19. Brian Brown (DNS), 20.James "Hud" Horton (DNS).

Haulmark A-Main (25 Laps): 1.Jeff Shepard, 2.Jason Johnson, 3.Paul McMahan, 4.Danny Lasoski, 5.Dean Jacobs, 6.Chad Kemenah, 7.Craig Dollansky, 8.Kelly Kinser, 9.Greg Hodnett, 10.Fred Rahmer, 11.Greg Wilson, 12.Lance Dewease, 13.Byron Reed, 14.Joey Saldana, 15.Tim Shaffer, 16.Dale Blaney, 17.Curt Trainer, 18.Terry McCarl, 19.Brian Ellenberger, 20.Ryan Coniam, 21.Curt Michael, 22.Tom Busch, 23.Shane Stewart, 24.Ed Neumeister.

Lap Leaders: Jason Johnson 1-15; Jeff Shepard 16-25

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