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Boston Reid

...Copper rookie Boston Reid impressed HammerDown! with a steady drive in the Silver Crown feature. In his first ever run at PIR, or on a paved mile track, he ran in the top 15 all 100 miles. Reid finished 11th. ...It was a trip to see Scott Benic, and 'Front Row Bob' Hubbard all clean, in mechanics uniforms, at a paved race track. Benic and 'Hub' were wrenching for the RE Technologies team of Reid and Carl Edwards.

...Indiana charger Boston Reid has landed a ride in the USAC Silver Crown Series for 2004. He will run the R.E. Technologies #35 wrenched by Chris Santucci. Reid was the 2002 USAC Sprint Car Rookie of the Year.

Boston Reid tests the USAC Silver Crown, R.E. Technologies #35. (Blake Johnson photo)

...Boston Reid returned from the sidelines to score the Ultimate Challenge win.

...Boston Reid flipped during the first heat Wednesday night at Kokomo and was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital for treatment of a concussion. Hopefully, Reid will be back soon.