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Chuck Gurney JR.

Dennis Mattish captured Chuck Gurney Jr. in the Brian Sperry #51.

Chuck Gurney Jr. finished third in both the Civil War, and Placerville Speedway standings in 2003. (John's Racing Photos)

...Chuck Gurney Jr. finished his rookie season at Placerville Speedway with a 3rd place finish in the points. The only teams in front of him were the veteran crews of champion, David Robinson Jr., and the 2002 title holder, Mike Henry. The junior "Rim Rider" is also third in the Civil War points heading into their Wednesday Gold Cup run at Chico. Suffice it to say that Gurney Jr. will be Rookie of the Year at P-Ville, and also possibly with the Civil War.

Summer 2003 ...Chuck Gurney Jr. of Livermore is enjoying a fine rookie year in a 360 sprinter. He sits in fourth in the Placerville Speedway points standings. Gurney is the top contender for the Rookie of the Year at P-Ville, just 29-points out of the lead. David Robinson Jr., Mike Henry and Marc Mackay are front of Gurney.

Spring 2002 ...It's only a matter of time. We've watched this kid grow-up so it may be easy to think we are hyping Chuck Gurney Jr. because he is a friend. Not so. His resume speaks for itself, and anyone who has spent time around him knows how sharp he is. "Lil Rim" continues to gain sprint car car experience, driving a 360 at Placerville during the second half of the year, as well as mixing in a Golden State Challenge 410 ride at Bakersfield for the Coelho Family. Gurney will run a Rebel Cup 360 event this weekend for car-owner, Gary Morgan. "Little Rim" was dominating in his toddler days. At the age of 8, he won his first National quarter-midget title. He won three Consecutive National Championships, competing from California to Indiana. Estimates are that the kid won over 100 quarter-midget main events. In 1996, he became the youngest driver to win the Rookie of the Year, as well as the Delta Speedway Racing Association 250cc Micro Midget Championship. He was able to keep his title the following year with 9 main event wins and 16 top 5 finishes. He won his first BCRA Midget race in his 11th start. Now, Gurney Jr. is working with former World of Outlaws Mechanic of the Year, Brian Sperry. Sperry is so confident in the kid's ability, he will field a car for him at the Calistoga World of Outlaws race. Chuck Gurney Sr. is ranked third on the all-time Calistoga winners list, with 17 feature victories. You can read more about this young hero at Chuck Gurney Jr. Racing.

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