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WALKER TAKES HOME HIS SECOND VICTORY IN KANSAS By: Camisha Klumb JETMORE, KS. June 8, 2002. The World of Outlaws Gumout Series invaded Jetmore Motorplex Saturday night. The Gumout Series literally blew into town and took the cash. With wind gusting up to 40 mph current points leader Tyler Walker ran down early race leader Jason Sides and would post his second Gumout Series victory of the season. An overflow crowd was then treated to the now patented end over end flips done by Walker in victory lane after each win."I was patient and it feels good to win, stated Walker."

The high winds played in big part in the outcome of the race with drivers having a hard time driving into turn three. Jason Sides while running second ran into problems when he spun off the high side of turn three. Sides would come back to finish in ninth spot. Brooke Tatnell, the Australian veteran, battled with Wayne Johnson for the second spot. Tatnell was strong and was able to hold off Johnson for that spot.

"It was a good race, and we are happy to have a strong finish, stated Tatnell." Wayne Johnson coming off his first victory this season with the Gumout Series last weekend in Benton, Missouri finished behind Tatnell in the third spot. Johnson is currently leading the Brodix Heads/All Pro Heads Rookie of the Year battle. Kurt Winker continued his good luck by finishing fourth. Coming off his sixth finish last weekend in Benton, Missouri, he stated, "I am happy with our last two runs. It feels good to finish well, and with our recent bad luck it feels good to be in one piece."

Kansas local, Dennis Park finished fifth followed by sixteen year old Brandon Wimmer, Craig Keel, Nick Haygood, Jason Sides, and Dan Oswalt. Jeremy Campbell after graduating high school on Wednesday broke a torsion arm, which sent him to the pit area he finished eighteenth. A frustrated Shane Stewart ran into problems for the second week, as he spun running second. He then fought tire problems, and finished nineteenth.

Gumout supporter Brian Carlson finished in the twelfth spot, and Bob Bennett after tire problems finished sixteenth. The World of Outlaws Gumout Series will be running at Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas on Tuesday June 11, 2002. Huggins Cams

Qualifications 1 Tyler Walker C&W Motorsports 35 12.894 2 Brooke Tatnell Grinstaff 66 13.479 3 Shane Stewart Holbrook 8H 13.871 4 Jason Sides Hunting Catalog 7S 13.921 5 Dennis Park Park 10 14.146 6 Nick Haygood Haygood 1 14.177 7 Wayne Johnson Threatt 29 14.221 8 Craig Keel Potorff 9K 14.35 9 Kirby Hagans Hagans 4 14.435 10 Jeremy Campbell Campbell 10C 14.44 11 Brian Castine Castine 8C 14.607 12 C.J. Johnson Johnson 45X 14.634 13 Brandon Wimmer Wimmer 7TW 14.756 14 Tony Bruce Jr. Bruce 18X 14.764 15 Kurt Winker Winker 10W 14.823 16 Dan Oswalt Oswalt D1 15.103 17 Jan Howard Benton 11J 15.174 18 Brian Carlson SC Racing 18 15.202 19 Kyle Martin Martin 35K 15.809 20 Jason Martin Martin 36 16.972 21 Bob Bennett NT Manufacturers

Heat 1 1 Jeremy Campbell 2 Jason Sides 3 Tyler Walker 4 Wayne Johnson 5 Kyler Martin 6 Brandon Wimmer 7 Dan Oswalt Manufacturers

Heat 2 1 Craig Keel 2 Brooke Tatnell 3 Dennis Park 4 Brian Castine 5 Jan Howard 6 Jason Martin 7 Tony Bruce Jr. Manufacturers

Heat 3 1 Shane Stewart 2 C.J. Johnson 3 Nick Haygood 4 Kurt Winker 5 Bob Bennett 6 Kirby Hagans 7 Brian Carlson

Gaerte Engines Dash 1 1 Shane Stewart 2 Tyler Walker 3 Jeremy Campbell 4 Dennis Park 5 Craig Keel 6 Nick Haygood B&B Oval Track Products Dash 2 1 Jason Sides 2 Brooke Tatnell 3 Kurt Winker 4 Wayne Johnson 5 Brian Castine 6 C.J. Johnson

A Main Feature 1 Tyler Walker ($5,000) 2 Brooke Tatnell ($3,000) 3 Wayne Johnson ($2,000) 4 Kurt Winker ($1,800) 5 Dennis Park ($1,600) 6 Brandon Wimmer($1,400) 7 Craig Keel ($1,300) 8 Nick Haygood ($1,200) 9 Jason Sides ($1,100) 10 Dan Oswalt ($1,050) 11 Brian Castine ($1,000) 12 Brian Carlson ($800) 13 Jan Howard ($700) 14 Kirby Hagans ($600) 15 Tony Bruce Jr. ($600) 16 Bob Bennett ($500) 17 Jason Martin ($500) 18 Jeremy Campbell($500) 19 Shane Stewart ($500) 20 Kyle Martin ($500) 21 C.J. Johnson ($500) KSE Hard Charger Brandon Wimmer Ronald Laney Huggings Cams Fast Time Tyler Walker

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