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McMahan Picks Up GLOSS Win at Hartford By TJ Buffenbarger, 08/24/02, Hartford, MI. ...Paul McMahan took advantage of the close proximity of Hartford Speedway Park in Hartford, Michigan from his home in Bristol, Indiana to win Saturday night's GLOSS feature event. McMahan inherited the lead Kraig Kinser crashed while leading by a comfortable margin. The win also gave car owner Warren Johnson a win in his home state for the United Specialties Gaerte powered Eagle chassis. “I saw (Kraig) after he had gotten into the fence, I’m not sure how that happened,” said McMahan. “The kid (Kraig) was fast as heck, I don’t think I would have caught him. The only shot I might have had was in lapped traffic, but I wasn’t have the best time through lapped traffic either. Kraig has a lot of time ahead of him, and he’s going to win a lot of races”.

Kinser and McMahan were on the front row for the 30-lap feature event. Kinser led into turn one and swapped lines with McMahan going into turn one. McMahan caught a bite on the bottom of turn two and pulled the front wheels off the ground. This allowed Kinser to open up a sizeable advantage.

Dustin Daggett was running third when he got sideways in turn two. Daggett gathered up the car, but allowed Tim Norman to close in. Norman and Daggett battled side by side for several laps until Daggett pulled back into the second position. Brandon Wimmer was running strong in fourth position when he also got sideways in turn two. This allowed Tom Busch and Raymond Shank to close in with Busch moving into fourth. Kinser was working through lapped traffic with a full straightaway lead over McMahan. Then on lap three Kinser drove too high and pounded the wall, did a pair of helicopter style flips, and came to rest on his wheels to bring out the red flag. Kinser was uninjured. McMahan got the jump on the restart as Daggett and Norman waged a torrid battle for the second spot. Norman and Daggett swapped the position back and forth for several laps until Norman took hold of the position on lap nine and set sail after McMahan. Busch and Dagett to then battled for the third position.

On lap 13 Brett Mann’s car started coming in as Mann moved into the fifth position. Busch, Mann, and Wimmer battled for the fourth position n lap 16 with Doug Deuel providing the pick Mann needed to take the position. Wimmer and Busch continued to battle for fifth with a wild side by side battle. Wimmer and Busch almost made contact on the frontstretch each lap as they zigzagged wildly side by side all around the track. Norman was able to keep McMahan within sight until on lap 24. McMahan came across a large pack of traffic running side by side. McMahan managed to split the lapped cars of Chris Urich and Ben Rutan in a breathtaking move to open up his advantage to well over a straightaway. This was the move that made the difference as McMahan cruised to the victory over Norman, Mann, Daggett, and Busch.

“You just have to get in and go. I had plenty of room going in, but you never know how it is going to be coming out of the corner,” said McMahan of his move in traffic. “If you hesitate in this sport, you get passed. When you have a hole you just have to shoot through it.” Kinser, Busch, and Wimmer won the heat race events while Kinser won the Dash. The Great Lakes Outlaw Sprint Car Series heads to Indiana during Labor Day weekend with a show on Friday night at the Gas City I-69 Speedway on Friday night and the Kokomo Speedway on Saturday. For more information visit GLOSS on the web at

Great Lakes Outlaw Sprint Car Series Hartford Speedway Park Hartford, Michigan Saturday August 28, 2002

Heat Race #1 (8 Laps): 1. Kraig Kinser, 2. Paul Mcahan, 3. Paul May, 4. Ben Rutan, 5. Gregg Daney, 6. Steve Krieg, 7. Damon Bassett Heat

Race #2 (8 Laps): 1. Tom Busch, 2. Dustin Daggett, 3. Eddie Smith, 4. Chris Urich, 5. Doug Deuel, 6. Robert Huisken

Heat Race #3 (8 Laps): 1. Brandon Wimmer, 2.Brett Mann, 3 Tim Norman, 4. Raymond Shank, 5. Todd Wohlford, 6. Bill Waite, Jr. Dns - Curt Trainer

Dash (6 Laps): 1. Kraig Kinser, 2. Paul McMahan, 3. Brandon Wimmer, 5. Dustin Daggett, 6. Tom Busch, 7. Brett Mann, 8. Paul May, 9. Raymond Shank, 10. Eddie Smith

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. Paul McMahan, 2. Tim Norman, 3. Brett Mann, 4. Dustin Daggett, 5. Tom Busch, 6. Brandon Wimmer, 7. Steve Krieg 8. Raymond Shank, 9. Todd Wohlford, 10. Ben Rutan, 11. Eddie Smith, 12. Chris Urish, 13. Curt Trainer, 14. Bill Waite, Jr., 15. Damon Bassett, 16. Doug Deuel, 17. Paul May, 18. Kraig Kinser, 19. Gregg Daney. DNS - Robert Huisken

Lap Leaders: Kinser 1-5, McMahan 6-30

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