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For Immediate Release All Star Sprint-NCRA Results - State Fair Speedway 8/18/02

Wright ends drought at Oklahoma City By John Rittenoure OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. (August 18, 2002) - Texan Gary Wright would probably like to forget much of the 2002 season. The nine-time defending O'Reilly/NCRA outlaw sprint champion has not won a main event since May 11, when he picked up a win at Tulsa Speedway, and has found himself locked in a points battle for second place. Sunday Wright brought his drought to an end with a victory in the All Stars vs. NCRA Thunder Through the Plains sprint car feature at State Fair Speedway. Wright battled with Jeff Shepard for second in the early going then passed Shepard for the lead seven laps from the finish to win the final of the six-race series.

Wright challenged and passed Shepard for second on lap eight after a restart with a move in turn four. However on lap 16 lapped traffic forced Wright high in turn one and Shepard dived low to regain the runner-up position. Shepard chased after Kenny Jacob until lap 22 when Jacob suffered mechanical problems and slowed allowing Shepard to take over, but a lap later Wright charged past. On lap 27 Shepard brought out the final yellow with a flat left rear tire.

On the restart Wright continued to set the pace the final three laps to win over Travis Whitney. Jacobs held onto third, NCRA point leader Brooke Tatnell picked up fourth and Paul McMahan finished fifth. When the 30-lap main got underway Jacobs shot into the lead with Travis Whitney, Paul McMahan and Shepard in hot pursuit. Jacobs quickly opened up a straight advantage over Whitney while sixth starting Shepard started moving toward the front.

Shepard drove past McMahan in turn four of lap three for third then passed Whitney for second two laps later. On lap six the yellow waved for Danny Jennings who slowed on the backstretch. Jacobs continued his pace on the restart till lap eight when Jerrod Wilson flipped in turn two to bring out the red. Jacobs continued to lead until he slowed on the front stretch with mechanical problems.

The Crown Battery heat went to Bill Rose, the B&B Oval Track Products heat to Jan Howard, the Engler Tool and Machine heat fell to Danny Jennings and the TP Wings heat was won by Bruce Jennings. Kelly Kinser shot around Greg Wilson in turn four of lap four and pulled away to win the United Window Sales and Consulting B main. Wilson finished second with Rodney Duncan third and Jerrod Wilson picking up fourth.

Brandon Kelley brought out a lap two red when he flipped in turn three. Kelley cllimbed out unhurt. Jeff Shepard won the Hallmark Dash after Travis Rilat took a wild ride on the opening lap. Rilat drifted high in turn three on the opening lap and slammed into the guardrail. Rilat's car went into a series of violent side-to-side flips as the car spun around like a top. Rilat exited the car unhurt. On the restart Shepard led Chad Kemenah and Kenny Jacobs to the checkered.

TIME TRIALS - 1, Kelly Kinser, 16.657. Jeff Shepard, 16.658. 3, Chad Kemenah, 16.659. 4, Paul McMahan, 16.702. 5, Mike Wagner, 16.804. 6, Travis Whitney, 16.830. 7, Kenny Jacobs, 16.840. 8, Travis Rilat, 16.900. 9, Brooke Tatnell, 16.933. 10, Gary Wright, 16.963. 11, Jason Johnson, 17.001. 12, Danny Smith, 17.056. 13, Dean Jacobs, 17.087. 14, Greg Wilson, 17.150. 15, Jerrod Wilson, 17.157. 16, Rodney Duncan, 17.300. 17, Zach Chappell, 17.315. 18, Jan Howard, 17.453. 19, Danny Jennings, 17.559. 20, Barry Ruble, 17.640. 21, Bill Rose, 17.739. 22, Michael Dupuy, 17.858. 23, Andy Shouse, 17.915. 24, Bruce Jennings, 18.042. 25, Brandon Kelley, 18.294. 26, Earnest Jennings, 18.724. 27, Cale Levescy, 20.486. 28, Travis Mize, No Time. 29, Bruce Robenalt, No Time. 30, Travis Scott, No Time.

CROWN BATTERY HEAT 1 - Bill Rose, Brooke Tatnell, Zach Chappell, Dean Jacobs, Mike Wagner, Kelly Kinser, Brandon Kelley.

B&B OVAL TRACK PRODUCTS HEAT 2 - Jan Howard, Gary Wright, Travis Whitney, Jeff Shepard, Michael Dupuy, Greg Wilson, Earnest Jennings.

ENGLER TOOL HEAT HEAT 3 - Danny Jennings, Jason Johnson, Kenny Jacobs, Chad Kemenah, Andy Shouse, Jerrod Wilson, Cale Levescy.

TP WINGS HEAT HEAT 4 - Bruce Jennings, Barry Ruble, Danny Smith, Paul McMahan, Travis Rilat, Rodney Duncan.

HAULMARK DASH - 1, Jeff Shepard. 2, Chad Kemenah. 3, Kenny Jacobs. 4, Mike Wagner. 5, Travis Rilat.

UNITED ALUMINUM WINDOW SALES & CONSULTING B FEATURE - 1. Kelly Kinser. 2, Greg Wilson. 3, Rodney Duncan. 4, Jerrod Wilson. 5, Earnest Jennings. 6, Cale Levescy. 7, Brandon Kelley.

A FEATURE - 1. Gary Wright. 2, Travis Whitney. 3, Kenny Jacobs. 4, Brooke Tatnell. 5, Paul McMahan. 6, Travis Rilat. 7, Jason Johnson. 8, Mike Wagner. 9, Kelly Kinser. 10, Dean Jacobs. 11, Chad Kemenah. 12, Danny Smith. 13, Michael Dupuy. 14, Bill Rose. 15, Jan Howard. 16, Barry Ruble. 17, Andy Shouse. 18, Jeff Shepard. 19, Zach Chappell. 20, Greg Wilson. 21, Jerrod Wilson. 22, Bruce Jennings. 23, Danny Jennings. 24, Rodney Duncan.

All Star Sprint points: 1 15K Chad Kemenah 2740 2 6 Kenny Jacobs 2676 3 51 Danny Smith 2524 4 92 Jeff Shepard 2519 5 34 Dean Jacobs 2450 6 63 Greg Wilson 2436 7 4k Kelly Kinser 2330 8 55 Mike Wagner 2233 9 6b Bill Rose 2139 10 22 Rodney Duncan 2093

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