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Yearbook Headlines - (This is another HammerDown! "work-in-progress" that we enjoy sharing with our readers. Please check back often, as each year will be updated further in the coming days)


All Star Sprint Results - 81 Speedway - Fri. 8/16/02 Johnson holds on for 81 Speedway win By John Rittenoure WICHITA, KS - Tire wear took its toll Friday night at 81 Speedway. The yellow flag waved eight times during the 30-lap feature, much of the time for tire wear, but Jason Johnson survived to win the All Stars vs. O'Reilly NCRA Thunder Through the Plains Sprint car feature. Johnson dueled with Kenny Jacobs for five laps before finally taking the lead for good on lap 18.

Travis Whitney passed Jacobs for second on lap 23 but tire wear caught up to him on lap 29 and the final yellow flag waved. Jacobs moved back into second on the restart to finish ahead of Paul McMahan in third. Brooke Tatnell raced past McMahan for fourth on lap 19 till he suffered a worn out tire. NCRA defending champion Gary Wright was there to pick up fourth and Kelly Kinser was fifth. The race began with Jerrod Hull jumping off the pole and into the lead followed by Jacobs.

For the second straight night Hull was setting the pace and for the second night bad luck did him in. Six yellow flags flew in the first eight laps resulting in officials throwing the red to allow the sprinters to take on fuel. As the race restarted on lap eight Hull resumed his lead but his top wing came loose and flipped over the back of his sprinter. Hull came to a stop in turn two and the yellow came out. Hull was pushed to the pits for a new wing. Jacobs found himself in the lead on the restart followed by Johnson. Johnson remained close and pulled alongside to challenge Jacobs on laps 13 and 17. Finally on lap 18 Johnson roared past for the lead. .

Whitney drove off the pole and raced to victory over Jim Dayton in the United Window Sales and Consulting B main.

Bruce Robenalt and Dan Oswalt swapped third position but Robenalt picked up the show position for good with three laps remaining. Mike Woodruff finished fourth to grab the final A feature transfer position. The Crown Battery heat fell to Rodney Duncan, the B&B Products heat went to Brooke Tatnell and the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Jan Howard and Johnson captured the Haulmark Dash.

TIME TRIALS - 1, Chad Kemenah, 13.790. 2, Kelly Kinser, 13.837. 3, Jason Johnson, 13.926. 4, Greg Wilson, 13.968. 5, Kenny Jacobs, 14.018. 6, Jerrod Hull, 14.044. 7, Jeff Shepard, 14.066. 8, Travis Whitney, 14.089. 9, Rodney Duncan, 14.093. 10, Dean Jacobs, 14.100. 11, Brooke Tatnell, 14.167. 12, Gary Wright, 14.242. 13, Mike Wagner, 14.253. 14, Travis Rilat, 14.280. 15, Paul McMahan, 14.311. 16, Danny Smith, 14.427. 17, Jerrod Wilson, 14.435. 18, Travis Mize, 14.459. 19, Barry Ruble, 14.501. 20, Zach Chappell, 14.540. 21, Bruce Robenalt, 14.624. 22, Jim Dayton, 14.882. 23, Dan Oswalt, 14.911. 24, Jan Howard, 14.918. 25, Bill Rose, 14.942. 26, Travis Scott, 14.958. 27, Earnest Jennings, 15.260. 28, Michael Woodruff, 15.310. 29, Joe Bustillos, 15.329.

Crown Battery HEAT 1 - Rodney Duncan, Chad Kemenah, Kenny Jacobs, Bill Rose, Mike Wagner, Bruce Robenalt.

B&B Products Heat 2 - Brooke Tatnell, Jason Johnson, Jeff Shepard, Paul McMahan, Barry Ruble, Dan Oswalt, Earnest Jennings.

Engler Machine & Tool HEAT 3 - Jan Howard, Gary Wright, Zach Chappell, Greg Wilson, Danny Smith, Travis Whitney, Michael Woodruff.

HAULMARK DASH - 1, Jason Johnson. 2, Chad Kemenah. 3, Kelly Kinser. 4, Jeff Shepard. 5, Kenny Jacobs. 6, Greg Wilson.

B FEATURE: 1. Travis Whitney. 2, Jim Dayton. 3, Bruce Robenalt. 4, Michael Woodruff. 5, Dan Oswalt. 6, Travis Scott. 7, Joe Bustillos. 8, Earnest Jennings.

A FEATURE : 1. Jason Johnson. 2, Kenny Jacobs. 3, Paul McMahan. 4, Gary Wright. 5, Kelly Kinser. 6, Travis Rilat. 7, Jeff Shepard. 8, Greg Wilson. 9, Mike Wagner. 10, Rodney Duncan. 11, Chad Kemenah. 12, Danny Smith. 13, Dean Jacobs. 14, Bill Rose. 15, Travis Whitney. 16, Travis Mize. 17, Zach Chappell. 18, Brooke Tatnell. 19, Bruce Robenalt. 20, Barry Ruble. 21, Jerrod Hull. 22, Jim Dayton. 23, Mike Woodruff. 24, Jan Howard.

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