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All Star Sprint Ohio Speedweek Results - Portsmouth Raceway Park - Sat. 7/06/02 By Scott Hall

PORTSMOUTH, OH - Danny Smith made it seven winners in seven races Saturday night at Portsmouth Raceway Park in the Arizona Sport Shirts All Star sprint Ohio Sprint Speedweek 40-lap feature. The non-stop finale of the week-long series paid Smith $10,000 to win and after the race Chad Kemenah was crowned the 2002 Ohio Speedweek champion, worth $5,000. Kemenah beat out Byron Reed by a mere seven points in the final standings.

The event was run non-stop in a time of 11 minutes flat in front of a huge crowd. "We've had less than a stellar week. We haven't hit the top five all week. I never, ever in my racing career have won a Speedweek show. We've tried for the past 10 years," said Smith. "The key tonight was qualifying in the right spot. A couple guys missed it (the top six) and put us on the pole and it turned into an old man's track and we stayed on the bottom. We didn't make any mistakes," Smith revealed. "I have to thank Guy Webb for putting me in this car, my chief mechanic Willie Ator, his helper Brian, Eagle Chassis, Foxco, Hoosier tires - everything's going good. We've got to thank Arizona Sport Shirts, too for the extra support they gave us this week."

Smith was on the pole for the start with Byron Reed alongside. Kelly Kinser and John Ivy were in row two with Jeff Shepard and Kemenah in row three. Reed ducked in second behind Smith as everyone ran the inside groove on the black and slick racing surface as the race got underway. Kinser was third with Kemenah fourth and John Ivy fifth. By the ninth lap the leader was in lapped traffic, allowing Reed and Kinser to move right back onto the leader's back bumper. Smith had trouble lapping Nick Naber, and Reed and Kinser watched for Smith to make a bobble, but he never did. Once past Naber, Smith pushed back out to a two car length advantage over Reed and Kinser.

At the half way point, the running order around the bottom was Smith, Reed, Kinser, Kemenah, Jimmy Stinson up from ninth, Joe Gaerte, Ivy, Kenny Jacobs and Jeff Shepard. The next lap Reed slid up slightly, allowing Kinser to duck under and into second. By lap 27 Smith moved back into lapped traffic as the lapped car of Mike Wagner loomed ahead. Wagner was running the same groove as the leaders, and Smith moved up to him, but dared not move out wide a car length to pass him. Instead, Smith was content to follow Wagner, and he slowed a bit to let Wagner pull away. The top three ran nose to tail, bumper to bumper, for the rest of the way.

The final order was Smith, Kinser in the Kinser Racing Eagle-Gaerte, Kemenah's Eagle-Kistler, Reed in the Reebar Die Casting Maxim-Kistler, Joe Gaerte's Mopar powered Eagle (up from 13th starting spot), Jimmy Stinson in the Stinson Concrete Maxim-Dargie, Kenny Jacobs in a Maxim-Kriner (after starting 11th), John Ivy, Jeff Shepard and Dean Jacobs who started 17th.

"The way the track was tonight the leader had to make a huge mistake for me to get by him," Kinser said after finishing second. "Danny's been around this game a long time and I wasn't expecting him to make a mistake. I was hoping he would, but he did a good job. We had a little tough luck Thursday night but to come back and to run second, we'll take it." "I've been coming to this Speedweek deal my whole life and to be the champion - It's good," Kemenah said after finishing third and receiving the Speedweek champion's check. "And special thanks to Arizona Sport Shirts for putting up the money for us to take home."

The Crown Battery heat fell to Dean Jacobs, the B&B Products heat went to Rodney Duncan, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Mark Keegan and the TP Wings heat fell to Joe Gaerte. Kenny Jacobs won the United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main and Chad Kemenah set quick time and captured the Haulmark Dash.

Time Trials: 1. Chad Kemenah, Harble 15k, 13.042; 2. Jeff Shepard, Ashworth 92, 13.288; 3. John Ivy, Carousel 20, 13.472; 4. Barry Ruble, Ruble 63r, 13.632; 5. Keith Baxter, Baxter 1B, 13.675; 6. Rob Chaney, Pullins 29, 13.704; 7. Jimmy Stinson, Stinson 84, 13.865; 8. Kelly Kinser, Kinser 4k, 13.878; 9. Jonathan Stevens, Brown 99, 13.888; 10. Byron Reed, B&S 5, 13.920; 11. Danny Smith, Webb 51, 13.965; 12. Kenny Jacobs, Jacobs 6, 14.000; 13. James Fisher, Fisher 48, 14.105; 14. Shawn Chaney, Chaney 27c, 14.155; 15. Bill Rose, Rose 6B, 14.204; 16. Joe Gaerte, Gaerte 3G, 14.218; 17. Lee Jacobs, Jacobs 2, 14.238; 18. Rodney Duncan, Harrison 22, 14.265; 19. Nick Naber, Jarrell 22, 14.291; 20. Paul McMahan, Johnson U2, 14.425; 21. Dean Jacobs, Baker 34, 14.443; 22. Butch Schroeder, Courtad 9x, 14.445; 23. Mark Keegan, Steinbrick 92, 14.460; 24. Eddie Slone, Slone 4x, 14.563; 25. Mike Wagner, Wagner 55, 14.623; 26. Hud Horton, Mossbarger 80, 14.674; 27. Craig McGuire, McGuire 4mc, 14.747; 28. Dale Blaney, Andrews 72b, 14.764; 29. Phil Gressman, Miller 2, 14.771; 30. Greg Wilson, Hampshire 63, 14.827; 31. Spud Gustin, Gustin 10G, 15.008; 32. Jim Nier, Nier 00, 15.008; 33. Bruce Robenalt, Robenalt 98, 15.013; 34. Chuck Waddell, Waddell 22, 15.130; 35. Ed Neumeister, Neumeister 11n, 15.135; 36. Todd Kane, Kane 78, 15.360; 37. Jon Webb, Webb 57, 15.449; 38. Wes Harbour, Harbour 1w, 15.698; 39. Chad Levingston, Levingston 74L, 16.970.

Crown Battery Heat (8 laps): 1. D. Jacobs 2. Gressman 3. Stevens 4. Kemenah 5. Wagner 6. Fisher 7. Baxter 8. L. Jacobs 9. Robenalt 10. Webb.

B&B Products Heat (8 laps): 1. Duncan 2. Schroeder 3. Shepard 4. Reed 5. Wilson 6. R. Chaney 7. Horton 8. S. Chaney 9. Waddell 10. Harbour.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat (8 laps): 1. Keegan 2. Naber 3. Ivy 4. Smith 5. Rose 6. Stinson 7. McGuire 8. Neumeister 9. Gustin 10. Levingston.

TP Wings Heat (8 laps): 1. Gaerte 2. McMahan 3. Blaney 4. Kane 5. Kinser 6. K. Jacobs 7. Nier 8. Ruble 9. Slone. Haulmark Dash (4 laps): 1. Kemenah 2. Reed 3. Kinser 4. Shepard 5. Smith 6. Ivy.

United Aluminum Window Sales & Consulting B Main (12 laps): 1. K. Jacobs 2. Stinson 3. Baxter 4. R. Chaney 5. S. Chaney 6. Fisher 7. McGuire 8. Horton 9. L. Jacobs 10. Nier 11. Neumeister 12. Ruble 13. Waddell 14. Robenalt 15. Webb 16. Slone 17. Gustin 18. Levingston 19. Harbour.

A Main (40 laps): 1. Danny Smith 2. Kelly Kinser 3. Chad Kemenah 4. Byron Reed 5. Joe Gaerte 6. Jimmy Stinson 7. Kenny Jacobs 8. John Ivy 9. Jeff Shepard 10. Dean Jacobs 11. Dale Blaney 12. Rodney Duncan 13. Paul McMahan 14. Greg Wilson 15. Todd Kane 16. Butch Schroeder 17. Keith Baxter 18. Mike Wagner 19. Bill Rose 20. Jonathan Stevens 21. Nick Naber 22. Phil Gressman 23. Mark Keegan 24. Rob Chaney. Lap Leaders: Danny Smith 1-40.

All Star Sprint Driver Points: 1. Chad Kemenah 2051; 2. Kenny Jacobs 1979; 3. Danny Smith 1887; 4. Dean Jacobs 1839; 5. Greg Wilson 1809; 6. Jeff Shepard 1777; 7. Kelly Kinser 1722; 8. Rodney Duncan 1690 9. Mike Wagner 1619; 10. Bill Rose 1579.

Final Ohio Speedweek 2002 points:

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