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All Star Sprint Results - Fremont Speedway - Sat. 6/8/02 By Brian Liskai FREMONT, Ohio (June 8) - Kenny Jacobs has more All Star Circuit of Champions feature wins of anyone. However, in 30 years of racing, he had never scored an All Star feature win at Fremont Speedway. That all changed Saturday, as Jacobs took advantage of Chad Kemenah's late-race bobble to win the non-stop 40-lap Wilhelm Auto Parts feature. Kemenah seemed to have the win in hand as he raced through turns three and four getting ready to take the white flag. However, he slid high off the turn allowing Jacobs, with his bent front wing, to slide into the lead, which he held the last circuit for the win. The win moved Jacobs into a tie for the series points lead with Kemenah.

Kelly Kinser jumped into the lead at the green, with Danny Smith, Kemenah and Jacobs battling behind him. Kemenah then took the lead on lap 13, which he turned over to Smith on lap 16. Smith led until the 33rd lap when Kemenah used the high side of the track to take the lead. He set sail and seemed to have the race in hand until his bobble in turns three and four on the 38th lap. Jacobs went on to score the win over Kemenah, Smith, Paul McMahon and John Ivy.

After celebrating with a victory donut on the front stretch, an elated Jacobs thanked his crew chief, Fremont native Aaron Hammer for helping him get the win. "I couldn't have gotten Chad if he hadn't messed up in three. I was just watching a great race between him and Danny Smith when the bottom opened up and I saw Chad go off the end of the track," said Jacobs. "It feels good to get that first win of the season in front of a great crowd. I have to thank John Honnecker...I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him," he added of his former co-owner.

"I just messed up," was all Chad Kemenah could say. "I just got into the corner too hard and the car jumped over the edge. This really hurts, I thought we had them covered." "You aren't a racing fan if you didn't enjoy this one," said veteran Danny Smith. "I'm just glad I was able to be up there racing for the win. We still have to get Guy Webb an All Star win. We were close tonight, I think we'll get that victory very soon."

In the 305 sprint feature, pole-sitter Jamie Miller held off a late race challenge by defending track champion Bryan Scott to claim his first ever feature win. In the dirt trucks, Danny Roepke led all 15 laps to claim his second feature win of 2002 at Fremont Speedway.

Qualifying: 1. Rodney Duncan, 12.380; 2. Jeff Shephard, 12.451; 3. Chad Kemenah, 12.463; 4. Paul McMahon, 12.635; 5. Kenny Jacobs, 12.702; 6. Kelly Kinser, 12.723; 7. Danny Smith, 12.732; 8. John Ivy, 12.750; 9. Alvin Roepke, 12.766; 10. Shawn Chaney, 12.815; 11. Butch Schroeder, 12.835; 12. Brian Smith, 12.847; 13. Phil Gressman, 12.912; 14. Troy Vaccaro, 13.073; 15. Dean Jacobs, 13.076; 16. Todd Heller, 13.083; 17. Jack Sodeman Jr., 13.085; 18. Doug Berryman, 13.090; 19. Mike Wagner, 13.100; 20. Bobby Clark, 13.102; 21. Byron Reed, 13.112; 22. Bruce Robenalt, 13.122; 23. Bill Rose, 13.160; 24. Rodney Morgan, 13.165; 25. Bobby Distel, 13.260; 26. Bob Lime, 13.271; 27. Barry Ruble, 13.301; 28. Mark Keegan, 13.302; 29. Jim Dayton, 13.375; 30. Mike Linder, 13.377; 31. Tony Beaber, 13.428; 32. Greg Wilson, 13.449; 33. Jim Linder, 13.500; 34. Mike Dussel, 13.593; 35. John Wisbon, 13.648; 36. Jason Dukes, 13.675; 37. David Harrison, 13.725; 38. Roger Campbell Jr., 13.768; 39. Jeremy Keegan, 14.003; 40. Bill Shaw, 14.095; 41. Lee Potter, 14.208.

Crown Battery Heat 1 (top five to A): 1. Byron Reed; 2. Kenny Jacobs; 3. Jack Sodeman Jr.; 4. Rodney Duncan; 5. Alvin Roepke. B&B Oval Track Products Heat 2 (top five to A): 1. Kelly Kinser; 2. Bruce Robenalt; 3. Jeff Shephard; 4. Troy Vaccaro; 5. Jim Dayton.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat 3 (top five to A): 1. Bill Rose; 2. Chad Kemenah; 3. Butch Schroeder; 4. Dean Jacobs; 5. Danny Smith. TP Wings Heat 4 (top five to A): 1. Brian Smith; 2. Bobby Clark; 3. John Ivy; 4. Mark Keegan; 5. Jason Dukes.

Haulmark Trailers Dash (four laps): 1. Kelly Kinser; 2. Chad Kemenah; 3. Danny Smith; 4. Jeff Shephard; 5. Kenny Jacobs; 6. Rodney Duncan United Aluminum Windows

B-Main (top four to A): 1. Paul McMahon; 2. Shawn Chaney; 3. Todd Heller; 4. Rodney Morgan; 5. Mike Wagner; 6. Phil Gressman; 7. Bobby Distel; 8. Doug Berryman; 9. Greg Wilson; 10. Barry Ruble; 11. Mike Linder; 12. Tony Beaber; 13. Bob Lime; 14. John Wisbon; 15. Roger Campbell; 16. Jeremy Keegan; 17. Bill Shaw; 18. Jim Linder; 19. Mike Dussell; 20. David Harrison (DNS). Wilhelm Auto Parts

A-Main (40 laps): 1. Kenny Jacobs; 2. Chad Kemenah; 3. Danny Smith; 4. Paul McMahon; 5. John Ivy; 6. Dean Jacobs; 7. Butch Schroeder; 8. Kelly Kinser; 9. Mark Keegan; 10. Jeff Shephard; 11. Alvin Roepke; 12. Byron Reed; 13. Greg Wilson (provisional); 14. Rodney Duncan; 15. Brian Smith; 16. Troy Vaccaro; 17. Bobby Clark; 18. Bill Rose; 19. Rodney Morgan; 20. Bruce Robenalt; 21. Jason Dukes; 22. Shawn Chaney; 23. Todd Heller; 24. Jim Dayton; 25. Jack Sodeman Jr.

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