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Yearbook Headlines - (This is another HammerDown! "work-in-progress" that we enjoy sharing with our readers. Please check back often, as each year will be updated further in the coming days)


Time Trials: 1.(34) Dean Jacobs, 16.542, 2.(51) Danny Smith, 16.885, 3.(2w) Scotty Neitzel, 17.287, 4.(U2) Paul McMahan, 17.293, 5.(51K) Kasey Kahne, 17.354, 6.(7x) Raymond Shank, 17.474, 7.(6) Kenny Jacobs, 17.534, 8.(55) Mike Wagner, 17.551, 9.(4K) Kelly Kinser, 17.554, 10.(92) Jeff Shepard, 17.556, 11.(15K) Chad Kemenah, 17.574, 12. (22D)Rodney Duncan, 17.632, 13.(3G) Tim Norman, 17.842, 14.(63W) Greg Wilson, 17.849, 15.(71M) Paul May, 17.893, 16.(5R) Byron Reed, 17.980, 17.(19) Brett Mann, 18.019, 18.(6B) Bill Rose, 18.074, 19.(3x) Eddie Smith, 18.141, 20.(3) Steve Krieg, 18.221, 21.(2G) Phil Gressman, 18.285, 22.(98) Bruce Robenalt, 18.378, 23.(40z) Jeff Rankin, 18.507, 24.(85) Dustin Daggett, 18.555, 25.(25M) Ken Mackey, 18.660, 26.(63R) Barry Ruble, 18.983, 27.(46) Robert Huisken, 19.055, 28.(19J) Mike Jonas, 19.117, 29.(75) Ben Rutan, 19.195, 30.(99) Brian DeFord, 19.449, 31.(6s) Leo Smith, 19.523, 32.(1R) Shawn Robinson, 19.529, 33.(50) Mark Grabill, 19.958, 34.(35M) Damon Bassett, 20.101, 35.(5K) Eric Curry,21.557, 36.(51s) Oscar Smith, NT.

Crown Battery Heat #1 1.Phil Gressman, 2.Kelly Kinser, 3.Brett Mann, 4.Kasey Kahne, 5.Dean Jacobs, 6.Tim Norman, 7.Ken Mackey, 8.Ben Rutan, 9.Mark Grabill.

B&B Oval Track Products Heat #2 1.Danny Smith, 2.Bruce Robenalt, 3.Greg Wilson, 4.Jeff Shepard, 5.Bill Rose, 6.Barry Ruble, 7.Brian DeFord, 8.Raymond Shank, 9.Damon Bassett.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #3 1.Chad Kemenah, 2.Kenny Jacobs, 3.Jeff Rankin, 4.Scotty Neitzel, 5.Eddie Smith, 6.Paul May, 7.Robert Huisken, 8.Leo Smith, 9.Eric Curry.

TP Wings Heat #4 1.Dustin Daggett, 2.Paul McMahan, 3.Steve Krieg, 4.Rodney Duncan, 5.Byron Reed, 6.Mike Wagner, 7.Sean Robinson, 8.Mike Jonas.

Haulmark Dash 1.Jeff Shepard, 2.Kenny Jacobs, 3.Paul McMahan, 4.Kelly Kinser, 5.Danny Smith, 6.Dean Jacobs.

United Aluminum Windows B-Main 1.Mike Wagner, 2.Raymond Shank, 3.Tim Norman, 4.Ken Mackey, 5.Paul May, 6.Barry Ruble, 7.Damon Bassett, 8.Robert Huisken, 9.Brian DeFord, 10.Ben Rutan, 11.Eric Curry, 12.Leo Smith.

A-Main 1.Kasey Kahne, 2.Paul McMahan, 3.Kenny Jacobs, 4.Danny Smith, 5.Dean Jacobs, 6.Chad Kemenah, 7.Byron Reed, 8.Kelly Kinser, 9.Greg Wilson, 10.Brett Mann, 11.Rodney Duncan, 12.Tim Norman, 13.Phil Gressman, 14.Scotty Neitzel, 15.Eddie Smith, 16.Dustin Daggett, 17.Mike Wagner, 18.Bruce Robenalt, 19.Raymond Shank, 20.Bill Rose, 21.Steve Krieg, 22.Jeff Shepard, 23.Ken Mackey, 24.Jeff Rankin.

Lap Leaders: Kenny Jacobs, 1-11, Kasey Kahne 12-30

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