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Rick Hirst

It did not go unnoticed that Rick Hirst returned to the Winners Circle recently in Friday Night action at Chico's Silver Dollar Speedway. Hirst, the 1986 NARC driving titlest, has been out of racing sprint cars since 1994. He returned late in 2001 after his current team purchased a race ready Eagle/Ott, from Brad Furr Racing. Hirst is looking to get current with today's sprint car advancements in hopes of passing on wisdom to his son, Kyle, who is a talented Kart masher, and aspiring sprint car star.

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that Rick, and his lovely wife, Kim, have children old enough to race sprint cars. I can remember when I was nine years old, Rick was a rookie at West Capitol Raceway. That was 1977! Rick, who is the step son of former West Capitol Champion Joe Hill, was named Rookie of the Year.

Like many involved in this sport, Rick has endured hardships. His life and racing career have seen the ebb and flow. He was one of the late, Dave Bradway Jr's closest friends, later playing a key role in the annual Bradway Memorial race. Rick suffered through injuries, including a very painful broken arm suffered at Chico. And finally, Rick lost his mother Mae Hill to cancer.

HammerDown! is proud of Rick Hirst, and happy for his success.