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Beanies. We know you need 'em in North Dakota.


by Steve Turnross 01/28/02

The 2001 racing season came through with some great action from coast to coast. Many new champions were crowned in a year that produced some good point battles. The young lions of the sport continue to improve which shows great promise for our future viewing pleasure. With the sun setting on some cornerstone careers, we must look for new heroes to step up and shine.

The Steve-0 Photo & Video tour covered some 12,000 by plane, train, and automobile on the way to 25 race dates. The tour included 15 different tracks in 5 five states. Without a true "home" track for the past two years since the sad demise of the fairgrounds at San Jose, the need to travel is must to see open wheel action.

The first annual Steve-0 Speaks awards are presented to you in random order off the top shelf, so l'll let it rip.

Mr. Consistent---Steve Kent....The versatile California vet, was my tours leading winner with victories at Calistoga, Hanford, and Watsonville

Big Kahonies---Tim Kaeding....TK leaped to the next level with a tremendous season with some hairy moves through traffic to lead the California winged wars in wins.

Attack the Track---Richard Griffin....The Gasman lived up to his name with style as he runs it in deep anyplace SCRA runs.

Best Interview---Jeff Shepard....Honed his skills on the microphone back home in PA. baggin' on Fast Freddie.

Passing Master---Danny Wood....This guy opened some eyes with numerous charges to the front coming from way deep in the pack on the rugged WoO tour.

On the Rise---John Scott....No longer a suprise this guy is just plain fast at all SCRA events.

Eye Openers---Bobby East and Kraig Kinser....On pavement and dirt respectively, these two will shine for many years to come.

Best Point Battle---Golden State Challenge....Father goes best as BK takes the crown over TK in a most memorable season long duel.

Best Crew---SCRA Champs Harlan Willis Racing....Harlan, Crew Chief Mike Nigh and Ryan Kennedy just plain got it done this year.

Owner of the year---Tony Stewart....Becomes a Outlaw champion in his first year on the tour with his pal Danny Lososki at the wheel.

Hard Luck---Randy Hannagan....Suffered season ending injuries at Calistoga, then has had to endure a extra long recovery after two surgeries on his leg.

Silver Fox---Floyd Alvis....Hands down this 66 year old has the most fun racing of anyone I personally know in the sport.

Most Controversial---Tracy Hines....He would probably punt his own mother to win a race, just ask his brother.

Best Wheelie---Andy Hillenburg....Stroked the crowd at Watsonville with a full pull off turn four to the checkered.

Best Food---Santa Maria Speedway....The corn dogs are the bomb, only the kettle corn at Hanford compares.

Motor Mouth---Jeremy Mayfield....For running himself out of a ride with Penske by bad mouthing the crew and not accepting responsibility for his poor perfomance.

Mr. Comeback---Gene Manhire....After surviving another scary crash at mid season resulting in serious burns, he won in his first race back.

Fastest Open Trailer---Forsberg Racing....This dedicated group hauled a 20 plus year old race car down to Perris for SCRA after wrapping up the Civil War title again.

Wheel Feeder---Mike Henry....I made it to only three Civil War races this season and this dude crashed somebody at each one. He spent post races hiding in his trailer.

Coolest Car Owner---Randy Furr....One of the genuine nice guys in racing.

Fearless Leader---Ron Shuman....His SCRA group has become the new holders of the greatest show on dirt moniker, with the Non-Wing World Championship tour.

Best Track---Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City....This facility is top notch from top to bottom with great racing, viewing, food, and scenery.

Best Race---Perris SCRA....Labor day weekend provided a classic at the PAS as Gasman took a hard earned victory in a 50 lapper that finished three wide.

Gettin' Better---Ricci Faria winged 410/360.....Ryan Flynn pavement sprint....Rob Russell BCRA dirt midget.

New Champs---Tony Hunt USAC W/S Sprints....Danny Ebberts USAC W/S Midgets...Danny Lososki WoO....Cory Kruseman SCRA....JJ Yeley USAC National Sprints....Paul White USAC Silver Crown....Dave Darland USAC National Midgets.

Chassis of the Year---Maxim dirt sprint ....Beast pavement sprint and midget.....Stealth dirt midget.

Driver of the Year---Lance Dewease, East....Tim Kaeding, West....Danny Lasoski, Midwest.... Danny Wood, South

Man of the Year---Cory Kruseman....SCRA Champion and proud father of good luck charm Casie Leann.

Finishing Strong---Bud Kaeding....With two wins at Terre Haute and single victories at Joliet, Eldora, Manzy, and the Oval Nationals gives him the edge heading to 2002.

The 2002 season will no doubt be another fun ride for all who join the Steve-0 Photo & Video tour with stops in Arizona, Ohio, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

The answer to the latest trivia question regarding Kevin Urton and his career feature win total is 96. It would be great to see the man get to the 100 win plateau.

This months question is how many career wins does Floyd Alvis have in USAC western states midget competition? Until next time, Keep your elbows up!

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