Florida Speedweeks.

All Star Sprint Results - Volusia Speedway Park - Sat. 2/9/02 By Andrew Barman BARBERVILLE, FL - It was the second night of racing at Volusia Speedway Park Saturday with the All Star Circuit of Champions sprint cars. For the second straight night the pits where packed with 44 sprint cars. After Lance Dewease won the first two nights of Florida action a new winner emerged tonight, Danny Lasoski, who turned in a dominating performance.

The front row of the 25 lap A-Main saw Paul McMahan on the pole and Lasoski on the outside front row. When the green flag was dropped, McMahan got the hole shot. A complete lap was not in before the yellow came out for the No. 7 of Craig Dollansky. When the race resumed, McMahan was able to get back out in front with Lasoski, Chad Kemenah, Kasey Kahne and Dewease following. On lap two, the battle for the lead started to heat up between McMahan and Lasoski. Slide job after slide job would occur between the two with Lasoski coming out on top on lap four.

On lap 10, the yellow came out for the #12 of Greg Hodnett who spun in the second turn. Also involved was Danny Smith but he did a complete 360 and kept going. On lap 12, Chad Kemenah and McMahan where dicing it out for the second position while the #20 of Lasoski pulled away.

The best race of the night was between Kemenah and McMahan as they waged a war for the second spot. In the middle laps of the race, the two exchanged positions or ran side by side for several laps before Kemenah took second away on lap 14. McMahan got the spot back again, however, on lap 17 and was able to keep Kemenah at bay for the remainder of the race.

On lap 18, the No. 24 of Terry McCarl stopped on the top of turn two to bring out the yellow flag. When the race restarted Dean Jacobs hit the restart cone on the front stretch to bring out the yellow. He was sent to the tail. Nobody could touch Lasoski as he took the Tony Stewart owned #20 to victory lane. Second was McMahan, third was Kemenah, fourth was Kasey Kahne, fifth was Travis Rilat, sixth was Joey Saldana, seventh was Stevie Smith, eighth was Dewease, ninth went to Danny Smith, and rounding out the top ten was Jason Johnson.

The Crown Battery heat fell to Lasoski, the B&B Products heat went to Kenny Jacobs, the Engler Machine and Tool heat was won by Fred Rahmer and the TP Wings heat fell to Joey Saldana, Kemenah won the B Main.

Time Trials: 1. Kasey Kahne, 13.201; 2. Kelly Kinser, 13.319; 3. Chad Kemenah, 13.338; 4. Lance Dewease, 13.350; 5. Danny Lasoski, 13.353; 6. Paul McMahan, 13.429; 7. Craig Dollansky, 13.444; 8. Tyler Walker, 13.475; 9. Leonard Lee, 13.552; 10. Greg Hodnett, 13.561; 11. Stevie Smith, 13.566; 12. Mike Woodring, 13.567; 13. Travis Rilat, 13.570; 14. Jason Johnson, 13.573; 15. Mike Wagner, 13.574; 16. Rodney Duncan, 13.619; 17. Tom Busch, 13.636; 18. Kenny Jacobs, 13.640; 19. Danny Smith, 13.669; 20. Dean Jacobs, 13.687; 21. Jeremy Campbell, 13.720; 22. Tim Shaffer, 13.737; 23. Fred Rahmer, 13.761; 24. Joey Saldana, 13.764; 25. Jeff Hodgson, 13.779; 26. Mike Erdley, 13.806; 27. Shawn Chaney, 13.821; 28. Christi Passmore, 13.839; 29. Greg Wilson, 13.846; 30. Terry McCarl, 13.854; 31. Shane Stewart, 13.879; 32. Phil Gressman, 13.882; 33. Jason Sides, 13.905; 34. Curt Trainer, 13.983; 35. Mike Dupuy, 14.013; 36. Kevin Frey, 14.131; 37. Bill Rose, 14.155; 38. Doug Berryman, 14.224; 39. Barry Ruble, 14.290; 40. Bruce Robenalt, 14.316; 41. Jody Keegan, 14.339; 42. Toby Brown, 14.391; 43. Spud Gustin, 14.775; 44. Johnny Johnson, 15.754.

Crown BatteryHeat #1: 1)20-Danny Lasoski, 2)1a-Travis Rilat, 3)24-Terry McCarl, 4)51k-Kasey Kahne, 5)7s-Jason Sides, 6)4B-Tom Busch, 7)6B-Bill Rose, 8)16L-Lenord Lee, 9)K60-Jody Keegan, 10)V8-Jeff Hodgson, 11)10c-Jeremy Campbell.

B&B Oval Products Heat #2: 1)6-Kenny Jacobs, 2)U2-Paul McMahan, 3)45-Tim Shaffer, 4)4k-Kelly Kinser, 5)11-Mike Erdley, 6)41-Jason Johnson, 7)36-Curt Trainer, 8)61a-Toby Brown, 9)12-Greg Hodnett, 10)1-Doug Berryman.

Engler Machine & Tool Heat #3: 1)88H-Fred Rahmer, 2)7-Craig Dollansky, 3)51s-Danny Smith, 4)19s-Stevie Smith, 5)55W-Mike Wagner, 6)15k-Chad Kemenah, 7.Shane Stewart, 8)27c-Shawn Chaney, 9)4M-Mike Dupuy, 10)10G-Spud Gustin, 11)63R-Barry Ruble.

TP Wings Heat #4: 1)92-Joey Saldana, 2)34-Dean Jacobs, 3)77-Lance Dewease, 4)35-Tyler Walker, 5)22D-Rodney Duncan, 6)19w-Mike Woodring, 7)2K-Kevin Frey, 8)1ax-Christi Passmore, 9)9G-Phil Gressman, 10)98-Bruce Robenalt, 11)72J-Johnny Johnson.

B-Main: 1.Chad Kemenah, 2.Greg Hodnett, 3.Jason Johnson, 4.Greg Wilson, 5.Shane Stewart, 6.Mike Woodring, 7.Phil Gressman, 8.Curt Trainer, 9.Tom Busch, 10.Kevin Frey, 11.Lenord Lee, 12.Christi Passmore, 13.Shane Chaney, 14.Jody Keegan, 15.Jeff Hodgson, 16.Bill Rose, 17.Bruce Robenalt, 18.Barry Ruble, 19.Doug Berryman, 20.Toby Brown, 21.Johnny Johnson, 22. Spud Gustin.

A-Main: 1.Danny Lasoski, 2.Paul McMahan, 3.Chad Kemenah, 4.Kasey Kahne, 5.Travis Rilat, 6.Joey Saldana, 7.Stevie Smith, 8.Lance Dewease, 9.Danny Smith, 10.Jason Johnson, 11.Tim Shaffer, 12.Rodney Duncan, 13.Fred Rahmer, 14.Kenny Jacobs, 15.Dean Jacobs, 16.Craig Dollansky, 17.Mike Wagner, 18.Terry McCarl, 19.Greg Hodnett, 20.Mike Erdley, 21.Jason Sides, 22.Kelly Kinser, 23.Greg Wilson, 24.Tyler Walker.


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