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Craig Stidham is 2001 Trophy Cup Champion, as Robertson & Rossi score Main Wins - Hanford, CA. 10/20/01 - By Bobby Gerould - (Thanks to BF & Ron Rodda) ... The 2001 Rebel Cup 360 champion, Craig Stidham took advantage of home turf to best a stellar 360 field in the World's richest 360 race, the Trophy Cup. This year's event moved to Kings Speedway, where the Rebel Cuppers race on the regular, and Stidham was masterful, driving from 21st to 2nd in the Saturday A-main. His high points total for the two nights of racing earned wim the champion's check for $8,000. Friday night winner Tim Kaeding was disqualified when a post race inspection of the Wright One Construction #35 revealed illegal cylander heads. The win went to Blake Robertson, who ended up as points runner-up. Eric Rossi, who won the Saturday feature earned enough points to finish 3rd overall.

Tim Kaeding is Fall Nationals Champion By: Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 10-6-01). In a storybook season that saw 11 victories at Silver Dollar Speedway and a track championship, it was only fitting that Tim Kaeding closed out the year with the 40 lap win in the Pacific Sprint Fall Nationals at Chico. Kaeding's domination at Chico began way back on March 9th when he won the first race of the year at the speedway and now he finalized his year with victory number 12 at his home-away from home Silver Dollar Speedway.

Asked in victory lane if he had ever seen or heard of another driver that dominated the track this year like he did, Kaeding reflected and said, "Well for a long time I can remember a guy named Shane Scott who dominated up here but now with Shane retiring the other competitors have to now deal with me." Kaeding referring to Scott who after seven track titles and numerous main event victories drove in his final race at Chico during the Fall Nationals.

Kaeding and the Rick Wright crew pocketed the $4,000 paycheck and bragging rights for all of next year. The 20 car main event lined up with Roger Crockett and Chad Riolo on the front row. After a failed attempt at the first start the green flag was waived and it was Riolo on the outside getting the jump. Crockett got a horrible start and before the first lap was complete he fell back to fourth spot being passed by Tommy Tarlton and Kaeding. On lap four Tarlton hit a rut going through turn four that upset his car and allowed Kaeding to sneak by on the bottom. On lap seven the event was slowed when rookie driver Brian McClish hit the outside turn four grandstand wall. The race restarted with Riolo still the leader followed by Kaeding. Crockett was starting to dial in the outside groove and got by Tarlton to set his sights on the leaders.

The battle for the lead intensified the next seven laps until Riolo got stuck behind lapped traffic and turned his car a bit sideways loosing momentum. This was Kaeding's chance to drive by the 1999 Fall Nationals Champion and assume the lead. Crockett was now challenging Riolo for the second spot while Kaeding was marred in heavy traffic. With Kaeding and Riolo committed to running the bottom of the track it was Crockett who stayed up top. He was easily the fastest car on the track and as he moved to the outside of Riolo in turn one he had the pass for second place, however, he had too much speed built up and drifted off the track. When he came back on Riolo had a four-car length lead.

Up front Kaeding couldn't get by the rear of the field. The track was so well prepared that even the guys in the back were just as fast as the leaders. While Kaeding and Riolo were bottled up on the bottom here came Crockett reeling them in on the top. Just as Crockett caught back up to Riolo he drifted off the track and lost all of the ground he had gained. On lap 28 it was "go-time" for Kaeding who had patiently followed Sean Fenn for seven laps. Fenn bobbled off of turn two and it was Kaeding's chance to sneak by. Incidental contact was made and both drivers continued. Once Kaeding made it through he continued to add to his lead.

Crockett slowed significantly after his front wing collapsed. Riolo tried everything he could to get to, and pass Kaeding but it just wouldn't happen tonight. As Kaeding crossed the finish line it put an exclamation put on the season for the driver who this weekend sported the American flag and stars and stripes themed car with the caption "Captain America" next to his name on the car. For the 2001 and season at Silver Dollar Speedway he was "Captain Chico."

Riolo turned in a solid effort in second followed by Crockett. Lost in the great race was a strong effort from Tommy Tarlton and fifth place finishing Joey Magaruh.

Of the 90 official qualified cars for both Thursday and Friday night a total of 79 cars returned for racing on Saturday night. The evening started off with Dave Angus winning the F main event. From there it was Dan Menne's turn to showcase his driving talents and win the E main event. Rob Johnson led all 12 laps to win the D main event.

The C main showcased two young talented drivers as Beau Perkins and Steven Tiner drove hard all 15 laps of the event. Perkins won followed by Tiner as they both earned the only two transferring spots into the B main.

The B main offered the final four transferring spots into the A main. Mark Monico dominated the race and had a full straight away lead on the rest of the field. Following him and earning the final transfer spots were Mark Tabor Jr., Ronnie Day and Rick Williams.

Results Saturday Night Fall Nationals

F Main: Dave Angus, Adam McCarthy, Steve Ferhman, Mike McClish, Jim Marsh, Marv Magwork, Jade Parker, Ron Brown

E Main: Dan Menne, Danny Horner, Steve Stein, Ferhman, Jim Richardson, McCarthy, Angus, John Coughran,

D Main: Rob Johnson, Jon Lovell, Duane Scott, Shain Matthews, Ron Myska, Eric Trask, Brian Coehlo, Doug Lippincott, Scott Russell, Stein, Mark Moore, Richard Brace Jr.

C Main: Beau Perkins, Steven Tiner, Steve Watts, Shane Scott, David Robinson Jr., Jerry Miller, Lovell, Trask, Matthews, Myska, Robert Stice

B Main: Mark Monico, Mark Tabor Jr., Ronnie Day, Rick Williams, Mark Hall, Ron McBride, Kyle Schild, Matt Demartini, Jeff Young, Perkins, Davey Key, Sean Becker, Wade Flemming, Mike Benson, Jayme Barnes

A Main: Tim Kaeding, Chad Riolo, Roger Crockett, Tommy Tarlton, Joey Magaruh, Jimmy Trulli, Jim Van Lare, Korey Lovell, Mike Wasina Jr., Mike Monohan, Colby Weisz, Williams, Monico, Day, Sean Fenn

"Mr. Excitiement" Andy Forsberg claims second straight Civil War championship Auburn racer places fifth in finale as race fans unite to support American Red Cross

PLACERVILLE, CA 9-29-01 - Entering Saturday's final event, the 2001 championship for the Hoosier Racing Tires Civil War Sprint Car Series was very much up for grabs as three different drivers sat just ten points apart in an event that awards as many as 76 points in one night of competition. When the checkered flag fell on the 30-lap feature event and the dust settled in victory lane, Roger Crockett of Rio Linda was celebrating his race victory alongside fifth place finisher Andy Forsberg of Auburn who claimed the season championship for the second straight season. For Forsberg, the current Civil War campaign was somewhat of a roller coaster ride when it came to the series point standings as up and down performances throughout the travels to five different California race tracks jockeyed him in and out of the top ranking point standings for much of the campaign.

For the majority of the series, Mike Wasina Jr. of Elverta held top rank in the championship standings until late in the campaign when poor luck blew in Wasina's direction while Forsberg began seeing his numbers rise in the standings as he took command of the point lead entering the final segments of the series. It was predicted early in the year that the 2001 title would go down to the wire and that prediction proved accurate as this battle wasn't over until the final checkered flag flew as Forsberg, Wasina and Roseville's Chad Riolo spent 30-laps deciding who would be the new champion.

During Saturday's event the best of luck wasn't present for either Forsberg or Wasina as both drivers suffered poor heat race performances and headlined the 12-lap B-main event while a victory in heat race one secured Riolo a starting spot in the 30-lap feature early in the program. Following his heat race, it was reported from the pit area that Forsberg was suffering mechanical woes with both his ignition system and his rear axle prior to the B-main event where he started third with Wasina starting on the outside in the fourth position. While Steven Tiner of Elverta drove his way to victory in the event, Forsberg finished second with Wasina third followed by Duane Scott all of whom transferred into the 30-lap feature event.

With Sacramento's Mike Henry starting on the pole of the feature event and Roger Crockett on the outside of the front row. Forsberg and Wasina watched the green flag wave from the fifth and sixth positions with a mere four-points standing between them in the standings. At the green flag, Henry wasted no time advancing into the lead with Crockett and Tiner following close behind while Forsberg and Wasina dueled for position in cautious fashion behind Johnny Rodriguez of Elk Grove. By the 13th lap of the affair, Tim Kaeding of Campbell worked his way into the mix of top runners and soon began challenging Henry for the lead until the 18th lap when an attempt at a low pass in turn one resulted in a collision with the berm and a broken radius rod on Kaeding's #35.

With Kaeding into the pits, Henry fell victim to a deflating rear tire during the caution laps and too was forced into the pit area to make repairs while Tiner assumed the lead position ahead of Crockett, Wasina and Forsberg for the restart. With the green flag waving again, Tiner and Crockett battled one on one for the top position. While Tiner drive the low side of the track, Crockett elected to run the somewhat risky but fast high groove and his efforts paid off on the 23rd lap as he muscled past Tiner on the front stretch for the lead just prior to a pair of yellow flags that ultimately created a short three lap dash to the finish.

In the waning laps Crockett distanced himself from the field while Wasina advanced into the bridesmaid position. While Wasina advanced forward, Forsberg lost several positions in the final circuits. At the finish line it was Crockett with the win followed by Wasina, Rodriguez, Pylant and Forsberg. "Going into this race I didn't really know what to expect the way things have been for us this year," said Forsberg. "We had some problems tonight with the car and I knew I had to stay within three spots of Wasina so that was my goal. Those final laps I don't know what happened but it seemed like everyone was getting around me.I was being a little conservative but I think all these guys are getting faster than me up here. I owe a big thanks to all the sponsors who helped me all year long I couldn't have done this without them.."

In preliminary action on Saturday, the B-main event started off with more red flags than green as several attempts at a start saw three different drivers go upside down. Jeremy Phillips was the first competitor to tumble and was soon joined by Shannon Newton who tumbled in turn four. Justin Johnson was the third roll over victim,. After having a stellar performance in the C-main with a win, Johnson ended his night with damage after he too went upside down in the third turn. Marv Maguorik of Sacramento won the D-main event Saturday while heat race victories went to Riolo, Kaeding, Colby Weisz and David Robinson Jr. Fast time was earned by Henry who clocked an 11:011.

Saturday's event benefited the American Red Cross and the victims of the recent American tragedies. In front of a very patriotic crowd, Placerville's Tammy Painter presented the National Anthem which was followed by drivers collecting donations in their helmets from the spectators while Amazing Grace was performed by Sax player Curtis Buckley. The event had an overwelming response as more than $3000 was raised nearly two weeks following the recent misfortunes. All of the donations as well as a portion of the proceeds from Saturday's event will be presented to the American Red Cross this week to benefit the victims and their families in New York and Arlington Virgina.


Fast Time Mike Henry 11.011

Heat 1 Chad Riolo; Marc Mackay; Mike Henry; Joey Magaruh; Mike Monanhan

Heat 2 Tim Kaeding; Jerry Miller; Johnny Rodriguez; Billy Sellers; Shannon Newton

Heat 3 Colby Weisz; Mike Benson; Steve Watts; Roger Crockett; Richard Brace Jr.

Heat 4 David Robinson Jr.; Jimmy Trulli; Rick Williams; Kevin Pylant; Mike Wasina Jr.

D-Main Marv Majouirk; Jim Marsh; Mark Wells; Jade Parker; Jack Clark; Randall Ditgen; Tom Baker

C-Main Justin Johnson; Mark Tabor Jr.; Kyle Schild; C.J. Humphreys; Pat Harvey; Tony Silveria; Troy Degaton; John Gray; Marv Majouirk; Dennis Harvey; Eric Hopkins; John Couchran; Shawn Schmitz; Tim Sherman; Mark Wells; Jim Marsh

B-Main Steven Tiner; Andy Forsberg; Mike Wasina Jr.; Duane Scott; Ron McBride; Richard Brace Jr.; Mike Monanhan; Mark Tabor Sr.; Destiny Hays; Ricky Wondergem; Vern Morrison; C.J. Humphreys; Mark Tabor Jr.; Sean Becker; Justin Johnson; Kyle Schild; Jeremy Phillips; Shannon Newton

A-Main Roger Crockett; Mike Wasina Jr.; Johnny Rodriguez; Kevin Pylant; Andy Forsberg; Marc Mackay; Steven Tiner; Jimmy Trulli; Chad Riolo; Mike Henry; Mike Benson; David Robinson Jr.; Colby Weisz; Jerry Miller; Steve Watts; Billy Sellers; Joey Magaruh; Rick Williams; Tim Kaeding; Duane Scott 2001

CIVIL WAR CHAMPION: Andy Forsberg Forsberg entered Saturday's event with a four point lead over Mike Wasina Jr. and won the title by two points unofficially.

KIERCE NOTCHES INITIAL USAC WIN AT MADERA By Dick Jordan, September 22, 2001 - Madera, CA. ...Kevin Kierce of Reseda, Calif. scored his initial USAC Western Sprint Car feature victory Saturday night at the Madera (Calif.) Speedway, leading the final 20 laps of the 40-lap race at the 1/3-mile paved oval. He resides in eighth in the series standings going in to an October 27 race at the Irwindale (Calif.) Speedway. Kierce, wheeling the W.Miller Company/Burbank Speed Chevy/Beast, trailed series point leader Jeff Gardner for the first 20 laps until Gardner pitted for removal of dangling parts. Gardner, of Fresno, Calif., rejoined to race and eventually finished 11th but slipped to second in the series standings as a result. He trails Tony Hunt of Fair Oaks, Calif. by five points after Hunt finished second in Saturday night's feature.

Fast qualifier Bryan Bullard, Bobby McMahan and Mike Boat rounded out the "top-five" at the finish at Madera. Kierce and Kasey Kahne captured preliminary "qualifying races." Kierce dedicated Saturday night's victory to the late Ralph Swann of Burbank, Calif., who passed away during the week. Ralph was the father of winning car owner Ray Swann.

Rick Williams posts long awaited Civil War victory in round #12 at Marysville Forsberg maintains narrow point lead entering final event next Saturday MARYSVILLE, CA 9-22-01 - by Bill Sullivan - For the final time this season, the fire breathing sprint cars of the California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series paid a visit to Twin Cities Speedway in Marysville on Saturday, September 22. The event marked the 12th round and second to last segment of competition for this series dedicated to 360 cubic inch powered sprint cars which hits five different California tracks for a total of 13 events annually.

At the conclusion of the 30-lap feature event it was yet another new face in victory lane as Rick Williams of Castro Valley posted a long awaited series victory aboard his Walt Bronco owned #6 mount. For Williams, the 2001 Civil War series has had it's share of near misses. There have been several occasions the veteran driver has been running in the lead position when either a mechanical mishap or an incident in lapped traffic have caused a set back for the consistent top runner who now has four feature finishes in both the top five and top ten ranks.

Saturday, however, the 30-lap feature event saw very little in the way of set backs for Williams as he dominated the lead position after taking it early in the race and became the 10th different driver to claimed victory in the Civil War series this year. Saturday's event did have it's fare share of caution flags. In fact, Sacramento driver Mike Henry saw to it that the red flag came out before the parade lap even took place. As the field was shuffling into formation, Henry stomped the accelerator on his #93 in the third turn, catching the birm and flipped end over end. Uninjured, Henry managed to return to the line up in time for the green flag only to return to the pit area moments later.

The second pre-race incident took place while the field was attempting to form a parade lap in four abreast fashion. Track regular Steven Tiner of Elverta was the victim of very little driving space as he flipped over on his side in a slow-motion incident that collect Destiny Hays and Pat Harvey. No penalties were assessed in the incident and all those involved returned to their original line-up positions for a somewhat "adapted" parade lap with two cars per row rather than four. Once the green flag officially waved, Sacramento's Ron McBride jumped into the early lead with Johnny Rodriguez and Joey Magaruh battling for the second position. During the sixth and seventh laps both Rodriguez and Magaruh suffered handling woes that cost them several positions.

On the eighth circuit, Magaruh's toubles continued when and Roger Crockett collided in the second turn. A red flag was drawn for the incident to allow track paramedics to examine Crockett. Although he was reportedly uninjured, Crockett retired to the pit area with damage to his ride while Magaruh returned to action from the rear of the line-up. During the restarts, McBride set the pace but Williams, who had moved into second during the previous two laps, took the low line into turn two and overtook to the lead positions, a spot he would maintain for the remainder of the event. While McBride had his hands full in his attempt to maintain the bridesmaid position ahead of Mike Benson and Rodriguez.

On the 14th lap Rodriguez overtook Benson for third with an inside pass in the third turn. Two laps later, Williams had muscled his way to a healthy lead and began working his way into lapped traffic just before a yellow flag cleared his route when Jim VanLare spun in turns one and two and came to rest on the infield. On the ensuing restart, Williams powered ahead once again while Rodriguez overtook McBride on the 19th lap only to loose traction one lap later and fade back into the fourth position. On the 23rd lap Rodriguez redeemed his third place position again as he overtook Benson and set his sights on McBride once again just prior to a caution flag flying for a three car collision in turn one involving MArk Tabor Jr., Destiny Hays and Pat Harvey Jr. All three drivers were able to resume competition.

On the restart, Rodriguez went to the inside of turn two to overtake McBride for second just before McBride's #747 suffered a mechanical failure in the form of a broken front end forcing him into the infield while Harvey and Magaruh collided in a separate incident in turn three to draw a yellow flag. Once the multiple incidents were cleared all three drivers retired for the night and the restart had Williams holding off Rodriguez for the win with Benson rounding out the top three ahead of Chad Riolo, Mike Wasina Jr and Korey Lovell.

Andy Forsberg, the defending series champion from Auburn, entered this event in the point lead and finished eighth in the feature event. As the series winds down to one final event the Hoosier Racing Tires Championship is still very much up for grabs as Forsberg maintains the point lead over,Wasina and Chad Riolo of Roseville. All three drivers have a shot at the championship position with mere 10-points sitting between first and third place. In preliminary action on Saturday night, the B-main event was a heavy hitter with the top three point runners, Forsberg, Wasina and Riolo, in the event. The 12-lap affair had one red flag when Kyle Schild of Sacramento flipped over in turn two with 10 laps down. When the checkered flag waved it was Korey Lovell picking up the win followed by Riolo, Wasina and Forsberg all of whom transferred into the feature.

Matt Demartini was the winner of the C-main event as he held off the likes of Mike Monahan, Ricky Richardsen and Doug Lippencott to the line. In heat race action, victories went to track regular Colby Weisz, Jeff Halleib, Mike Henry and Jeremy Phillips. The fast qualifier on Saturday was Chad Riolo for the second straight week. Riolo's time was an 11:182.

The Hoosier Racing Tires California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series will resume competition next Saturday, September 22 with the final round of action at Placerville Speedway located on the Eldorado County Fairground. This event, which will ultimately crown the series champion, will mark the final racing program of the season at the foothill raceway and will benefit the American Red Cross and victims of the american tragedies. A helmet drive will take place early in the race program as drivers will make their way through the grandstand area to collect donations. Additionally, a donation center will be set up on site and John Padjen Motorsports will also contribute to the fund with a portion of proceeds earned from the evening's race program.

For further information on this event and complete results from round #12, log on to www.johnpadjenmotorsports.com the official website for the Civil War Series, Placerville Speedway and Silver Dollar Speedway. Race information can also be obtained by calling the track office at (916) 969-7484.

18-year-old Destiney Hays earns her first career win in prestigious Pacific Sprint Cup CHICO, CA 9-5-01 - By Bill Sullivan - For eighteen year old Destiny Hays of Oroville there was no doubt her first career win would come one day soon judging from her top finishing performances during the most recent season at Silver Dollar Speedway. Known to most of her fans and counterparts as "the sensation", Hays turned many heads Wednesday night as she garnered her first career win with a $3000 victory in the prestigious Pacific Sprint Cup at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. With her success, Hays becomes the fifth different driver and the only lady racer to win this annual invitational race that opens the Gold Cup Race of Champions with the top 32-drivers in the current point standings for the series that visits five different California tracks for a total of 13-events between March and October. "I had a great car tonight, my crew is just awesome," said Hays, surrounded in a crowd of emotional fans and family members. "They set the car up great and I was able to run a good race out in front. I think the biggest thing for me tonight is that I was able to drive a consistent line. I knew my first win would be special but I never imagined it would be this big."

The 30-lap feature event started off Wednesday night with two poor attempts at an official green flag. After the second failed attempt, track officials penalized front row starters Mike Monahan of Sparks, Nevada and Andy Forsberg of Auburn, sending them back to the second row for the third shot at a good opening lap. The penalty on the front runners moved Grae Eagle resident Jim Richardson to the pole positions and placed Hays, who also clocked fast time Wednesday, on the outside of the front row. When the green flag finally came out Richardson jumped out into the lead with Hays in tow followed by Monahan and Forsberg who was being challenged by fifth place runner Mike Henry of Fair Oaks. Just three laps into the event, Richardson and Hays entered turns three and four and when Richardson took an extremely high line around the track, Hays took advantage of it and drove low to take a lead she would never relinquish.

"I basically went in to that turn and almost put my car into the parking lot," said Richardson. "She was right there and took advantage of it and that it true racing talent. We are lucky to have this young lady among us she is incredible."

Once in front, Hays stretch her early lead to several car lengths in the next lap until a red flag flew for David Robinson Jr. of Sacramento who flipped over in the fourth turn. As the caution flag came out, Forsberg and Henry who were battling for the fourth position came together on the backstretch, sending Forsberg into the infield area out of control where he sent track officials scattering in all directions before colliding into an open passenger door of a on-site paramedic vehicle. Neither Robinson, Forsberg or Henry were injured in their incidents, however, both Forsberg's car and the emergency vehicle suffered damage. Forsberg, however, was able to make repairs and return to the race as well as Robinson and Henry.

With the ensuing restart, Hays had her hands full as Richardson closed in on the leader who reached lapped traffic with just nine laps complete. Craig Smith of San Jose also was in the hunt. The 1997 race winner moved into third place and was challenging Richardson in traffic just as a red flag flew for a three car collision on the front stretch first involving Henry and Mark Monico and then included Robinson who had no place to go and collided into the rear of Henry's stopped machine on the front stretch. All three drivers we reportedly uninjured and retired for the night.

For the final half of the race, despite her lack of experience in traffic, Hays did an outstanding job holding off both Richardson and Smith. On the 17th lap Smith overtook the bridesmaid position and rapidly closed in on Hays in waning laps, attempting a low line pass at both ends of the track for four straight laps. At the checkered flag it was Hays picking up the win followed by Smith, Richardson, Chad Riolo of Roseville and Mike Wasina Jr. of Elverta.

"When I took the lead I felt really confident, the car was set up good," said Hays. "But once I got into lapped traffic I got really scared because I have very little experience in lapped traffic," said Hays. "It's a weakness for me and it slowed me down a lot but I made it. I held on and I made it." Following the event, Smith was the first driver to commend Hays on her success. The second place finisher admitted he pressed as hard as he could in those final circuits but had nothing to match Hays by the time the checkered flag flew. "I could see Destiny was getting loose on the bottom and I was able to get a better bite down low and close in on her," said Smith. "I gave it my all right down to the end but I didn't have anything for her. This race belonged to Destiny Hays and I congratulate her. She's a great young driver and she has many wins like this ahead of her."

In preliminary action on Wednesday, the 12-lap B-main saw Smith jump out in the lead from the pole position. The Cowboy led every lap of the event. Mike henry of Fair Oaks moved into the bridesmaid position by the second lap. Although Henry continued to close in on Smith in the waning laps, Smith maintained the point as he secured his position with lapped traffic as early as the sixth lap mark just before a yellow flag flew for Billy Wallace who stalled on the outside of the fourth turn and retired from the event. After the restart, Smith held his lead to the checkered flag. Henry finished second followed by Kyle Schild and had Riolo.

In heat race action for the Pacific Sprint division on Wednesday Gary Morgan of Elk Grove was the first one to the checkered flag after holding off Mark Monico for the win. In heat two Jeff Halleib of Auburn took the initial lead by slipped out of the groove on the front stretch and allowed Mark Mackay of Shingle Springs to steal the lead and the win. The second pair of heat races went trouble free as well with Mike Benson of Calistoga picking up the win in heat three. Jim Vanlare of Santa Rosa finished second and although he crossed the line in third position, Mike Henry of Fair Oaks was penalized two positions for jumping a restart which moved Roger Crockett of Rio Linda. In the fourth and final heat race of the evening Ricky Wondergem of Grass Valley led from green flag to checkered after taking the lead from pole sitter Richard Brace Jr. in the opening turn.

Racing action continues at Silver Dollar Speedway today, Sept,. 6th with the first of three events for the World of Outlaws sprint car tour. The front gates of the track will open at 5 p.m. with time trials for the top drivers of the nation kicking off at 6:30.


Fast Qualifier: Destiny Hays 12:164

Heat 1: Gary Morgan; Mark Monico; David Robinson Jr.; Destiny Hays; Korey Lovell; Craig Smith; Steven Tiner; Colby Weisz.

Heat 2: Marc Mackay; Jeff Halleib; Johnny Rodriguez; Jim Richardsen; Marc Hall; Kyle Schild; Mark Tabor Jr.; Willie Croft.

Heat 3: Mike Benson; Jim Vanlare; Roger Crockett; Andy Forsberg; Mike Henry (penalty); Billy Wallace; Pat Harvey; Mark Tabor Sr.

Heat 4: Ricky Wondergem; Mike Wasina Jr.; Rick Williams; Mike Monahan; Chad Riolo; Beu Perkins; Steve Watts; Richard Brace Jr.

B-main: Smith; Henry; Schild; Riolo; Hall; Lovell; Weisz; Harvey; Brace; Croft; Perkins; Tiner; Tabor Jr.

A-main: Hays; Smith; Richardsen; Riolo; Wasina; Rodriguez; Monahan; Schild; VanLare; Halleib; Williams; Benson; Morgan; Forsberg; Crockett; Wondergem; Mackay; Monico; Henry; Robinson.

USAC WS Sprints - Tucson, AZ. 09/01/01 1. Rick hHendrix, 2. Ryan Flynn, 3. Bryan Bullard, 4. Bobby McMahan, 5. Mike Abby, Jr.,

Placerville Speedway - Placerville, CA. 09/01/01 1. Mike Henry; 2. Billy Wallace; 3. Joey Magaruh; 4. David Robinson Jr.; 5. Mike Wasina Jr.

BULLARD 1ST AT CARSON CITY; GARDNER NOW 3 AHEAD OF HUNT - By Dick Jordan - Bryan Bullard of Orangevale, Calif. won Saturday night's USAC Western Sprint Car feature event at Carson Tahoe Champion Speedway in Carson City, Nev., but runner-up Jeff Gardner benefitted in the standings, regaining the series point lead. Bullard ran down Gardner on the 31st lap and led the rest of the way to win the 50-lapper in his Bos Sheet Metal/Rex Hutchinson Racing Engines/Torco Oil Chevy/Beast. Trailing second-place Gardner in third was Travis Johnson, with fast qualifier Scott Hansen fourth and Damion Gardner fifth.

CLINE, HUNT, GARDNER RECORD WESTERN SPRINT WINS SERIES PREPPING FOR FRIDAY-SATURDAY MERIDIAN FEATURES ...Troy Cline, Tony Hunt and Damion Gardner scored USAC Western Sprint Car Series victories last week but Jeff Gardner of Fresno, Calif. finds himself atop the series standings going into this weekend's events at Meridian Speedway near Boise, Ida. Gardner had a second, third and seventh in his three starts at Dodge City, Kans. and Albuquerque, N.M. and leads Hunt by 11 points with a 20-lap feature scheduled at the 1/4-mile paved Meridian Motor Speedway Friday night and a 50-lapper on tap Saturday night. Practice starts at 3 pm each day.

Damion Gardner of Concord, Calif. (no relation to Jeff) won Saturday's 40-lap race at Sandia Motorsports Park in Albuquerque, leading all but the first four laps in his Aldrich Air/Mike Coy Construction/B & D Trailer/Jim Rudolph Racing Bailey Brothers/Beast. Jeff finished second ahead of John Ryals, fast qualifier Troy Cline and Kevin Kierce.

Lady driver Shauna Hogg led the first four laps of the race but finished 13th. Cline scored a 20-lap and a 40-lap victory in his Haas Automation/Pick's Racing Engines Beast Wednesday night at Dodge City (Kans.) Raceway Park. He passed Scott Hansen on the 13th lap of the 20-lapper and led all 40 laps of the finale. Hansen finished second in the opener and was trailed by Jeff Gardner, Hogg and Bryan Bullard. In the nightcap Cline was followed by Bobby McMahan, Tony Hunt, Ray Evans and Ryan Flynn.

Hunt also won a 20-lapper at Dodge City in his Metal Works Shaver/Beast. The race was actually shortened to 13 laps due to approaching weather and Damion Gardner, Ryals, Brian Evans and Ray Evans rounded out the "top-five" at the checkered flag. Brian Evans led the first seven laps before yielding to Hunt.

WAYNE JOHNSON IS NUMBER ONE IN "SALUTE TO 360 NATIONALS" POLL ...KNOXVILLE, IOWA (JUNE 14, 2001) - Wayne Johnson of Oklahoma City, Okla., is the top-rated 360-cubic-inch sprint car driver in the nation heading into this weekend's 360 national championships, according to the National 360 Sprint Car Poll voting panel of manufacturers, media members, promoters and sanctioning officials. Johnson, a two-time winner this spring in American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) competition and the defending ASCS point champion, earned two of the fifteen (15) first-place ballots cast. Johnson appears to be the early favorite to defend his June 15-16 Advance Auto Parts 360 Nationals title at the half- mile Knoxville Raceway.

Ranked second in the poll is fellow Oklahoma Citian Larry Neighbors. The current ASCS runner-up received four first place votes and has one ASCS win to his credit already this year. Rounding out the top five in the poll are defending National 360 Sprint Car Poll "Driver of the Year" Kenny Adams of Malabar, Fla., ASCS point leader Zach Chappell of Talala, Okla., and three-time ASCS winner Gary Wright of Hooks, Tex. Adams and Chappell earned three first place votes each, while Wright scored one vote, as did Greg Coverdale of Milford, Del., and T.J. Stutts of Etters, Penna. Other point leaders in the "top 25" are Mike Woodring of Empire Super Sprints (ESS) in 6th, Randy Martin at Knoxville Raceway in 8th, Bobby Clark of National Racing Alliance (NRA) in 11th, Jayme Barnes of Northern Sprint Tour (NST) in 12th, Terry Gray of United Sprint Car Series (USCS) in 20th, and Chris Coyle of United Racing Club (URC) in 23rd.

The National 360 Sprint Car Poll is an official awards program of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum Foundation, Inc.

Spring 2001 National 360 Sprint Car Poll: "Salute to the 360 Nationals" Rank Driver (First Place Votes) Hometown/State Points

Also receiving multiple votes: Sport Allen, Larry Ball (Jr.), Bill Brian, Keith Butler, Ryan Coniam, Tim Doogs, Michael Dupuy, Doug Emery, Andy Forsberg, Mike Houseman, Mike Hudson, Steve Irwin, Chad Layton, Mike Linder, Dave McGough, Sean Michael, Dain Naida, Jim Raptis, Wayne Reutimann, Brian Seidel, Marshall Skinner, William "Red" Stauffer, Chris Sutton, Jeremy Trout.

'HUCK' Fenn Flies in Civil War - CHICO, CA 6-15-01 - By Troy Hennig ...Friday night brought the Hoosier Racing Tires California Sprint Car Civil War Race Series back to John Padjen's Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico for the fifth round of competition in this traveling 13-race series dedicated to 360 cubic inch powered sprint cars. In the third consecutive visit to the north state 1/4 mile clay oval, track regular and former champion Sean Fenn of Chico garnered his first Civil War victory of the season aboard his Fenn Farms #36. Fenn competes at Silver Dollar Speedway on a regular basis in Friday night 410 action and bested the 50-car field Friday night as earlier as qualifications when he posted a 12:443 second lap to earn the fast time award.

Although he had the potential for "sweep" following time trials, Fenn was forced to put the broom away following heat race action when a fifth place finish forced him into the B-main event rather than securing a starting position in the 30-lap feature. Starting the 12-lap semi-main on the pole, Fenn led the last chance effort all the way until the 11th lap when a red flag flew following a flip by point leader Billy Wallace and delayed the event. On the ensuing restart, Fenn took the green flag in the lead but fell out of position in the second turn as Rick Williams, Willie Croft and Jeff Halleib all managed to slip by and finish in that order. Fenn, however, managed to regain the fourth position, the final transfer into the A-feature, prior to the checkered flag. Fenn wasn't the only driver in preliminary trouble Friday as the transfers into the A-feature were four out five of the night's top qualifiers. With a straight up inversion for the 30-lap feature, Fenn took the grid on the inside of the second row behind pole sitter Chad Riolo and Steve Fehrman.

With the issue of the green flag a yellow immediately followed as Korey Lovell struck the front stretch wall and Jimmy Trulli came to a stop in the second turn to bring out the caution. Once restarted, the field had Fenn running fast once again as he muscled ahead of both Fehrman and Riolo on the opening circuit. After running a somewhat safe distance out in front, Fenn began felling the pressure of Fehrman who closed in on the leader at the eight lap mark just as he was approaching heavy traffic of the lapped nature. With ten laps in the book, however, Fenn was awarded some breathing room as a yellow flag for a stalled Herman Klein delayed the race and cleared the track for the front runners.

Once green flag racing resumed, Fenn continued to dominate the front spot with Fehrman in tow and Riolo working on holding off Halleib for the third position. Meanwhile further back in the field, defending champion Andy Forsberg was advancing from the 11th position up into ninth along with 1999 series champion David Robinson Jr. who started 18th and was already within the top ten. During the waning laps of the event a red flag delayed the field on the 18th lap when an altercation broke out in the pit area requiring medical attention. Once the race was restarted Fenn continued his dominance through a series of insignificant yellow flag periods. At the checkered flag Fenn picked up his first Civil War win of the season and was trailed by Fehrman who finished second in just his third series appearance of the season. Riolo claimed the third spot with Halleib and Williams rounding out the top five.

In additional preliminary action on Friday, other than the fore mentioned B-main event, the C-main event was claimed by series newcomer Shain Matthews as he transferred into the B-main along with second place runner Mark Tabor Jr. Heat races were completed in trouble free fashion with Mike Wasina Jr, Robinson, Colby Weisz and Mike Henry all picking up wins in the 10-lap events.

Following an eighth place finish in the feature event , the series point lead now sits in the hands of Wasina as he sits with an 11-point advantage over Forsberg who advanced to second with his ninth place finish. Rick Williams now owns the third position, one-point behind Forsberg while accident victim Billy Wallace fell from the point lead to fourth in the ranks and now sits three-points behind Willams. Halleib rounds out the top five, trailing by just six points and sitting ahead of Mike Henry, Chad Riolo, Roger Crockett, David Robinson Jr. and Craig Smith who round out the top ten.