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The HammerDown! Hooded Sweatshirt is a thick, heavy, 11 ounce 95/5 cotton/poly blend. Big embroidered HammerDown! logo. Made by Lee (Heavyweight).





New "Heavy" Sweatshirt $39

Red and White embroidery on Navy Heavy Sweatshirt.

The HammerDown! Heavy

Our most popular item. The hooded sweatshirt is perfect for staying warm and casual. This is a THICK, 11 ounce sweatshirt with big embroidery. Makes other sweatshirts look like backmarkers.

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How to order...

1. Specify color, size (L & XL only) and quantity, and send email to HammerDownUSA@mindsync.com

2. We will email you back with confirmation and ask for your shipping address. We accept checks and money orders.

3. You relax and your sweatshirt arrives!