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Michael Lewis, a former Copper World Classic midget winner, gets ready for the start of the midget race. (Photo by Talib Kweli)

Thomas Meseraull and Jay Drake started side by side. (Photo by Timmy Bowers)

Bud Kaeding awaits the start of the USAC Silver Crown 100-mile event. Bud fought back from an oil leak in qualifying to pass 15 cars and finish 12th. (BG Photo)

Kraig Kinser made his USAC Silver Crown debut Sunday. He gained experience in his first paved mile oval race. (Photo by Bobby Gerould)

J.J. Yeley won the 2005 Copper World Classic Midget race. (Photo by Bobby Gerould)

Dave Steele won his fourth Silver Crown Copper World Classic at Phoenix International Raceway Sunday afternnoon. (Photo by BG)