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Hines carries Chili Bowl trophy to Indiana - HD Staff - Jan 8, 2005 - Tulsa, OK. ...Tracy Hines, a two-time All-HammerDown! Team member, won the most prestigious prize in Midget racing Saturday night at the Tulsa Expo Center. The New Castle, IN. pilot started from the pole and led all 50 laps in the Wilke-Pak #11 to capture his first Chili Bowl championship. Hines secured a $10,000 bonus from MOPAR for winning the A-Main with MOPAR power. 2003 Chili Bowl winner Cory Kruseman gave Hines a test late in the action but ultimately could not get past him. Kruseman settled for second in Andy Bondio's #47. Dave Darland started seventh and finished third. Ventura, CA.'s Josh Ford continued to perform well in big races by earning a career-best fourth place Chili Bowl finish. The top five was completed by Pennsylvania ace Ray Bull, who stormed from 13th starting. New Zealand's Michael Pickens impressed with a brilliant drive from 19th to sixth! P.J. Jones, Bobby East, Tim McCreadie, and Brian Gerster rounded out the top-ten. (A-Main summary)

Notes: The night (day) of racing started early in the afternoon as 249 drivers from 27 states plus Australia, and New Zealand took to the indoor man-made dirt surface. ...The Chili Bowl runs double mains until the A-Main is reached. The action began with the first of two J-Mains! ...Rookie Michael Trimble from San Jose, CA. wound up 11th in the 2nd J-Main. ...BCRA Rookie of the Year, Brian Gard earned a transfer spot to the H-Main after a second place finish in his I-Main. He was 12th in the H, ending his night. Floyd Alvis of San Carlos, CA. finished ninth in the first H-Main. ...NHRA star Cruz Pedregon transferred from the second H-Main to the G-Main. His night ended with a 12th place result in the G. ...15 year-old Bryan Clauson wound up eighth in the second H. ...Garrett Hansen of Manhattan Beach, CA. was tenth in the second H-Main. ...Thomas Meseraull, the 2004 BCRA Champion, rode the rim to a win in the first G-Main. Shannon McQueen (Bakersfield, CA.) was 13th in that race. ...The second G-Main was captured by American Canyon, CA. driver Travis Berryhill. Darrin Bolton of El Dorado Hills, CA. was seventh in the second G. ...Patrick Bruns of Champaign, IL. was one of a handful of drivers able to advance through more than one feature. Bruns started in the I-Main and made it to the second G-Main. ...Rick Eckert of York, PA. made a run from the first G-Main to the D-Main. ...The second F-Main was won by Josh Wise (Riverside CA.), who passed Jerome Rodela late for the victory. Both advanced to the E-Main, as did Fremont CA's Rob Russell. Wise kept his run going by charging from 13th to third in the second E-Main. His night was over after the second D-Main when he failed to advance. ...California drivers Jimmy Voitel, Chris Rahe, Brian Baker, Chris D'Arcy, and Jason Yount all had their night end in the first E-Main. Michael Lewis, a pavement specialist, was another non-transfer in the initial E. ...Scott Pierovich made the transfer from the second E-Main to the second D-Main. He wound up eleventh in the second D. ...The first D-Main was entertaining as Brad Kuhn and Mat Neeley came from the rear to earn some 'alphabet soup' status. The two transfers from the E were now looking at C-Main births. In the C-Main, Kuhn started 18th and sliced and diced to third! That finish was good enough to take him to the B-Main. He ended up 12th in the First B-Main. ...Danny Stratton (Fontana, CA.) won the first D-Main and nearly transferred out of the first C, where he finished sixth. ...Rick Hendrix (Canoga Park, CA.), and All-HammerDown! Team racer, Jason Meyers both transferred to the C-Main through the D. They fell short of a transfer spot in the C. ...The second D-Main proved to be the demise of California drivers, Josh Lakatos, Randi Pankratz, and USAC-CRA Sprint Car champion Rip Williams. ...Ryan Kaplan (Chico, CA.) was among the transfers from the First C-Main to the First B-Main. ...Robby Flock (Murrieta, CA.) was eleventh in the First C-Main. ...Matt Mitchell (Yorba Linda, CA.) had a good Chili Bowl run as he transferred through the second C-Main to the B. He was the first car out of the second B-Main after hitting the wall in turn three so hard he ripped the wheel off the car. ...Tyler Brown, Glenn Carson and Jimmy Sills all had their 2005 Chili Bowl hopes dashed in the second C-Main. Sills flipped in turn two while running sixth. He walked away. ...The first B-Main was good for Tyler Walker. In his first Chili Bowl, Walker earned the final transfer spot to the A-Main. Walker ended up 15th (out of 249) when the A-Main checkered flag flew. ...Steve Kinser was involved in a tangle and did not finish the First B-Main. ...The First B-Main proved to be the end of the line for California pilots Jay Drake, Mike Spencer, Sparky Howard, and Wally Pankratz. ...Damion Gardner (Concord, CA.) fell just one spot shy of a birth in the A-Main. His seventh place run in the second B-Main was a strong showing for a driver with limited midget experience. ...All-HamerDown! Team drivers Levi Jones, Davey Ray, and Kraig Kinser had their respective nights work end in the second B. ...USAC Western States champions Johnny Rodriguez, and Steve Paden were 13th, and 14th in the second B-Main. ...Bud Kaeding finished 13th in the A-Main. ...Danny Lasoski finished eleventh in the A-Main.

The Indianapolis Star continues to offer one of the finest Sports sections in the country. Their motorsports coverage is actually relevant, unlike almost every other city that relies on the national wire services for their agenda. You can read a good piece on the Chili Bowl here.


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