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Jason Statler Wins Second Straight Main at Chico By: Troy Hennig (Chico, CA 4-9-04)…Chalk up another win for San Jose driver Jason Statler Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico. Statler led all 25 laps to win his second main event of the year at Chico and so far he is the only winner during the second point’s race of the Colusa Casino Friday night championship series. Statler, driving the DF Rios Construction #00, also extended his points lead over the rest of the field.

Statler took the early lead from Blake Robertson on lap one. The two would follow each other nose to tail for the entire 25 lap distance. Dennis Moore Jr. and Andy Forsberg ran third and fourth at the start of the race. On lap seven the yellow was displayed for rookie driver Daniel Becker who spun in turn two. The race ran another three laps until another rookie driver Mike Clarke was run over by another competitor and broke his front end. Clarke was done for the night.

On the ensuing restart Sean Becker took the nastiest flip of 2004 down the front straight and going into turn one. Becker was shaken but climbed from the car underneath his own power. The final stoppage happened on lap 12 when Beau Perkins flipped on his side to bring out the red.

The next 13 laps went non-stop as Statler worked his way around slower cars to perfection. Robertson did the best he could do in keeping up with Statler. Behind them Roger Crockett was charging hard. Crockett started eleventh and moved into the third spot on lap 20. Crockett, Moore Jr. and Forsberg all raced hard the final five laps with Crockett beating Moore and Forsberg to the line. Up front it was all Jason Statler who cruised to his second win of the year at Chico. In victory lane Statler said, “I think the difference this year has been the crew worked real hard over the off season and we have good motors and good cars and it’s been showing here lately.”

Robertson finished second and said, “This Tom Rolfe Trucking car was real good tonight and I’m proud of were we finished.”

Sprint car 12 lap B main event was captured by Roger Crockett. Herman Klein finished second followed by Ron McBride and Dave James. All four transferred out. Ivan Worden led all eight laps to win heat one of the sprint car divisions. Rookie sensation Daniel Becker held off Jason Statler to win his first ever sprint car race in heat two. Blake Robertson won heat three and heat four went to Shain Matthews. John Gray turned the quickest lap in qualifying with a 12.622 to beat out 29 other sprint cars.

Fast time: John Gray: 12.622

Heat 1: Ivan Worden, Brad Sweet, Beau Perkins, Mike Benson, Gray

Heat 2: Daniel Becker, Jason Statler, Matt Shelton, Bernie Sloop, Ron McBride

Heat 3: Blake Robertson, Andy Forsberg, Kyle Hirst, Willie Croft, Josh Blakeley

Heat 4: Shain Matthews, Dennis Moore Jr., Sean Becker, Mike Clarke, Herman Klein

B Main: Roger Crockett, Klein, McBride, Dave James, Danny Ochs, Tommy Fogarty, Brian Boswell, Eddie Lewis, Pete Johnson, Blakeley, Jeff Flure, Gray, Kevin Sharrah

A Main: Statler, Robertson, Crockett, Moore Jr., Forsberg, Benson, Matthews, Croft, Sloop, Klein, Shelton, McBride, James, Hirst, Becker

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