Fresno Bee reports Kings Speedway closed for the year - HD Staff - Hanford, CA. - August 24, 2005 - Kings Speedway in Hanford California canceled all remaining scheduled events today according to a report on "Up until this week we had every intention of completing the season but not returning next year," said Promoter Dave Swindell in a news release. "After consulting with family, friends and associates, I have decided to retire from the short-track business, effective immediately, to concentrate efforts in more positive and productive areas."

Trophy Cup 2003 - Trophy Cup notes: Dave Pusateri and his Trophy Cup crew do a fantastic job in organizing a topnotch event in the Trophy Cup. Benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation, the TC has raised over a quarter-million dollars for the charity in its ten year run. Kings Speedway is now host to the event which showcases the best of the west in 360 cubic inch winged sprints. I make no bones about it. I love sprint car racing of all types but I do prefer the ragged edge madness that the 410's provide. To the trained eye you can tell a difference between the two cars. As winner Steve Kent noted, "The 410's jump off the corner and the 360's are more about momentum". That being said, the racing in 360's I do believe is a closer brand of racing. Not non-wing close but closer than the 410's generally are.

It would be hard to top the Friday B-Main in any form of racing. There were six quality cars and drivers vying for four transfer spots to the feature. Among the six was 17 year-old wonder-kid Brad Sweet. The 100 lb. pilot was dicing with Bud Kaeding, Kent, Brad Furr, Sparky Howard and Peter Murphy. The racing was sick as the six traded sliders and raced three wide. It was the best B-race I've seen in ages. The King's 3/8's mile offers wide turns that allow for cars to carry speed all the way through the corner. The cushion was thick and generally held cars on the track. Bud Kaeding was whipping his #29 against the cush like Roy used to whip Montecore. (That was bad). Okay he was upstairs with the Jeffersons.

April 2002 ...While on the Hanford topic... The triple bill that was pulled off Saturday featuring the winged Rebels, non-wing Bandit sprints, and IMCA modifieds was efficient, and entertaining. Don't get it twisted, I'm not on (or off) the IMCA bandwagon, but the Bandits and Rebels were fun to watch. The wingless Bandits have upgraded their equipment since the last time we caught the act a few years back. Now most of the chassis' are modern TCR's or Stingers. Gene Manhire, the former NARC runner, showed the rest of the banditos the way around Kings Speedway, posting an impressive win. A guy named, "Junkyard" Jimmy Thompson from Nipomo was also very impressive. He sure wasn't scared.

The Rebel cup feature was fun to see. The speed that cars carry at Hanford is unlike many shorter tracks in the Golden State. When they get wound up at Hanford, the absoulte ragged edge seems very near at all times. Tarlton, Beberia, and Lawrence Edlund all pulled off Fonzi-style passes that defied belief. Any drivers who have aspirations of racing in the midwest should mix a healthy dose of Hanford racing into their schedule. The wide-open, racing style is certainly different than racing in tighter quarters where the driver is off and on the throttle more.

WoO "A" Feature winners:

GSC Winners:

2002 - Brent Kaeding 04/27,

2001 - Brent Kaeding 04/28, Brent Kaeding 06/23, Tim Kaeding 07/20, Blake Robertson 07/21

2000 - Tommy Tarlton 04/29, Ronnie Day 06/24, Randy Hannagan 07/14, Brent Kaeding 07/15



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