Skagit Speedway - Alger, Washington.

Skagit Speedway to upgrade for 2005 - Alger, WA. 10/07/04 - ...After 50 years, Skagit Speedway is getting a new look! The speedway crew has been busy transforming the "egg" shaped oval into a true "oval" shape. Speedway owner Steve Beitler commented " When the track was built 50 years ago the back stretch was alined on the west property line, with the hill on the frontstretch side it created egg shaped oval. The back stretch was 42' longer than the front stretch and turns 3 and 4 are much tighter than turns 1 and 2". The track crew has moved the backstretch out 35' going into turn 3 and equalized the straight aways and corners. Beitler added " With turns 3 and 4 the same as 1 and 2 it will make the track alot safer and by widening the surface it will cut down on the crashing. The cars entering turn 3 will not have to pitch so far sideways and this too should reduce the dust that is created". In addition to moving the track out, the Coca-Cola / Budweiser scoreboard will be moved back 20' and new sign boards will be erected.


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