Steve Kinser Captures the World of Outlaws Sprint Series Commonwealth Clash


Sarver, PA — May 21, 2005 — By Chris Dolack, World of Outlaws Senior



Some things keep improving with age.


After 26 years of World of Outlaws Sprint Series racing at Lernerville

Speedway, Steve Kinser won a main event for 15th time when he led the final

26 laps Saturday night to capture the Commonwealth Clash.


The victory is his seventh this season, the 520th of his career, and

increases his advantage in the standings to 174 points as he takes aim this

season at a remarkable 20th World of Outlaws series championship.


To accomplish the victory Saturday night, Kinser first had to figure out a

way around Joey Saldana, who dominated the Preliminary Feature on Friday and

the Stacker 2® Dash to start on the pole Saturday night.


Kinser made his move on Lap 9 of the 35-lap, $12,000-to-win feature. After

running on the high side of the 4/10th-mile oval, he pushed his Steve Kinser

Racing machine under Saldana in Turns 1 and 2 and raced down the

backstretch, making his advantage stick coming out of Turn 4.


“He was down there on the bottom so I just started blasting around the top

in Turns 3 and 4 and got a little run on him and got by him,” said Kinser,

50, whose team changed engines in less than 10 minutes before the Stacker

2® Dash. “I think Joey got loose as he went, but everybody did.”


 From that point, Kinser smoothly negotiated traffic to stretch his lead

while Jason Meyers and Sammy Swindell edged closer to the front. Meyers, who

turned the third quickest lap of the night in time trials, got past Brooke

Tatnell and local favorite Ed Lynch Jr. to slide into third, then on Lap 27

he caught and passed Saldana coming out of Turn 2. That’s when Swindell,

who also has 15 wins at Lernerville, set his sights on Saldana and snuck

past him to finish third.


Saldana wound up fourth followed by Daryn Pittman, Brooke Tatnell, Donny

Schatz and Lynch, who was fourth quickest in time trials.


“We just ran out of time,” said Meyers, who is third in points. “He

was having a tough time with lapped traffic and our car was really, really

good tonight. The guys did a great job, made a little adjustment on that

[open] red and made it even better. We really didn’t have a great car all

night long until the main event. The guys made some good calls and made some

changes and pulled it all together for us.”


The open red flag came about after several attempts to start the

Commonwealth Clash resulted in dinged racecars, and with multiple cars

making use of the work area. When Rob Eyler flipped violently in Turn 1, the

field was shut down to allow crews access to their cars. For some, like

Meyers, the advice from his crew made a difference.


“We were all over the place,” Meyers said. “I started out on the

bottom and I was real good down there then I saw that Steve and Joey went up

to the top so I went up to the top and I actually felt real good up there

for a couple of laps. Then I had to move down to go around a lapped car and

actually stuck and got a little bit of a run on Joey and after that I moved

back to the bottom. Joey, he kind of was searching around and we were able

to get down on the bottom and get around him. I think the bottom was better,

but you had to hit. You really had to hold the car down off the exits of the

corners, which was hard to do. Our car just rotated the corner really nice

tonight. We were catching Steve, we just ran out of laps.”


Swindell was mired in traffic, sneaking past Tatnell and Lynch into third as

the laps wound down.


“If we could have cleared those guys, I could have gone on a little

easier,” Swindell said. “The track had a couple of different lanes in

it. You had to run a little bit different and if you missed it, you really

slowed up. If you caught it right, you got a good run. I had to pass Lynch

on the top and Brooke on the bottom.”


For Saldana, who has had several strong runs in recent weeks, a top-five

finish coming off the Preliminary Feature win is a strong boost for the team

as the series heads May 24 into Grandview Speedway, May 26-27 into Williams

Grove Speedway and May 28 into Hagerstown Speedway.


“It’s huge for us,” Saldana said. “This year we’ve been fighting

the car and the motor and stuff like that. Tonight, definitely Steve had the

best car but I gave away second. Once Steve got by me, I just moved around

on the racetrack and I should have stayed doing what I was doing.”


Pittman’s team recovered from mechanical trouble that prevented him from

taking the green flag in the Stacker 2® Dash to earn his fourth top-five

finish of the season. Pittman finished fourth Friday in the Preliminary



“You never want to be happy with fifth, but the way our night started

there in the Dash we were definitely happy to get back up there,” said

Pittman, who won earlier this year in Wichita, Kan. “I think I backed up

to eighth at one point. We spent the whole time right before the feature

trying to get it fixed and really didn’t get to work on the setup. Any

time you go into Williams Grove with two top-fives, I feel like we’re

starting to get things on track and be a lot more consistent.”


In the Stacker 2® Dash, Saldana picked up where he left off Friday night by

leading from flag-to-flag while Kinser wound up second followed by Tatnell,

Lynch, Meyers. Pittman never made it back from the work area to take the

green flag.


In the B-main, Jason Solwold started on the inside of Row 2 when Kraig

Kinser had to go to the work area. Solwold drove off with the victory while

Kinser missed the transfer spot. Brandon Wimmer cruised along while the

fight for the final transfer spot came down to a three-car battle with Rob

Eyler and Bob Felmlee getting the positions by 0.031-seconds over


In the first heat race, Donny Schatz held onto the win while Stevie Smith,

Tim Kaeding, and Brian Paulus picking up the other transfer spots. In Heat

No. 2, Danny Lasoski opened a huge lead and won while contact knocked out

Brandon Wimmer, the second fastest qualifier. Craig Dollansky, Jack Sodeman

Jr. and Jason Sides rounded out the qualifiers. In Heat #3, Shane Stewart

powered to victory after a side-by-side battle with Kevin Swindell. Sammy

Swindell and Jason Meyers were the other qualifiers. … In the final heat,

Paul McMahan led Shaffer, Lynch, and McCarl into the A-main.


By making it through their heats, Meyers and Lynch accomplished something

they couldn’t on Friday – advancing to the A main feature. They timed in

as the third and fourth on hanlde


Kraig Kinser paced the 37-car field with a lap around the 4/10-mile oval in

12.951 seconds at 125.087 mph. Joey Saldana established the single-lap

record of 12.334 seconds on May 14, 2002.


“We’re getting to run tracks now for the second time around,” said

Kraig Kinser, the 2004 Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year Award winner.

“We’re just hitting things a little bit better, the guys are doing a

little bit better. Hopefully we’ll keep it going for the whole season.”


The World of Outlaws Sprint Series heads May 24 to Grandview Speedway in

Bechtelsville, Pa., May 26-27 to Williams Grove Speedway and May 28 to

Hagerstown Speedway then begins a trip across New York and Ohio


All the action from Lernerville Speedway can be seen at 8 p.m. ET on May 25

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WoO Sprint Series Statistical Report; Commonwealth Clash; Lernerville

Speedway; May 21, 2005


1) Kraig Kinser, Kinser 11K, 12.951

2) Brandon Wimmer, Wimmer-Luck Motorsports 7TW, 12.972

3) Jason Meyers, Elite Racing Team 14, 12.974

4) Ed Lynch, Jr., Lynch 2L, 12.982

5) Terry McCarl, McCarl 24, 12.994

6) Sammy Swindell, Forbrook 5, 13.011

7) Craig Dollansky, Karavan 7, 13.036

8) Donny Schatz, Schatz 15, 13.041

9) Brian Paulus, Pender 28, 13.042

10) Danny Lasoski, Stewart 20, 13.052

11) Shane Stewart, Rudeen Racing 26, 13.060

12) Tim Shaffer, Parsons 6, 13.060

13) Paul McMahan, Helm 11H, 13.065

14) Kevin Swindell, Swindell 1, 13.068

15) Jack Sodeman, Jr., Rudzik 49, 13.125

16) Stevie Smith, Smith 19, 13.144

17) Tim Kaeding, Roth 83, 13.145

18) Jason Sides, Sides Motorsports 7S, 13.161

19) Jason Solwold, Carnahan R19, 13.169

20) Bob Felmlee, Covell 81, 13.258

21) Jimmy Seger, Seger 2J, 13.290

22) Kevin Schaeffer, Schaeffer 9, 13.381

23) Rob Eyler, Eyler 5A, 13.383

24) Dan Shetler, Shetler 7K, 13.498

25) Mike Shearer, Shearer 25, 13.511

26) Travis Rilat, Wright 35, 13.568

27) Cory Good, Dunbar X, 13.887

28) Charlie Holben, Holben 42G, 13.925

29) Gary Rankin, Rankin 16, 14.188

30) Brent Matus, Matus 33, 14.220

31) Davey Jones, Jones 76, 14.346

32) Bill Kiley, Kiley 4K, 14.726

33) Joe Butera, Matus 33M, 15.401

34) Sheila Rankin, Rankin 6R, 15.633


Top 4 finishers in preliminary A-feature (locked into first 4 starting

positions in Dash):

Joey Saldana, Woodward 2; Steve Kinser, Kinser 11; Brooke Tatnell, Rush

Racing 8; Daryn Pittman, Titan Racing USA 21


First Heat Race (8 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)

1) Donny Schatz

2) Stevie Smith

3) Tim Kaeding

4) Brian Paulus

5) Kraig Kinser

6) Jimmy Seger

7) Gary Rankin

8) Joe Butera

9) Mike Shearer


Second Heat Race (8 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)

1) Danny Lasoski

2) Craig Dollansky

3) Jack Sodeman, Jr.

4) Jason Sides

5) Travis Rilat

6) Brandon Wimmer

7) Kevin Schaeffer

8) Brent Matus

9) Sheila Rankin


Third Heat Race (8 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)

1) Shane Stewart

2) Kevin Swindell

3) Sammy Swindell

4) Jason Meyers

5) Jason Solwold

6) Rob Eyler

7) Davey Jones

8) Cory Good


Fourth Heat Race (8 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)

1) Paul McMahan

2) Tim Shaffer

3) Ed Lynch, Jr.

4) Terry McCarl

5) Bob Felmlee

6) Dan Shetler

7) Bill Kiley

8) Charlie Holben


Stacker 2 Dash (6 laps, finishing order determined first 6 starting

positions of A-feature)

1) Joey Saldana

2) Steve Kinser

3) Brooke Tatnell

4) Ed Lynch, Jr.

5) Jason Meyers

6) Daryn Pittman


B-main (12 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)

1) Jason Solwold [$20]

2) Brandon Wimmer [$20]

3) Rob Eyler [$20]

4) Bob Felmlee [$20]

5) Kraig Kinser [$200]

6) Travis Rilat [$180]

7) Jimmy Seger [$175]

8) Mike Shearer [$160]

9) Dan Shetler [$150]

10) Cory Good [$150]

11) Kevin Schaeffer [$150]

12) Davey Jones [$150]

13) Gary Rankin [$150]

14) Brent Matus [$150]

15) Joe Butera [$150]

16) Sheila Rankin [$150]

17) Bill Kiley [$150]

18) Charlie Holben (DNS) [$150]


A-main (35 laps)

1) Steve Kinser [$12,000]

2) Jason Meyers [$6,000]

3) Sammy Swindell [$4,000]

4) Joey Saldana [$3,500]

5) Daryn Pittman [$3,300]

6) Brooke Tatnell [$3,100]

7) Donny Schatz [$3,000]

8) Ed Lynch, Jr. [$2,500]

9) Paul McMahan [$2,100]

10) Danny Lasoski [$2,050]

11) Craig Dollansky [$2,000]

12) Terry McCarl [$1,600]

13) Shane Stewart [$1,500]

14) Kraig Kinser [$1,200]

15) Kevin Swindell [$1,100]

16) Tim Kaeding [$1,000]

17) Brandon Wimmer [$900]

18) Jason Sides [$800]

19) Stevie Smith [$800]

20) Jason Solwold [$800]

21) Brian Paulus [$800]

22) Kevin Schaeffer [$800]

23) Bob Felmlee [$800]

24) Rob Eyler [$800]

25) Tim Shaffer [$800]

26) Jack Sodeman, Jr. [$800]

Lap leaders: Joey Saldana 1-8, Steve Kinser 9-35

Notes: Brian Paulus changed rear ends after qualifying. … Steve Kinser

changed engines after warm-ups. … Daryn Pittman had mechanical problems

while lining up for the Stacker 2 dash, and was unable to start. He was

credited with 6th in the event. … Kraig Kinser stopped on the frontstretch

with electrical problems while lining up for the B-main. Kinser pitted for

repairs, and started at the back of the field. …


In the A-main,  Kraig Kinser and Kevin Schaeffer used provisionals to start

the A-main. … Jack Sodeman, Jr. flipped on the frontstretch at the start

of the A-main. Sodeman was uninjured, but could not restart. … Before the

field could complete a lap, Tim Shaffer stopped in turn 4 with damage to the

front end of the car. Under caution, Tim Kaeding and Rob Eyler pitted.

Kaeding was able to restart, as was Eyler. … Rob Eyler got upside down in

turn 1 on lap 4. Eyler was able to walk away.


WoO Sprint Series Standings (Unofficial) through Commonwealth Clash 5-21-05

Rk.       Driver                            Points   Back

1          Steve Kinser                  2823     0

2          Craig Dollansky 2649     -174

3          Jason Meyers                2626     -197

4          Kraig Kinser                  2589     -234

5          Donny Schatz                2541     -282

6          Danny Lasoski               2529     -294

7          Joey Saldana                 2451     -372

8          Daryn Pittman               2448     -375

9          Shane Stewart               2394     -429

10         Paul McMahan 2393     -430

11         Tim Shaffer                    2388     -435

12         Tim Kaeding                  2381     -442

13         Terry McCarl                  2244     -579

14         Brian Paulus                  2216     -607

15         Jason Sides                  2208     -615

16         Brooke Tatnell               2174     -649

17         Jason Solwold               2081     -742

18         Brandon Wimmer           1877     -946

19         Sammy Swindell            1837     -986

20         Kevin Swindell   1457     -1336

21         Mark Kinser                   1333     -1490

22         Randy Hannagan           1306     -1517

23         Chad Kemenah 1048     -1775

24         Danny Smith                 946                   -1877

25         Peter Murphy                 836                   -1987