Recently, an email was sent to HammerDown! from Marcia and Jerry Phillips of Calistoga, California. In part, it reads...

"We have some interesting articles from the archives of the Weekly Calistogan Newspaper regarding the start of racing at the Calistoga Speedway. These articles are from a friend that copied them longhand for me, so they may not be verbatim. I typed them as they were written by him, he is going through the old papers that the weekly Calistogan was going to throw out, for the local museum association, to see if they are of historical value, he knew that I would be interested in the racing articles. Some mention Louie Vermeil, other drivers I have heard or read about, some other interesting quotes from evidently a non-racing reporter. The articles we now have are from Oct. 4th , 1938, Oct.28th, 1938, June 9th 1940, July 26th, 1940, Aug. 15th, 1941, and Oct. 17th, 1941. We feel it will be some time before he reaches more racing stories because there was no racing here during World War 2, which started Dec. 7th, 1941.


Marcia & Jerry Phillips

Calistoga, California.

(editors note: below are all of the archived articles. There is some real interesting stuff regarding lap times in the 1930's - etc....)



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